Welcome back! Wow, book 3 of the seires. Early. I thought it would take longer to type up the prologue, but apparently it didn't. So, yeah. Here is the prologue, typed up and finished, just like Civics will be tomorrow. Yup that's right. Civics exam tomorrow. Then for the rest of the semester I get careers instead! And I liked civics! Oh well, I still get one of the most awesome teachers ever. Now, before I let my ADHD take over, thank you to all who have read the entire series and are eager to read more! I feel honoured that you like my story so much!

Hopeflower: Yeah, you guys are great!

Hollyleaf: No they're not, they enjoy watching me suffer by being in love with- with- with this! *gestures towards Blackstar who is currently freaking ut as he is losing a video game against Tigerstar and Whitestorm*

Moonshine: Erm, I think she may have a point there...

Aduial: Yeah... Anyway, on with the story!

Hopeflower's Path


StarClan sat together, conferring.

"Five now know. Five of the eight know who they are," mewed Bluestar. "Moonshine knows that she is Silverpelt, Echoflower knows she is Wind, Hawkfire knows he is Sky, and Lightningstrike knows he is Tigerflame." The blue-gray she-cat took in a deep breath. "It is almost time for their full destinies to be revealed."

"Bluestar, you forgot the fifth," reminded Spottedleaf gently. "You said five of the eight, but named only four. You forgot the flower of hope."

"Of course," mewed Bluestar, nodding. "The flower of hope. Hopeflower now knows who she is. She knows now that she is really Shiningleaf."

I walk through the beautiful forest of my home, ShadowClan. I am a new warrior, having had my ceremony only two days before. It is night time, the time that ShadowClan cats love most. This is why we are ShadowClan. We are the clan of the night, making us feared and envied amongst the five forest clans. Not that the other four would ever admit to envying us of our night skills. But I can tell that they do.

While they hunt only during the day, we can hunt both day and night, and at night, when we're at war, we can navigate through the darkness better than they can, as we embrace the night, while they simply fear it. This gives us an advantage, especially considering why I am now out here, in ShadowClan territory alone, at night.

I need to be alone to think. To think about all of the turmoil of the past few days. Becoming a warrior then dreaming of StarClan. If not for the dream I'm not sure I would entirely believe Moonshine's - then Moonpaw- crazy story about being one of some group of chosen cats. I recall our conversation that we had about it, shortly before the warrior ceremony. She had said that she was in a prophecy. I believed her but only just. Moonshine never lied.

And then last night, the night after my vigil, there'd been the dream. A StarClan cat told me that I am the flower of hope for the clans. That I am Shiningleaf reincarnated. The last bit confuses me. I've never heard of Shiningleaf. I sigh. I can ask an elder tomorrow. Or maybe Ashfire would know. After all, he knows about Silverpelt and Tigerflame and several other cats of legend. Shiningleaf must be one of them.

Ashfire. Another reason I seek solitude. I love him but he and Moonshine clearly have feelings for each other, even if they cannot yet see it. For that reason, I will stay out of their way. I don't want to come between them.

And while I'm on the topic of romance, I think about the other toms in the clan. If I wanted I could easily have my pick of the single toms. A lot of them have been noticing me. And back as an apprentice, the younger apprentice toms were always trying to impress me, except for my brothers and Ashfire. Ashfire always had eyes only for Moonshine. And yet they don't even seem to realize it.

I don't even know why I'm thinking about this though! I've only been a warrior for two days and yet here I am, thinking about a mate when there are more important things to worry about! The Dark Forest is rising! Last night's gathering is proof of that! WindClan's announcement of having rescued a group of rogues led by a she-cat named Shadowstalker, former DarkClan apprentice, was major news of serious importance.

And then there was that dream. I am one of the chosen. I haven't told Moonshine yet though. Even though I had the whole day to do so, she knows nothing about me being one of them. But she will find out later. StarClan will be contacting us later, to tell us when to gather at the island to learn more about who we are.

Who we are. I thought I knew who I was. I thought that I was the slightly popular she-cat, considered by some to be the most attractive. I thought that I was simply the daughter of Hollyleaf, a heroine, and Blackstar, leader of ShadowClan. But of course I'm not just that.

Apparently I am Shiningleaf reincarnated, the flower of hope. I am Hopeflower of ShadowClan, one of the eight chosen.

There you go! The prologue is complete! More will follow soon!

Moonshine: Wow! Almost a whole chapter in the first person! Cool!

Hopeflower: I know, right? A first for Aduial, and I got to be part of it!

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