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Chapter 26

The Last Day Part 2:

The Beginning of the End

~In StarClan~

"The Dark Forest has too much power. They will strike tomorrow at dawn. There is nothing that we can do about it," Bluestar meowed solemnly. The rest of StarClan bowed their heads in agreement.

"We were too late," mewed Yellowfang sorrowfully.

"No, we were not too late, it's never too late!" Hollyleaf retorted, her chin held high. Beside her, Spottedleaf held the same look of indignation and determination. The eyes of the two she-cats were blazing fiercely, their refusal to back down obvious in their posture.

"What can we possibly do?" Bluestar meowed questioningly. "What can we do to save the clans?"

"Evacuate the Chosen," Spottedleaf replied without a moment's hesitation, walking straight up to her former leader. "Get them to safety. Then, when they are ready, they can return to save the Clans."

"Some of them won't like that," Cloudstar, the former leader of SkyClan, meowed, concern in his voice. The SkyClan ancestors had returned when their Clan had. "I know that Hawkfire in particular would be furious."

"It's worth a try. What other choice do we have? Let the Clans that we've protected and watched over for generations fade away to nothing and die at the paws of savages?" Hollyleaf yowled furiously. "There is no other way!"

"It is the best option that we have," Oakheart meowed slowly, Lionheart and Whitestorm nodding in agreement.

Snowfur looked up at her sister sadly, her eyes meeting Bluestar's. "It's not the best option, it's the only option. We waited too long to tell them. And now they must flee."

Bluestar's heart sank. "Are we all agreed then? The Chosen will be evacuated, sent away?" All of StarClan nodded in agreement. It was decided. The Chosen would be sent away until they were strong enough to return and fight for the survival of the Clans.

"But some cat should go with them, to help them," Snowfur meowed suddenly. "They are young, inexperienced."

"Who will go? Who Can go? The Clans will need every living warrior they have!" Bluestar meowed.

"Every living warrior," Spottedleaf meowed. "What about one of the lost ones, or perhaps one of their kits?"

"Can they be trusted?" Bluestar asked nervously. Some will do anything to escape that fate rather than wait for Moonshine to fulfill her destiny."

"Not the warriors of MistClan. They are trustworthy. Many have waited for centuries. They have ahd kits as well, immortal cats caught between the living and the dead, awaiting the arrival of the Shining Moon to free them to choose mortality or to rest in peace in StarClan," Spottedleaf mewed, her gaze softening. "Miststar's daughter, Goldensong, would be an excellent choice. Yes, she is teh perfect choice."

"Then you take care of it, Spottedleaf," Bluestar told the former medicine cat. "The rest of us will tell the Chosen to meet at the island. Send Goldensong there. They leave as soon as they can."

Hopeflower was dreaming. She was chasing a mouse, fat, juicy, and sweet. The fresh scent of living meat flowed across her sent glands, succulent and sweet. She imagined biting into it, tearing it's life away from it, then eating it, ripping the fresh, juicy, sweet-tasting meat from bones and marrow, the still-warm blood flowing across her teeth and tongue...

A rustling scared her prey away, however, and she cursed in annoyance. The soon to be fresh-kill would have to wait.

"Who's there?" she demanded, her eyes blazing with anger, pelt ruffling. That would have been the best tasting mouse she had eaten in a while, she just knew it!

Russetfur, the former deputy, stepped into view. "Hopeflower," she meowed gently. The she-cat's pelt flattened as she relaxed. "You must wake up. You have to go to the island to meet witht he other Chosen. It is time."

"Now?" Hopeflower asked.

"Yes, now. You have no time. It is no longer safe. Be brave and strong, warrior of ShadowClan." And then she was gone, and Hopeflower was opening her eyes in her den. She was in her nest, and Moonshine was waking as well.

"Come on, we have to go!" Hopeflower hissed to her sister.

"I know!" Moonshine replied, just as silently.

Not silently enough, however, as Rosepetal was waking as well. The two sisters exchanged a glance. No other ShadowClan cat was awakening. Was Rosepetal Shadow's reincarnation? They would have to ask after leaving the den. The three she-cats exited together.

"Where are you two going?" Rosepetal asked carefully, nervousness in her voice.

"You're Shadow, aren't you?" Moonshine replied.

Rosepetal sighed. "Yes, I am. Who are you two, then?"

"Silverpelt," Moonshine replied. "And my sister Hopeflower is Shiningleaf."

Rosepetal nodded. "I guess we will figure out who Thunder is soon. All the ThunderClan cats are here."

At that moment, Boltpaw shot out of the apprentices den and barrelled into the three she-cats. He looked up at them sheepishly. "It would appear that Thunder is still and apprentice," Hopeflower mewed.

"Yeah, and I just found out. Who are you three then?" he asked quickly.

"Shadow, Moonshine, and Shiningleaf," Hopeflower replied, gesturing first to the other two, then to herself. "Now come on, we have to meet the others. We may as well travel together."

Hawkfire woke from his dream and carefully slipped out of his den, intending to head to the island. That was where all of the Chosen were meeting. He glanced back for a moment, thinking about Shadowflight. He forced her from his mind. If she were one of the Chosen, she would have awakened by then. Besides, she had been a rogue before.

He ran through his territory as quickly as possible, having snuck out of camp easily. Now he was into WindClan territory, and scented two cats. Echoflower and Lightningstrike. He knew their scents by now, having seen and spoken to them frequently at Gatherings. He ran to catch them, figuring that they must be other Chosen. Who else would be out on a night like tonight.

"Echoflower! Lightningstrike!" he called as he caught up to them. They turned to look at him.

"Sky?" was all that Echoflower asked. He nodded.

"I am Wind, and Lightningstrike is Tigerflame," she told him. He nodded again.

"Headed for the island?" he asked.

"Of course," Lightningstrike replied. "That's where StarClan told us to go. Now come on, before we're late."

It wasn't long before all eight of the Chosen were at the island, telling each other who they were.

"So, why exactly are we here?" asked Oakstep, River's reincarnation.

"Isn't it obvious? We're going to save the Clans!" Boltpaw yowled happily, bouncing around.

"Calm down, kit-saviour," Echoflower told him. "We only just all figured out who everyone is. And the battle will come incredibly soon. We can all feel it. It will start at dawn most likely, and that's not far off."

"She's right, I have a strong feeling of foreboding. We don't have much time," Hawkfire agreed.

"Which is why you must all leave, now, for your own safety," came a sweet, soft, melodic voice.

Hawkfire groaned. "Not you again," he moaned, to which all of the cats looked at him a moment before a beautiful pale golden tabby she-cat with striking emerald eyes leaped down from the tree where the leaders made their announcements. She appeared to be surrounded by swirling mist.

"Greetings, Clan Cats, the Chosen of StarClan. I am Goldensong of MistClan, a Clan of lost souls. My mother is the leader."

"Lost souls?" asked Boltpaw, while Moonshine merely nodded, understanding perfectly.

Goldensong's eyes met Moonshine, and she gasped before bowing. "The Shining Moon! The saviour of my kind," she meowed. "I feel honoured to have met you."

"Uhh, excuse me, but what exactly were you just meowing about with Lost Souls?" Oakstep asked as Goldensong raised her head again.

"The Lost Souls are the spirits of cats who are unable to find their way to StarClan, or in some cases the Dark Forest. My mother was one of them, as was my father. They can fall in love and have kits, such as myself, immortal cats who are caught between the living and the dead. The Shining Moon will free us all however. The Lost Souls will go to StarClan or the Dark Forest, and cats like me will choose to live out a mortal life or go to StarClan," Goldensong explained quickly.

"But that is beside the point," she meowed. "StarClan sent me to tell you that you have to leave, or else the Clans will fall. You are not ready yet for the attack that will come at dawn."

"What?" gasped Echoflower.

"It's true," meowed a starry tortoiseshell.

"Spottedleaf," Goldensong mewed, dipping her head.

"You must go. Goldensong will go with you. She has centuries of experience that will be vital to you. Now go!"

Without another word, the nine cats all fled across the tree-bridge and into RiverClan territory. Goldensong led them back through RiverClan territory, towards ShadowClan, and up onto a hill as the sun began to rise and screams of cats, along with smoke, began to fill the air.

"Do not dare to look back," Goldensong warned as they ran, cats screaming behind them in the distance. "Don't you dare!"

Hawkfire was beside Hopeflower as they ran, and Hawfire began to turn his head.

"You heard her, don't look back!" Hopeflower meowed desperately.

He barely listened, beginning to pause as a cat's death scream pierced the dawn. "Hawkfire!" Hopeflore meowed, turning her head as they drew ahead of them on their way down the far side of the hill, away from ShadowClan territory.

"No, do not look back," Goldensong meowed. "Don't you dare look back. Just keep running!"

But Hawkfire refused to listen. He turned and ran back to the top of the hill, drawn by the screams of several cats.

"Hawkfire!" Hopeflower yowled, but he ignored her. He reached the top of the hill, and gasped in horror at what he saw. ShadowClan's territory was red with flames, and the lake near ShadowClan's territory was running red with blood.

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