I wrote another random Sam/Ruby. Sue me.

There was nothing like that first moment.

It was after the frantic tearing at clothes, and the wet, messy kisses. After Sam had pressed her down into the bed and licked into her mouth, reminding her of how it felt to be human, vulnerable, pliable. He made her feel more like a woman and less like a demon, and when she was with him, she felt things more clearly.

No one made her feel wilder than Sam Winchester, no one made her go through the motions—sleeping eating, drinking, laughing, fucking—until they started to feel more real than anything else, like the two of them were really the way it was meant to be. Ruby started wanting it to be real, started looking forward to waking up with him and arguing about what to hunt next, found herself enjoying it when they took turns surprising each other with dinner and nights spent together.

But it was that first moment, that first second when—as trite and pathetic as it sounded—they became one creature together on a lumpy mattress in a no-name hotel in a forgotten town—

It was then that Ruby started believing it. She began to believe that they would do this forever, until the apocalypse was finally unleashed upon them, until the seas boiled over and the earth dried up. And even then, right before the world swallowed them whole, she and Sam would still be together, tangled up on a bed in a room, sweating and kissing and moving and touching, completely consumed in each other. There was nothing like it, not for her.

It was maybe the closest she'd ever come to being in love.

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