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Summary: "You might want to breathe slowly, or you could simply put the gun in your mouth and pull the trigger, or anyway you want...You're going to die down here Baby Flash."

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Chapter Twenty-Two: Back From the Grave

Robin couldn't be more excited.

Today was the day. Today was the day when his best friend was finally coming back from his time off to heal after being buried alive by the Central City Rogues.

No one on the team had seen or heard from Wally since he was taken to the Watchtower after being pulled out of his grave-literally. Unlike the rest of the team, Robin had been constantly asking Flash to see Wally, to the point where the Flash tried to actually avoid the Boy Wonder. But the scarlet speedster said the same thing every time: 'Wally just needs some good old-fashioned R&R. He'll be returning soon, Kiddo.'

Said R&R had to be mostly for the physiological wounds his friend had. There was no doubt in Robins mind that the young speedster had suffered post-traumatic stress disorder during the whole experience. The Bat protégé involuntarily shuddered, remembering the look on Wally's face when he was begging them to get out of the coffin. The speedster looked so…so vulnerable. Robin shuddered again at the thought of the kind of state his best friend was in. But one can't expect to be normal after being buried alive and almost…

Robin didn't want to think about it. He couldn't even think about it.

But now, Wally was returning to the cave. Though the speedster was still healing, Flash finally gave the 'okay' on letting Wally visit the mountain, saying it would help the kid's mental recovery.

As the young protégé made his way to the zeta-beam, he paused and took a few steps back to investigate the item that caught his attention –an old cassette player.

Robin held the old device and looked it over from top to bottom before concluding that this cassette player wasn't the one that the Rogues had sent Flash. This one was smaller, more like a handheld cassette player, kind of like what people considered mp3 players. It took a moment before it finally hit the Boy Wonder. This cassette player was in the coffin with Kid, and Kid had it in his hands when Green Lantern yanked him out of the ground.

Robin tried to piece together why Wally would want to hold onto it, and...why Batman had it. "Evidence," Robin muttered, mentally slapping himself.

Curiosity killed the Bat, Robin thought sardonically as he pressed the play button on the device. At first, the only thing he could hear was static, and then, abruptly, a voice broke through the static that sent chills down Robin's spine.

Grabbing the device, he ran through the zeta-beam, well aware of the consequences Batman would have in store for him once he found out that his protégé took his evidence. Washing the Batmoblie was worth it.

"Recognize Robin…B-01" the computer announced the arrival of the Boy Wonder, catching the attention of M'gann and Artemis, who were in the cave's kitchen.

"Robin!" M'gann smiled, excitement seeping into her voice. "Any news on when Wally will be arriving?"

Robin shook his head. "No," he said joining the rest of the team, "Flash is bringing him, and knowing may take awhile."

M'gann raised one eyebrow. "How could they take awhile; they're the fastest people on Earth!"

Artemis pointed out, "Knowing Kid Mouth, his mentor is probably worse"

Robin let out a small evil cackle. "You really don't know Flash very well."

As if on cue, a gust of wind alerted them of the arrival of the Central City's scarlet speedsters. But the team's excited smiles vanished upon seeing that Flash did not have his protégé with him.

"Hey Flash!" Robin greeted smiling, "Where's Wally?"

"He's still at school," Flash said, ruffling the Boy Wonder's hair. "He had some make-up test he had to do. He'll be arriving once he contacts me!"

"Wonderful!" M'gann smiled warmly. "I baked him a fresh batch of cookies for when he arrives!"

Flash's lips twitched upward. "I'm sure he'll be excited."

The sound of footsteps caught everyone's attention, and upon looking up, they saw Superboy and Kaldur come into the kitchen. Kaldur paused at seeing Kid Flash's mentor at the mountain.

"Is Kid here?" Superboy asked Flash.

Flash shook his head. "No, but he will be, when he calls me to pick him up from school."

"How is Wally doing?" Kaldur asked, joining the rest of the team, all of them staring at the Flash, wanting answers.

The speedster blinked before he let out a small sigh. "He's fine; he just needed time to recuperate. He couldn't sleep for a good week and a half, and he really wouldn't eat much of anything." Flash paused as if debating if he should continue, but he did. "He still wakes up some nights screaming. He's getting better, but…" Another pause. "I think he still has a long way to go."

"Poor Wally" M'gann frowned. "Uncle J'onn said he had been talking to Wally to help him." She looked up at Flash for conformation.

Flash gave a small nod, "Wally suffered some post-traumatic stress disorder, and I asked J'onn to talk to him. When he was up at the Watchtower, his actions...troubled me." Upon seeing the team frown, he quickly switched gears. "But don't worry, he's getting better!" A weak smile touched Flash's lips. "Once he gets out of his cast, it should be easier. He's…he's just down in the dumps and going stir-crazy about not being able to run."

Artemis snorted, crossing her arms with a smirk on her face. "Sounds like Wally."

"Although," Flash said, getting the team's attention again, "he has been asking me if Batman or I had taken that cassette player."

"The one the Rogues sent?" Superboy asked.

Flash shook his head, "No, the one that was in the coffin with him," Flash said. "I don't know what happened to it. It disappeared when we got to the Watchtower…"

Robin smirked. "You mean this cassette player?" Robin placed the device in front of everyone on the island counter.

"I should've known Bats took it," Flash huffed, crossing is arms. "What a klepto!"

Superboy glared down at the old-fashioned device that dared to call itself technology. "Why would Kid want this thing?"

"Wally wouldn't tell me," Flash muttered.

"I swear, if he say it's to put on his souvenir shelf," Artemis growled, "he's going to be the fast boy alive-with a permanent limp!"

Flash frowned, but Kaldur placed his hand on Artemis' shoulder. "I am sure that Wally has good reasons for wanting it."

"But...why?" M'gann asked quietly.

"Because it has a message on it," Robin finally blurted out, successfully capturing everyone's attention.

"A message?" M'gann blinked. "Why would Wally leave a message?"

"A final goodbye."

Heads snapped towards Flash, who looked several shades paler then he should have. Robin watched him warily, in case the speedster decided to pass out or throw up. But the attention of the team immediately went back towards the cassette player that rested on the island.

An eerie silence enveloped the mountain. Wary glances were exchanged between everyone before once again landing on the cassette player.

"Should we?" Artemis asked, breaking the silence.

"We'll put it to a vote," Robin said. "All those who say we listen to the message, say 'I'!"


"All oppose?"


Heads whipped towards the scarlet speedster, who had his arms crossed, a serious look of disapproval marring his normally happy face. "Look, I know you are all curious about what Kid said," said Flash snatching the cassette player off the counter, "but, Kid asked me if I found it to return it to him."

"You can!" Robin argued, grabbing the device from the speedster's hand. "After we listen. He doesn't need to know."

Flash frowned.

"It shall be kept between us," Kaldur added.

Flash cringed at the team, whose eyes were bearing down on the speedster. Glancing at the Bat protégé, he realized Robin had his sunglasses lowered slightly, revealing his bright blue eyes to the speedster, in the Boy Wonder's famous and effective puppy-dog eyes. The look almost melted the speedster's heart, and he let out a sigh of defeat.

Robin sneered, pushing up his sunglasses. Wally had told him in the past that the Flash couldn't resist puppy-dog eyes, and since Robin was the absolute master of puppy-dog eyes, everything worked out nicely. Superboy nodded, and pressed the play button and through the moment of static came Kid's voice.

"Kid Flash…" Kid's cracking voice said. "Whoever finds this…give it to Flash."

Flash bit down on his lip so hard it started to bleed, and he gagged slightly as the salty, metallic taste filled his mouth. The tone in his nephew's voice sent chills down the speedster's spine; desperation and hopelessness permeated Wally's words.

"I-I don't know how much tape I have…" Kid said before a shuddering breath was released. "I-I will miss all of you…you all are great…the best family I could ask for. Please don't blame yourselves for this…It was my choice…" There was a pause. "I-I…just want you to know…this is the hardest decision I have ever had to make…"

Everyone looked up at each other, pained expressions on their faces, coming to the conclusion about what the decision was.

"Uncle Barry…Aunt Iris…I'm sorry this is the way I have to say goodbye," Kid whimpered. "I-I…never thanked you enough…for saving me from my dad. You raised me right….it was a lot of fun. I love you guys."

Robin glanced over at the Flash, who had his arms crossed, but one could see that he was digging his nails into his skin.

"Rob…" Everyone's gazes snapped towards the Boy Wonder. "Dude, you're my best friend. Keep messing with the English language, it could end up in a dictionary." A weak laugh came from Kid's sobs, like a small island of happy surrounded by a sea of despair. "Y-You need to continue that list of pranks we made…and pull them off…it's just…I'm…I'm not feeing the aster right now, bro…I can't do it anymore. I'm sorry. Please, look after Uncle Barry for me"

"What list of pranks?" Artemis growled, glaring at the Boy Wonder. "You made a list?"

"Yeah, but Artemis, now is really not the time," Robin snapped.

"Kaldur, you have been way too patient with me. You put up with my mouth and crap like no one else." Looks were thrown at the Young Justice leader, who had his head bowed, his gaze trained at the floor. "I'm sorry. I said I would have been a better leader, but you always did great, and you don't need to be perfect; we know that you try your best." There was a pause, "Also, don't let Bats scare ya, he's a big teddy bear…under all that darkness…or at least a grizzly bear."

An eruption of quiet snorts came from the team.

"Leave it to Kid Mouth to make a joke in a final goodbye," Artemis muttered.

"Shh!" Robin hushed.

"Superboy." Superboy straightened at hearing his name. "You know what, I've had so much time to think, I'm going to call you Conner." A small smile crept across the clone's lips. "Try and keep that temper of yours in check, okay? Also don't give up on Superman…get Robin to beat him up."

Superboy looked up at the Bat protégé with hopeful eyes, and the Boy Wonder smirked. "I'll get right on that, Conner!"

"Megan…I'm sorry I flirted so much…I'm such an idiot…keep working on your cooking skills….I don't think Super-erm…Conner's stomach can handle more puking."

"Oh, Wally," M'gann whispered, blinking away her tears.

There was a long pause before Kid spoke again.


"Oh, this should be good," Artemis sighed.

"I-I never told ya…I never hated you…I-I actually like ya…a lot…I would have asked you out…but I'm an idiot and you don't like me." There was pause. "I'm sorry I was such an ass to you…you just got mad at everything… and it was so funny and…I'm sorry."

Everyone turned towards the archer, whose face was bright red with embarrassment.

"How sweet!" M'gann smiled.

"So…" Robin said, a sly smirk on his face. "You gonna feel the aster and go out with him now?"

"Shut up, Boy Blunder, if you know what's good for you!" Artemis hissed, but her blush only intensified when the bat protégé made a heart shape with his hands. "I'm going to strangle you…"

"Team, please be quiet," Kaldur said politely, and all attention was focused back on the cassette player.

"Uncle Barry," Flash instantly tensed, "I hope I didn't disappoint you…as Kid Flash…and as your nephew." Flash's chest constricted painfully. "I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough."

"Kid…" Barry whispered to himself.

Sobs rang through the cassette player for a few moments before Kid spoke again.

"This damn tape can't even begin to cover everything I want to say."

"I'm sorry…Please forgive me!"

After those final words were spoken, it was nothing more then heart-wrenching sobs.


Another eerie silence rang through the mountain. Glances were exchanged between everyone, but no one said anything. What does one say after hearing a friend's final goodbye right before they almost kill themselves?

Flash cringed when a voice penetrated the silence through his com-link. "Flash here," he said quickly. "Okay…on my way, Kid." Looking at the team, he said, "I'll be back in ten," and just like that, he was gone in a streak of red.

Even after the Flash was gone, the silence hung in the room, and it slowly started to suffocate the team. It was a good three minutes before anyone started to speak.

"Ten minutes…" Robin said. "Knowing Flash, he won't be here for thirty."

His teammates stared at him, realizing that the Boy Wonder just blurted out to break the silence. The cave had been too quiet for too long.

Catching his drift, Artemis was the second to break the silence; it was slowly getting under her skin. "So….a prank list?" Artemis asked, turning her attention to the Boy Wonder.

Robin gave the best innocent smile he could conjure up at the moment, "You know Wally, he's always making stuff up!"

"Right," Artemis spat, not buying it at all, stepping towards the Boy Wonder, ready to try anything to get the little prankster to fork over the list. "You better hand that list over!"

"Not now!" Kaldur barked, stepping between the two. "Wally is returning to the cave. I would like the atmosphere to be peaceful for when he arrives."

"Fine," Artemis huffed, still glaring at the Boy Wonder, who returned a small cackle of laughter.

Waiting was beginning to get under the team's skin more then the silence had. What was supposed to be ten minutes turned into sixty minutes, and the team was becoming restless.

"What is taking them so damn long?" Conner huffed.

"You'd think that the fastest man alive could get here with Wally in seconds, but nooo," Artemis muttered, sinking into her seat.

"This is Flash we're talking about," Robin smirked, resting his feet on the coffee table.

The team blinked at him, confused by the relevance of his statement. Flash was the fastest man alive. How could he take so long?

"You guys do know that Flash is famous for being late, right?"

"Really?" M'gann blinked confusingly. "How is that even possible?"

A snicker escaped the acrobat's lips. "That's a question that even Batman doesn't even know the answer to!"

Silence seemed to take over again, and it was not something team was used to; the truth was that they absolutely hated silence."I have an idea!" Robin blurted out again, jumping up from his seat on the couch, breaking the silence before he went absolutely insane.

"Coming from you, it's one of the pranks on the list…" Artemis said sourly, glaring at the Boy Wonder, "and it can't be a good idea."

Ignoring the archer's comment with a smirk, he continued, "You know how we promised Flash that we wouldn't tell Wally that we listened to the tape?"

"Yeah," Conner said, cocking an eyebrow. "You want to break that promise?"

"Not necessarily," Robin said, shaking a finger at the clone, "I'm just saying that we could just give our little speedster clues."

Kaldur frowned slightly. "Do you not think that Kid Flash would be angry that we listened to the tape?"

"Yeah, but you know Wally, he doesn't stay mad for long!"

"Doesn't stay mad at you for long!" Conner corrected.

"Exactly!" The team's glares only made the Boy Wonder smile innocently. "Just kidding, just kidding, calm down!"

The leader sighed, thinking about the suggestion, glancing up only to see the team looking at him, waiting for him to make his final decision on the matter. "Fine…" Kaldur sighed in defeat, "We shall give Wally hints, but you must inform Flash… quietly."

"No problem there!"

"Flash...04...Kid Flash...B03."

The team instantly stiffened at hearing the computer announce the arrival of the two speedsters.

"Wally!" Robin was the first to react. He jumped over the couch and ran towards his red-haired friend with a speed that impressed both Wally and his uncle.

But once he skidded to a halt in front of the speedsters, the smile on his face faltered. Wally was sitting in a wheelchair, both of his legs and his right arm encrusted in thick, white casts. There were dark bags under his eyes from lack of sleep, and his green eyes seemed a bit duller then they used to be. Almost as if the life had been sucked out of them.

"Damn, bro!"

A weak smile appeared on the speedster's face, and a small hint of life flickered back into those green eyes Robin knew so well. "Hey bro," Wally said, and Robin immediately hugged him. The speedster tensed and blinked a few times before returning the gesture.

"It's a Kodak moment," Flash teased, letting out a fake sniffle.

The two friends glared up at the older speedster, who smiled. But Wally then turned his attention to the rest of the team, whose faces shone with utter excitement.

A weak, but cheesy grin appeared on the speedster's lips. "Aww, I was missed."

"Of course you were, Wally!" M'gann said, hugging him tightly.

Again, the speedster tensed at the embrace, wincing at his still healing ribs, but didn't protest and hugged her back.

"It is good to have you back, Wally." Kaldur said placing his hand on Wally's shoulder and giving it a gentle squeeze, receiving a smile from the speedster. Superboy gave Wally a warm look and Wally returned it, more life seeping back into his eyes.

"Kid Flash, the fastest boy in the world, in a wheelchair," Artemis said a smirk on her face. "Never thought I'd see that day."

"Aww, you know you missed me, Arty!" Wally laughed weakly.

"Hardly," Artemis sniffed, but the archer stiffened when Robin made a heart with his hands, and her face started turning red. She quickly sent the Boy Wonder a threatening glare, but the response she got was a sneer.

"Oh, Wally!" M'gann chirped, "I made a fresh batch of cookies for you!"

Wally smiled weakly. "Thanks Meg, but I-" Before the Flash protégé could say anything else, a loud growl that seemed to shake the mountain came from his stomach. He flinched under the look of his uncle, whose face seemed to say: 'You need to eat something.'

Letting out a sigh of defeat, he smiled and said, "Sounds great."

M'gann smiled brightly. "Great! Conner, could you help me, please?"

Conner shrugged and followed M'gann in the kitchen, unaware of the wide-eyed Flash protégé they left with the rest of the team.

"Wally!" Artemis said, waving her head in front of the speedster's face. "I think we lost him." She followed Robin, who pushed the dazed speedster into the living area, and gave Wally a small smack to the back of his head.

Wally instantly came out of his trance and looked up at his teammates and mentor, who were looking at him with concern and slight amusement. "What…what did she call Supey?"

"Conner," Robin said simply, the corners of his mouth twitching upwards. "Why?"

Wally's mouth opened and closed a few times before he finally muttered, "No reason…" The speedster was trying hard to remember why the name rang a bell; it was so familiar, but the speedster couldn't put his finger on it at the moment. But right now, all that really mattered to Wally was that Supey had a real name.
They were trying to find a name for the clone for awhile now, but he still couldn't figure out where the name Conner came from.

The young speedster nearly had a heart attack when his thoughts were interrupted by an arm snaking around his shoulders, but he relaxed, seeing that it was only his 'little brother'. "So, KF," Robin said, an evil smirk slowly dancing across his features, "I have an idea for our special list."

Wally cocked an eyebrow at the mention of the said list, an evil smile making its away over the speedster's lips. "Really? Let me here your evil plan, Rob."

As the Boy Wonder whispered into his best friend's ear, the team and Flash watched those bright green eyes widen with a look of horror, but were startled when a large, ear-to-ear smile appeared on the speedster face.

"Where is Conner when we need him?" Artemis groaned.

Finally, Robin finished, and Wally stared at his best friend. "That is...that is the evilest thing I've ever heard in my life!" Wally laughed. "Remind me never to get on your bad side, bro!"

"I don't like the sound of that," Artemis said, shifting in her seat, wanting to know what was going on, but whatever it was, it wasn't going to be good for anyone but those two troublemakers.

"Then don't get on our bad side and we won't have a problem," Wally smirked darkly.

Artemis was about to say something when Kaldur placed a hand on her shoulder. "Do not worry Artemis, let them have their fun," Kaldur said calmly. "We can come up with our own list."

As soon as those words left the Atlantian's lips, Wally blinked furiously. He stuck a finger in his ear and pulled it out; did he hear that right? Kaldur, the leader, the most mature of the group, said they were going to come up with a list? A prank list!

Wally was suddenly felt the urge to back away slowly and run-no, wheel-himself out of the room as fast as he could. Before he could, though, the smell of cookies reached his nose.

"Here we are!" M'gann announced, coming in the living area with a fresh batch of cookies. To Wally's surprise, they were perfect; there was nothing burnt, not even the bottom.

Wally gave a weak grin as his mouth watered, but he wrinkled his nose when he didn't feel hungry anymore. Just the smell of food made him feel like he just ate a full meal, but feeling Flash's gaze staring down at him, he forced himself to eat some.

"Thanks, Meggers."

Artemis cringed slightly, holding herself back from giving the speedster a swift smack to the back of the head, like she normally would. But then she remembered the recording one the tape, that he liked her and basically flirted with M'gann for fun. The thought calmed her slightly, but the flirting annoyed the archer to no end.

A loud smack was heard. The team looked up in surprise and saw Flash holding his hand, looking down at Wally, who was staring up at him with a territorial look.

"What?" Flash cried out in surprise. "I'm not allowed to have a cookie?"

Wally's eyes seemed to narrowed, but it was more of a playful look then a threatening look.

"Wally, I made those for everyone," M'gann explained.

Wally gave her a quick glance before grabbing the whole plate of cookies and tried to wheel himself away, but the Flash grabbed onto the back his wheelchair and pulled him back.



The team's heads went back and forth, as if they were watching an agonizing tennis match, listening to the two speedster's immature remarks, and marveling at their unproffessional wrestling match.

"No! Stop!" Wally cried out, as his uncle tickled his sides, making him gasp breathlessly with laughter. While the younger was distracted, the speedster stole a handful of cookies. "Cheater!"

"Not my fault you're ticklish!" Flash said triumphantly as he ate his cookies in a mocking manner.

"Are they always like this?" M'gann asked.

"Yeah, but normally things get broken, and it's much more entertaining," Robin said, giggling a bit when hearing the speedsters' argument continue. "This is just a little wrestling match for them…mainly because Wally is hurt."

"And if Wally wasn't hurt?" Conner asked raising an eyebrow at the two.

"We'd have to buy a new television." Robin said, "These two are destructive as hell."

"And Batman allows this?" Kaldur asked incredulously.

"We gave up trying to stop them a long time ago," Robin simply said.

"Oh Ha-ha-ah listen to the funny scarlet speedster!"

"Aww, Hot Rod, chill out!" Flash laughed, ruffling the young speedster's fiery hair, getting a playful glare out of his nephew, and the Flash's smile only grew from seeing more life flicker back in the kid's bright green eyes.

Artemis smirked. She was going to get a lot more mileage out of this than she did when she found out that the famous Kid Flash's real name was Wallace. But Hot Rod was priceless.

But everything stopped as quickly as it started when the Flash pressed the com-link that was in his ear. "Flash here." The speedster rolled his neck in what looked like annoyance before he let out a small sigh. "Someone sounds like they woke up on the wrong side of the Batcave this morning..."

The entire team's (minus Wally and Robin, who sported twin smiles) jaws dropped comically at hearing the
words that came out of the speedster's mouth. Did he really just say that to the Dark Knight?

"Ohh, I'm shaking," Flash snickered. "Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm coming, calm down before you have a heart-attack, Bats."

Wally's smile faded upon hearing that his mentor was leaving, but the lack of a smile didn't go unnoticed by the scarlet speedster, and he went over to his nephew, kneeling in front of him. He started talking to the younger speedster in a quiet voice.

The team looked over at Conner, silently begging for his super-hearing to come into play. The young clone shrugged. "They're talking too fast to be decipherable."

When their attention went back, there was only one speedster, who was wide-eyed, eyes blinking in confusion.

"Are you alright, Wally?" Kaldur asked, clearly concerned, placing his hand on the speedster's shoulder, which seemed to jerk the speedster out of his troubled reverie.

"Yeah, uh…sorry," Wally smiled. "So…uh…what do you guys want to do now?"

"I can find a way to get the new Harry Potter movie," Robin smirked, "'Cause I know those are your absolute favorite!"

Wally wrinkled his nose in distaste. "Dude! You know I hate those movies!"

"I'm joking!" Robin said before grunting when Wally elbowed him hard in the side.

"I believe Wally should choose the movie, since it is his first day back," Kaldur suggested.

"As long as it's not one of those Saw movies," M'gann shuddered. "Conner yells in his dreams."

"Sorry…" Conner muttered.

"No…I didn't mean it that way…"

"Okay, I won't pick a horror!" Wally said in exasperation, throwing his hands up. "Rob, get the new Transformers!"

Robin smirked, activating his holographic computer. "You're lucky Batman hasn't yelled at us for hacking movies that aren't released on DVD yet."

"Oh yeah, I'm so scared of Batman!" Wally scoffed, sarcasm oozing in his tone.

Robin simply rolled his eyes behind his sunglasses, a small smile of amusement creeping across his face.

"Anyhow, I'm getting Oreos. Anyone want any?" Wally asked.

Shakes of heads made the speedster frown. They were still traumatized after that time he had made a forty-layer stuffed Oreo. When they ate it, they all puked for the rest of the day, and vowed never to eat Oreos again.

"Suit yourselves, more for me!"

Wally wheeled himself into the kitchen, heading straight for the fridge, where his precious Oreos were waiting for him, perfectly chilled. Biting down on his lip as he opened it and found no Oreos awaiting him, he grumbled about 'someone moving them' before moving to a cabinet above the counter–his new enemy. He pushed his body up, leaned against the counter, and reached up, not asking for help because he was the goddamn Kid Flash, and he didn't need anyone to help him, even if he was basically in a full-body cast. "You're going to fall," Artemis' voice reached his ears, and he turned slightly, catching a glimpse of that long, blond hair, before focusing on the task at hand.

"Yeah, yeah," Wally brushed her off, reaching for his target: Oreos.

Just as his fingers brushed against the Oreos packaging, the wheelchair suddenly moved out from under him and he came crashing down, his jaw slamming painfully against the counter before he fell to the ground. Already, he could feel blood streaming over his tongue, metallic as ever. He winced and tried not to gag.

Groaning in pain and holding his jaw, Wally looked up at Artemis, who was standing over him with her arms crossed, a small smirk on her face. "I told you that you were going to fall."

"Shut up."

"You want some help?"


Wally laid on the floor staring up at Artemis, whose smirk only grew wider the longer he laid on the ground.

"Okay, fine, help me," Wally sighed in resignation.

"That's what I thought," Artemis scoffed, helping him into the wheelchair.

"Thanks," Wally said, then glanced up at the cabinet, and realizing his target was out of reach, he started to climb the counter again, but the archer's hands pushed him back in the chair and pushed him away.

"Do you ever learn, Kid Idiot?"

"If you mean after five or six times, then yes."

A swift smack to the back of the head was the response from the archer as she grabbed the Oreos. "Grow up!"

Wally could only give her his cheesy grin in response.

Artemis only shook her head as she grabbed two glasses and retrieved the milk from the fridge. "So, where did you get the name Hot Rod, Hot Rod?"

Wally looked up at her, she was shocked at seeing a dark scowl directed at her. "Don't call me that. Flash is the only person I let call me that."

"Whatever you say, Hot Rod," Artemis grinned, but when she saw Wally's scowl deepen, she got the message that it was something personal, and she dropped the matter and changed the subject. "So…when do you get the cast off?"

Wally's scowled disappeared almost instantly, and he resumed dunking his Oreos in the milk and started eating his sixteenth cookie, finally swallowing it down he spoke. "A few weeks, maybe less, for my legs, and my arm will take three more weeks."

"What is your favorite place in Central City?"

Wally raised his eyebrow while biting down on his twentieth cookie. "What is this, twenty questions? Gosh, Artemis, invasive much?"

"Just answer the question, Kid Stomach," Artemis snapped, gagging slightly as Wally scarfed down another cookie.

"Uh…let's see…too many, but there is an amazing pizza place that Flash and I go to all the time!" Wally answered enthusiastically.

"Fine, when you get your cast off, you can take me there," Artemis said, causally walking out of the kitchen.

Wally was now choking on his twenty-fifth Oreo, chugging down milk to dislodge it from his windpipe. He blinked, startled. "Did...she just ask me on a date? What the hell is going on here?"

Since he got to Mount Justice after his break, everyone had been acting strange. Rob said he had more things for their prank list, (which wasn't really out of place, Wally thought), everyone was calling Supey Conner, Kaldur suggested the team make their own prank list to get back at him and Robin, M'gann made cookies that were perfect, and Flash said he had never disappointed him anyway shape or form. Now Artemis-Artemis, of all people-had asked Wally on a date.

Ever since he was literally back from the grave, everyone had been acting different and it was slowly starting to scare the young speedster. Then it finally hit him; the explanation for everyone acting so strangely was so simple-how could he have missed it?

"Rob!" Wally screamed, bursting out of the kitchen into the living room, amid startled stares from the rest of the team. "It's the Apocalypse!"

There was a moment of silence before the team completely lost it and burst into raucous, uncontrollable laughter. After a moment, Robin saw Wally join in with them, tossing his head back and just laughing, and that was the moment when Robin knew Wally would be absolutely, positively fine.

The End

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