A Jack and Audrey story

by kat24mlr – Kate


My how I've missed you Fanfiction! It has been too long since I've sat down to write a chapter on here, or actually anywhere at all. I gave up writing you see this year. And yes, it was sad and dumb but that's not why we're here. In case you were wondering, I'm here because I can not even look at another Jack and Renee love-fest story. I tried, I really did. I watched the last two seasons, waiting for the moment when Audrey Raines would be be called in dramatically, and would in some way tell Renee off and fall in love with Jack again. Anyways now I'm waiting for the movie but in the meantime...

Here is my way to make peace with such an amazing love story, and to fill in some blanks in their past. I've read every single Jack and Audrey story on this website and have yet to find a complete version of the relationship from beginning to end, so here is my attempt.

This story starts post season seven (just forget season eight, I can't even begin to try to work that sex scene into this story, and I don't want to), in D.C. And just so you're not wondering, Audrey Raines here is kind of like Nico Riley on Lipstick Jungle, but still broken from everything. And Jack is fine, almost fully recovered from that gas stuff.

As always I don't own the characters. The story takes place six months after season seven. Events occur in whatever matter of time I find necessary, with flashbacks occurring frequently.

Now if I'll stop talking (I promise I'll never do an intro again), I've got a story to write.

Prologue- "Light in a Rainy Window"

Rain fell over the darkened D.C. night. All the lights were turned off in the small apartment, all except for a few candles flickering on the coffee table. The rain pattered softly against the glass of the large bay window overlooking the city. Somewhere in the distance the lights of the capital dome could be seen, a glowing mass high above the lights of the city surrounding it.

The apartment was a decent size, though less expensive than most of the apartments in that area. Apartment 24B looked at first glance to be uninhabited. Apart from a sofa and coffee table in the living room, most of the personal items had been left in the boxes they had come in, piled against the island that separated the kitchen from the living room, and scattered down the hall way and in the bedroom. The walls were still white, without any pictures hanging from the walls. No one would have guessed that the person living there had moved in almost a year ago.

Audrey Raines sat on the hardwood floor of her living room, leaning against the couch, a glass of red wine in her hand. She stared at the capital building, not thinking of anything, or at least attempting not to think of him. At work it was easy, the never ending stream of paperwork kept her more than occupied. In her apartment though, her mind was left free to wander into locked doors she kept trying to throw away the keys for. Watching TV was pointless; the political and news stations only held her interest for so long. Even her favorite movies, classics she had watched with her mother when she was little, had lost their appeal for soon enough she would remember that moment where they were watching it together on her couch. He would hold her in his arms and kiss her neck softly at first so that she barely noticed it. She would pretend to be watching the movie when really she was all too aware of circles his fingers traced on her abdomen. Finally when she couldn't stand it anymore, she would turn towards him pretending to be annoyed, but the mischievous smirk on his face broke down her fake resolve. He would lean in to kiss her, her arm wrapping around his neck...

Before her mind could remember the rest, Audrey ran a hand down her face in an attempt to dispense the memory form her mind. It was the small moments such as those that constantly tore at her, reminding her of the six months she spent with him.

She took a small sip of wine, letting the taste of it linger on her tongue for a moment. Putting the glass back on the table, she leaned her head back against the couch, closing her eyes, letting his distorted image flood her mind.

She could still remember the way his blonde hair became more and more disheveled as the day went on. The way his blue eyes lit up when he smiled. The stubble on his chin that always seemed to be there, even after he had shaved. The way he would fold his sleeves up at the end of the day, exposing the strong arms she loved to feel wrapped around herself.

Though his name was always on her lips, she didn't dare speak it out loud, even alone in her own apartment. It was the one thing she couldn't do, that she wouldn't let herself do. For months it had been the only thing she did say, muttering over and over to herself. Then one day, when she knew he wasn't coming back, she grew quiet and stopped talking all together. Now even though she had for the most part fully recovered, she was still afraid of what would happen if she did say it.

She didn't expect to see or hear from him ever again. He had left her, for good it seemed this time. It didn't matter the circumstances, if he wanted to see her again then he could come find her, but she didn't have the will power to hunt him down. It wouldn't take much to find him, Chloe was in living in town now, and he would've left information for where he was with her. Audrey didn't ask though, because mainly she didn't want to find out that he had moved leaving her clinging to memories from more than 6 years ago.

No she wouldn't say his name or try and find him, and she absolutely wouldn't show up at his door on a night like tonight, with tears running down her face just to find another woman inside. He had left her, her father hadn't had to say anything more when he had explained it to her three years ago. She had accepted it, but that didn't mean she didn't miss him, or that she had moved on.

She missed everything about him, from his cologne to the way he said her name in that low deep voice. Let it go she told herself. Oh how much easier it would make things if she did. Maybe then her life wouldn't feel like such a struggle anymore. Not that anyone could tell. She guarded her emotions heavily, careful not to let anyone see her breaking up inside, careful not to worry them.

Her phone rang loudly beside her, breaking the silence in the room and making her jump. With a sharp intake of breathe, irritated mostly at herself for being startled so easily, she denied the call and turned it off without even bothering to look at the number.

It was probably Jen calling to check up on her again. Audrey took off the large bracelets from both wrists, exposing the scarlet colored marks that wrapped all the way around. They were the only visible scars of her six months in a Chinese prison camp, and she made sure to keep them hidden during the day. She rubbed her left wrist absentmindedly as her gaze returned to the D.C. Skyline.

It was cold outside in the rain. Jack pulled his jacket tighter against him as he walked up to the darkened house. Her address had never been far from his mind back when he was in hiding, because even then he new he would find his way back someday.

When he had first pulled up he had expected her to be home. He had planned simply knocking on her door and taking her into his arms, but the house was empty, though it still looked lived in. He had already called Chloe to make sure she still owned it. It was almost ten now, and he knew she wouldn't go out on a work night.

With a sickening in his stomach the thought occurred to him that she could be at a lover's house. He had never wanted her to be alone while he was gone, but just the thought that another man could be touching her at this moment was enough for both his nerves and his temper.

Reaching the porch, he found the door locked. He thought for a moment about trying to pick it, before he remembered the key "hidden" under the flower pot. To both his surprise and dismay, he found it still in the same spot, almost glad for once that she hadn't listened to his protests of how unsafe it was to leave a key there.

In the nine months he had worked for the Department of Defense, there was no place where he spent more of his time than here with her. Opening the door into the small hallway, it felt like home to him. Everything was exactly how he had remembered it for the most part, from the furniture to the pictures on the wall. Turning on the lights, he began to make his way through the living room and into the kitchen. It looked almost exactly as it did the morning they had left for California. He walked to her counter and slowly picked up the folder that was laying there. Still inside was the trip information they had looked over together the night before they had left. Panic and disappointment spread through him as he began to look more closely around the house. It seemed only a few things were missing; a picture frame, a few books from the coffee table, and some other various items.

He realized all at once that she obviously wasn't staying here anymore, and hadn't been for some time. He was at a loss at how to find her, when all he knew was that she was her in the city and that she still owned this place. Her father had taken the liberty of making sure Jack couldn't find his daughter, blocking her phone number and current address so that even Chloe was having a hard time tracking her down.

Exhausted, tired, and wet from the rain, he went back into the living room, smiling to himself at the familiar sight of their couch. It was there that he had held her close to him, her head resting on his chest and falling asleep in his arms. For years he had looked forward to the day he would be able to come back here, to come back home, but now he was finding that without her, he would never truly be home.

It was then that he saw the picture frame on the mantle of the small fireplace. For a moment he thought he was hallucinating, until he moved closer and held it in his hands. The picture in question was the exact same one he still carried in the pocket of his coat since he had faked his death. It was that picture, creased down the middle and stained,that he would gaze at homesick and heartbroken, every night while he was living in Diane's apartment. No matter how many days he had spent away, when the night set in he would pull it out and let himself remember her, and the life he had left behind. It would also be that picture that he had kept close to him in Africa, and in all the other places he had gone to after he had left her.

That night, the one in the picture, had been from a small private party at one of their friend's cottage at the Cape, though cottage was an understatement for the mansion they had pulled up to that night.. She had looked absolutely stunning, in just a simple black dress with a low v-neck, the length of it cut to halfway down her thigh. The night was perfect with a warm breeze that blew her straightened hair that she had kept down for tonight. Her hazel eyes shimmered with the glow of the lanterns fixed around the large deck overlooking the ocean. They had been dating for four months then, but it would be their first party together as a couple. They had both decided that it would be best to keep their relationship a secret for the time being, but that night the only people who had taken notice of the two of them together had been Audrey's friend Jen and her fiancee David, whom they had already double dated with.

At some point during the night they had separated for only a few minutes, but it was long enough for him to miss her beside him. He found her alone, leaning against the railing, gazing into the ocean as the sun faded behind her. Quietly, he came up to her, wrapping his arms around her stomach and resting his chin on her shoulder. She leaned into his chest, her hands coming to rest over his, sighing deeply. "I've missed you" he whispered into her ear. She laughed "I was gone for two minutes Jack". "I know" he said, turning her in his arms, "but it felt like forever to me". Her arms came to rest around his neck effortlessly, a smile coming across her lips "I'm not going anywhere" she said softly. In that moment there was no question for him that this was exactly where he wanted to be. He laid his forehead against hers, his lips turning up slightly into one of his half smiles. "Your amazing, you know that?" There was no laughter this time as she pulled back slightly to gaze into his eyes, almost shyly. He pulled her towards him, his hand sliding up to support her cheek as he kissed her.

It was sometime in that moment that Jen had taken a picture of the both of them, and had later made copies for them. As Jack held her copy in his hands now, he noticed the note pad that had been lying under it. Opening it, he found a list of telephone numbers, including one marked "cell". He dialed the number, his heart beating fast as the it rang once, then twice, then straight to voice mail.

Her voice rang out from the speaker, startling him slightly.

"Hi you've reached Audrey, sorry I wasn't able to take your call, but if you leave a message, I'll try and get back to you as soon as I can"

Under her cell number was another one labeled "Work" and then "Senator Cooper".

Jack put the picture frame back on its spot on top of the notepad. He knew just where to find her.

"I'm really close tonight, and I feel like I'm moving inside her. Lying in the dark, and I think that I'm beginning to know her. Let it go, I'll be there when you call"

-"Fall at Your Feet" - Crowded House

Well that's that. I have to say I'm kind of nervous about this one, but just remember, this is just the first chapter. Anything that's not clear now will be fully explained in the next chapter I promise. AND it will be a lot more eventful. (aka don't leave me yet! Lol trust me it gets better here on in, and I should know considering it's already written.

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