We Solemnly Swear
"Troublemakers, the whole lot of them!" — A series of canon-compliant oneshots detailing the Hogwarts years of the Weasley twins and co.

AN: So, I have been planning to write a HP fic of some sort for a good long while now, and this was originally going to be some sort of multi-chap with a beginning, middle and end - however, as with most things I write without a definite story plan, it has run away with me and spawned lots of plot bunny children that now combine to form the following series of oneshots. Some of them may be ministories, but I will always attempt to mark it clearly if it is. :) Anyway, this first one would be the very first Hogwarts adventure of our young twins - the Hogwarts Express, and the forming of the terrible threesome that is Fred, George and Lee. Happy reading ~ !

Fred and George Weasley were almost quivering with the excitement and adrenaline that coursed through their young veins at the tender age of eleven.

They felt the same way a Muggle would were they to happen upon one of their favourite celebrities in the street - an almost giddy sense of euphoria and shock, coupled with disbelief at the situation.

However, Fred and George had not encountered Merlin, nor even Zonko (their personal hero). This euphoria was entirely due to the fact that they were currently sat in one of the many compartments of the bright scarlet Hogwarts Express, an experience they had only ever imagined before, with bright beams on their faces. The whole world lay before them, and it promised to be-

"Bloody brilliant," Fred whispered excitedly to his twin, his face lighting up as he spoke. "This is going to be fantastic, George!"

George wore an equally childish grin that was brighter than the surface of the sun, with a face full of teeth that his face had not yet grown into.

He looked out of the window at the approaching castle with awe. "I know, can you believe we're here? Mental..."

George could remember the tales of his older brothers of the mischief, mayhem and fun to be had within the walls of the legendary Hogwarts (according to Charlie, of course - Percy had an entirely different view on the subject, but it didn't really matter because both Fred and George ignored him most of the time, anyway; and as for Bill, well, he'd been Head Boy. Mum had been ecstatic about the whole thing - which only confirmed to the twins that it must be something for them to be entirely ashamed of their eldest brother for).

Bill had left Hogwarts already; Charlie was beginning his seventh and final year (and as such was in the seventh year compartment); Percy was beginning his fourth year (while Fred and George had, at first, sat in a compartment with him - Percy's friends had quickly begun to annoy the two younger boys, so they'd left) and their younger siblings Ron and Ginny had yet to start.

Ginny, as always, had been riddled with jealousy over the fact that yet two more of her brothers were off to the famed castle without her.

"Only two more years, Ginevra," Fred said pompously, doing his best impression of Percy.

"Look on the bright side, though, Gin," George reasoned, "If it makes you feel better, know that when you eventually do come to Hogwarts, we'll embarrass and ridicule you so much you'll long for these days you have without us!"

He and Fred both grinned, but sighed as Ginny's frown only grew deeper, and her eyes began to grow suspiciously bright - cold horror filled the two boys at the thought of being confronted with a crying girl, one of the most uncomfortable and foreign situations possible, and something that they, as pre-adolescent boys were simply unequipped to deal with.

"Oh, come on, cheer up," Fred nudged her gently, his eyes wary, and watching Ginny like she was a ticking bomb.

"Yeah, it'll probably be awful, anyway," George said, though even to himself he sounded unconvincing.

"No, it won't," Ginny sniffled.

Fred rose an eyebrow. "And how do you know that, exactly?"

"I heard Percy telling Mum all about how great it was last year. And the year before that. And every year since he started."

"So, you're taking advice on 'things considered fun' from Percy, now?" George asked, smirking. "Have you met our dear brother? Bit uptight, fairly annoying, too posh for words? The same bloke who thinks that contemplating his wandwork and writing ten thousand word essays over the summer are also fun things to do?"

Ginny looked up at her elder brothers, and gave a watery smile.

"... I hadn't thought of that."

Fred and George had been pleased their sister had felt better (and slightly more pleased at having avoided the dreaded tears), but they knew they'd both been utter liars.

Because they knew that this would be the beginning of something great.

They could feel it in their little, troublemaking, twin hearts.

Lee Jordan was frustrated.

Come eleven years old, and he'd been packed off to boarding school without so much as a by-your-leave. All he knew was he'd been having the time of his life, then suddenly there was a letter, a trip to Diagon Alley and running headfirst through a brick wall. (Well, that part had been pretty brilliant, Lee had to admit.)

He did know of Hogwarts; his parents had both attended, and had regaled him with tales of their schooldays before. But to be honest, it had sounded a little dull. Exams weren't something eleven-year-old Lee was looking forward to, nor was attending classes (something he had never done before - his parents had taught him everything he knew). The points system and detentions didn't appear to be desired either, and Lee knew himself well enough to know that he'd probably be getting quite a few of those.

(He had a gut feeling that the teachers his parents had described wouldn't just sigh, shake their heads and say, "Boys will be boys.")

All in all, Lee didn't much fancy his prospects.

And to top it all off, he couldn't find a place to sit on the blasted train.

After trawling along for what seemed like forever, he finally found a compartment that wasn't full to the brim with either squealing girls, rowdy boys or older students. In fact, its only inhabitant appeared to have doubled himself.

Lee slid the door across with a click, surveying the inside with unabashed interest. Both of the identical ginger heads turned towards him at the exact same time.

"Er, alright?" Lee asked, uncertainly. Is it some kind of spell?

"Alright," the two boys chorused cheerily in return, and Lee's eyebrows shot into his hair. Their voices were exactly the same, too.

"Mind if I sit in here?" he asked, and they glanced at each other before nodding, with identical grins on their faces.

The boy on the right side of the window moved across to sit next to his doppelganger, and Lee took the empty seat opposite the pair.

"So... I'm Lee," he said, smiling and holding out his hand. "Lee Jordan."

The one on the right returned his smile and shook his hand firmly, saying, "I'm Fred Weasley, and this is my brother George. "

"Well, today, anyway," the other said, smirking.

Lee was still confused, so in typical eleven-year-old boy fashion, he decided to just be blunt. "Why do you look the same as each other?"

"We're twins," they said in unison, and Lee gaped. He'd never actually seen the like before, not with his own eyes, but somewhere in the back of his mind he remembered his mother telling him about identical twins during a lesson about how wizarding and Muggle families worked and some other school-type things he'd probably forgotten.

"Wicked," he grinned, and remembered what the one on the left had said. "Do you pretend to be each other a lot?"

They nodded, as right twin - Fred - spoke, "We do it so much that even most of our family can't tell the difference between us."

Fred and George shared a chuckle, and Lee's face brightened. He was heartened by the prospect of mischief, which for some reason, he could feel these two would provide. Maybe it was the way their eyes gleamed when they spoke about Hogwarts, maybe it was the fact they had already sneaked in Zonko's products beneath their robes, or maybe it was because for some reason they seemed to have an entirely different view of the castle that loomed ahead... but whatever it was, Lee suddenly felt a bit better about boarding school.

The trip seemed to pass in no time at all after that, and suddenly an elderly witch was calling down the train for them to exit, and all three could hear a loud, booming voice from outside.

"Firs' years over 'ere! Firs' years!"

As they made their way off the train, one of the twins elbowed Lee gently and said, "Do us a favour, Lee."

The second twin appeared at Lee's other side. "Get yourself sorted into Gryffindor."

Lee grinned, as they boarded the boats. "Plan to. The other three sound like right bores from what my parents said. They were Hufflepuffs."

"Explains a lot," Fred grinned cheekily.

The Sorting Hat was one of the weirdest things Lee had ever undergone in his life, but all he was thinking under there was, Come on Gryffindor... Gryffindor... Gryffindor. He had his fingers crossed and all, though he didn't realise it at the time, otherwise he might have been embarrassed at how visibly desperate he looked. But at that moment, he didn't really care. All he cared was that he got into the fun house, that he got into

"GRYFFINDOR!" The Hat yelled out loud, and Lee jumped in fright. He caught sight of Fred and George sniggering at him from the crowd, though they did look rather pleased at the Sorting Hat's verdict.

The twins joined him at the Gryffindor table near the end of the Sorting, being 'W's they went after him.

Having been declared Gryffindors (something which they'd assured Lee beforehand was a foregone conclusion - their whole family were or had been Gryffindors), they'd nodded at and received a pleased smirk from a tall ginger boy sitting a couple of feet down the table.

(The twins informed Lee that this was Charlie, their older brother, and both Captain and Seeker on the Gryffindor Quidditch team - something that, to them, cancelled out the fact he'd been a Prefect. Charlie too, had laughed at his younger brothers' appraisals of him - "A black mark on an otherwise stellar Hogwarts career, eh?")

"Well done, mate," Fred clapped Lee on the back at the same moment a group of other newly-sorted first year Gryffindors collapsed into laughter over a joke George had told.

As Lee marvelled over the feast that had appeared out of nowhere, shared stories of pranks with Fred and George, and nearly choked on pumpkin juice, which he discovered he hated rather a lot... he felt so much better about the whole situation, and found himself thinking it might not be so terrible after all.

He might even write his parents a letter.

(Mostly to scold them about how awfully boring they'd made it all sound.)

(Maybe a little bit to apologise for whining so much about having to leave.)

(But mostly the scolding.)

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Also, this fic is dedicated to the person who started me off rambling to Microsoft Word about the twins and who is the author of the most brilliant Hermione/George story around, iheartwriting.
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