Had to get this out today, before it was too late! Skittles will be up eventually.

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Just imagine that Xehanort and Vanitas are running against Xemnas and Xigbar.

Political Ads

"This ad is brought to you by Xehanort-Vanitas, 2012.

"What do you truly know about Xemnas?" queried Master Xehanort ominously. The fake-baked man in question sauntered before the camera, smiling as if he had won a lifetime supply of Happy Meals, unable to comprehend that those Happy Meals in the long run would only make him obese and give him a heart attack at age thirty-six.

"This so-called man and his political machine called Organization XII. They offer up empty promises of sunshine and butterflies and stickers and bishonen boyfriends and rainbows to Ponyville...but these are all LIES." Now Xemnas, still on candid camera, was laughing maniacally at some oddity or another, perhaps another picture of an owl made of macaroni made by Demyx to be put on the fridge.

"Did you know that Xemnas spends a quarter of the allotted budget on his tanning club membership? This is one of the many concealed atrocities this man has committed. The blame doesnot solely rest on him, but on his trusted cabinet as well. Xigbar drowns children's goldfish, Xaldin has been known to smuggle marijuana across the Agrabah border, Vexen is responsible for the dinosaur extinction (we checked), Zaxion cuts himself as he listens to My Chemical Romance, Saix is a promoter of bestiality, Axel is a pedophile, and Marluxia...is just a crime against humanity. No one will ever understand his pink hair.

"Did I mention that Xemnas will brainwash your children with Jesse McCartney music." The scene shifted to that clip of Ventus in the shower from the old Kidz Bop commercial, only Ventus was Photoshopped to look like Roxas...in other words, no Photoshop was used whatsoever.

"Vote for Xehanort, 2012. Yes, we have told you nothing about our actual intentions for office, but even so, vote for Xehanort if you want free bacon. If you vote for Xemnas, the terrorists win. You're not a terrorist, are you? Do you just want to watch the world burn? So vote for Xehanort, because he is watching you..."

Okay, that was weird, yet it was still superior to every other mudslinging ad I've seen this year. I'm so sick of them. Sneaky Dark Knight reference for the win!