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So here is my story, I hope that you will read and like it. That I bring something a little bit new to the table of great Kurt and Blaine stories that are out there.

Chapter 1

Blaine sat in the Warbler's council room. His head was spinning. He had just watched his best friend, no, watched wasn't the right word. Observed? No. Even more than that. But whatever the word was he couldn't deny the feeling that had hit him. He looked at Kurt for real for the first time as he sang a song full of feeling for a stupid bird, but something that Kurt had deeply cared about.

He had always thought of Kurt as adorable but ever since they had met on the staircase and the infatuation quickly changed to regard for this hurting boy, to a deep-seeded friendship that he just didn't want to let go of. But now couldn't deny what he had let himself bury for so many months.

Blaine was perplexed. What do I do now? Not a day ago Kurt had snapped at him about being Blaine and the Pips. Man that boy was infuriating. He smiled to himself that was one of the things he liked about Kurt he realized.

Blaine hadn't moved from the couch he had sat on as Kurt was singing. He didn't know how long he'd been sitting there but he realized he was alone. When had the meeting wrapped up? He should go find Kurt. Go see how he was doing. Maybe he'd be able to touch his soft hands and comfort him. Yes, that's what he'd do. His brain could catch up as he went along. He didn't have to have all the answers right this second, but he did know that he wanted to see Kurt. So why wasn't he moving?

His phone buzzed in his pocket, startling him out of his thoughts. He pulled it out of his pocket to look at the text he had just received. Smiling that is was from his sister, Kristen. Of course why didn't he think of that? She would have all the answers. He read.

* Hey Boy! I wanted to surprise you but moms unavailable to come get me from the airport. Any chance you could drop what you're doing and rescue a damsel in distress? Wink -Kris

Wait. What? It was much more than he could fathom! His sister was here! Why? What for? She was all the way over in England for work, why was she at the airport? His phone buzzed again.

* Quit freaking out Blaine! LOL. I came to see you win Regionals!-Kris

Oh. That made sense. She was always there for him even though there was a whole ocean between them. He quickly texted back.

* WOW I am surprised! Are you at Columbus?-B

* Yes. Just landed.-Kris

* It's gonna take me a little bit to get there-B

* Haha I know that you have a life that doesn't revolve around me. Take your time I have to wait for my luggage anyway and I have a good book to occupy my time til my dashing boy comes to get me. See you soon.-Kris

* Warblers just got done and I just have to see if a friend is ok then I'll be right there probably 45 min 1 hour tops. What airline?-B

* British Airways-Kris


Well that got Blaine moving. He picked up his bag, still smiling at his phone. This was a good day! First his realization about Kurt and then his sister coming to surprise him. Could this day get better? As Blaine reached the door it opened and Kurt walked in. Blaine was so glad he wasn't still sitting on the couch looking dumbfounded.

"Hey, I was looking for you." Kurt told him. His eyes were still rimmed in red. Blaine felt guilty that his day was going so well when Kurt's was obviously not. "What are you still doing in here?"

"Um…" how did he answer that? 'You are so amazing that my brain forgot how to use my legs.' Yeah that wouldn't work. "Well I actually got a text right after everyone left, from my sister, so I was having a text convo with her." that would suffice.


"Kurt, are you doing ok?" Blaine asked putting an arm around his shoulders. This wasn't out of the ordinary he did this all the time. He led Kurt over to the leather sofa and they sat.

"I'll be fine. It just brought back a lot of memories of my mom. Not really something I like to relive."

"Yeah, I know. I'm really sorry, you know you can talk to me about it right? Pavarotti…or your mom?" Blaine was sure Kurt could here his heart beat to get out of his chest. They sat for a while in a comfortable silence.

"Uh, thanks, I know. Uh I actually came to see if we were going to go get our after practice coffee?" Kurt looked at Blaine expectantly. Why had Blaine never realized how beautiful this boy was? His high cheek bones and the sharp slant of his nose and those delectable lips. He'd seen and looked at Kurt before, but it seemed like this time he was actually seeing. He swallowed. He made a mental list in his head. It would take about twenty minutes to get to the airport just this side of Columbus, and that was probably generous. He had told Kristen and hour tops so if he didn't stay too long he definitely had time for their ritual of after Warbler's coffee.

"Yes, I'd love too! But I can't stay too long today. I have to go pick up my sister from the airport."

"I thought she lived overseas somewhere."

"She does. England. I didn't know she was coming til about fifteen minutes ago saying she was here and could I come get her."

"We don't have to get coffee today, Blaine. Go pick her up. We can get coffee tomorrow or another time."

"No, let's go. She knows I'll be there soon."

"Ok." Kurt wasn't convinced. "But you better never leave me stranded at the airport when I call you for a ride." Kurt smirked. I was good to see him try humor!

"Let's go, coffee is my treat today for a little pick-me-up for you." He stood and pulled Kurt up. Blaine's heart flipped at the touch of Kurt's soft hands. "Actually do you mind if we get our coffee to go today. I probably should go get her." He confessed. He was nervous now that his epiphany had come to him about Kurt and he really wanted to get Kristen's advice about what to do since he'd shot this magnificent boy, beside him, down so many times.

"I was wondering when you'd come to your senses!" Kurt laughed. Blaine did too; relieved Kurt wasn't as upset anymore. They walked to Blaine's Series 5 BMW SUV in silence. They could have walked to the coffee shop but Blaine decided that if they drove he could drop Kurt back here and then go straight to the airport. In reality it wasn't too long before Blaine was on the road to pick Kristen up. He had dropped Kurt back at Dalton saying he'd see him tomorrow as he probably wouldn't be staying at the dorm tonight as he would be catching up with Kristen.

Kurt just gave a little nod as he got out saying something about it being ok; he had so much homework anyway, trying hard not to look disappointed that he hadn't been invited to go to the airport with Blaine.

But they were going to be talking about Kurt so Blaine couldn't have asked him to come along.

Blaine sped down the interstate toward Port Columbus International Airport, anxious to get to his sister. It had been since Christmas since he'd seen her and even though it wasn't that long ago it always seemed much longer.

Kristen was about fifteen years older than him so it had been like their parents had had two only children. He had been a surprise baby, never a mistake, just a surprise, so they said. And since Kristen was so much older than he was, she had always felt a little more like a "cool mom" than an actual sister. She was his biggest supporter. He could talk to her about anything and everything. And even though she was overseas they at least had some form of communication everyday, whether it was email, text, talking or skyping. That is why it had surprised him that he hadn't thought to talk to her first about Kurt as soon as he had even the slightest realization of something more that friends. He was glad Kristen was in tune with his thoughts. He smiled at that. It seemed that Kristen was always there to reassure him and know more than she let on. Their connection was strong.

I wasn't as though he hadn't talked to her about Kurt. He definitely had, he didn't have secrets from Kristen. She knew Kurt to be a boy who was having problems at his old school and had transferred to Dalton and had become his best friend.

Kristen had been the one to push their parents so hard to get Blaine into Dalton after he had come out and had had his bulling experiences. It was Kristen who had stayed up with him and held him while he cried it out. It was Kristen who accepted him one hundred percent, unconditionally for who he wanted to be and gave him all of the support a fourteen year old boy could have needed. Continuing to this day. Their parents not understanding the big deal or that it was 'just a phase' that he was going through, just kind of brushed it under the carpet and ignored that part of Blaine's life. And even though she had been almost thirty when he came out and had moved out of the house long before that she had dropped everything to come be with him, and comfort him.

Then she got her job in England about a year and a half ago and moved so far away. And even though he went over there every summer and she came home almost every major holiday it always never seemed enough, so this was so exciting she was here. Especially since he needed to talk to her and it was so much better face to face!

He was pulling into the airport and so took out his phone and dialed Kristen's number. She picked up on the second ring.

"Hey Sis! I'm just pulling up!" The excitement in his voice making her laugh.

"Great! I'm standing in the passenger pick up. Can't miss me." That was an understatement. How did she even get them to let her bring that much stuff? How long was she staying anyway? Hopefully longer than past Regionals. He missed her too much, and always hated when she had to leave. Why was he thinking about her leaving? She just got here. He pulled in front of his beautiful sister and rolled down the passenger side window with the automatic button on his door.

"Hey pretty lady, you going my way?" he grinned.

"No, I was taught not to get into cars with strangers." her eyes were smiling. Blaine shrugged and pressed on the gas to ease his car into traffic again. "Hey!" she smacked the side of his SUV laughing, "I guess you look a little familiar."

Blaine put his vehicle into park and jumped out of the car in three strides he was around the car and had Kristen in a bear hug.

"I'm so happy to see you! You have no idea!"

"It's great to be loved." Kristen laughed. "It's good to see you too, Blaine. Now help me with my luggage please."

"Are you staying for a month? Please say yes!"

"No, not quite a month. A couple of weeks I think. I have a job interview in Chicago next week, so I planned it to coincide with Regionals."

"Wait. What? Chicago? So you'll be like four hours away instead of a whole ocean?"

"Nothing's decided yet, I still have to interview."

"Why didn't I know about this? Aren't we supposed to not have any secrets?" Blaine was getting excited as he put the ten billion bags into his hatchback. (Ok maybe he was exaggerating but not much)

"It wasn't a secret it was a surprise. There's a difference. And besides you're the one who should have no secrets from me." she winked at him. "At least til you're older then I may tell you a few of mine." Blaine gave her a sidelong glance. She just laughed as he looked at her.

"So what is the interview for? Blaine asked as he helped Kristen into the passenger seat.

"Well my company is opening another firm in Chicago and they want me to interview with the president of the company for the promotion to run this one. So I jumped at the chance because it is so much closer to my family. Besides, the Brits are too much to handle sometimes."

"I thought you liked the Brits."

"Oo I do, especially one in particular." her eyes sparkled. "But my boy comes first and always has." she reached across the console and twirled one of his curls. "Besides don't count my chickens before they hatch. There are at least two other candidates up for this promotion."

Blaine loved Kristen's pet name for him 'my boy' she had called him that for as long as he could remember. And couldn't imagine anything else.

"How is Colin doing?" Blaine asked. He liked Kristen's boyfriend ok. He knew they would probably get married one day and would be his brother-in-law. So yeah he liked him ok, at least he treated Kristen good, that's what counted right.

"He's well! This move, if it happens will be hard on him. On us. We're taking it one step at a time since we found out I could get this."

"Do you think he'll come with you?"

"I don't know yet. We'll have to wait and see. We'll have a lot to discuss."

"So, if this is a business trip why didn't they get you a car rental? Then your surprise would have been complete."

"Well my surprise was complete. When I fly into Chicago that's where I'll get the rental. If I had gotten one here and just gone home you wouldn't have come home til the weekend and I wouldn't have gotten to see you as much etc, etc,"

"Oh, so you are only staying til Regionals on Tuesday then you're leaving right after that for Chicago?" Blaine sounded disheartened.

"Well my darling boy, yes I am staying til Thursday of next week. But depending on the interview I may be back after that. For a little while. Don't be so sad. We'll spend lots of time together between now and then, I promise. Now, tell me what's new with you?"

Kristen observed the change in Blaine's demeanor, as the topic of conversation moved from her to him. He turned giddy but seemed confused and the same time.

"Kristen, I am so glad you're here because I don't know that skype could nearly be a good as getting what I need from you right now, in person."

"I'm intrigued. What do you need from me?"

"Advice!" Blaine's eyes danced.

Kurt trudged up to his dorm room. He did have a mountain of homework like he had told Blaine but was a little dejected that he didn't ask if he wanted to ride out to the airport with him. He didn't really want to be alone. Wait he won't be he'll be with his homework and his roommate, Josh. He and his roommate didn't have too much in common. He was a "manly man" and though not anything near Karofsky, was very jockish and so therefore had no common ground to come to. So they pretty much kept to themselves not speaking too much to each other.

Usually Blaine would have invited him to his and David's dorm room to do homework together and try as he might, Kurt would not get much done as he was thinking about Blaine's smell, or his eyes or his eyes behind his glasses. He didn't take his contacts out very often around him but when he did found his black plastic Prada's very sexy and distracting; ok I guess that you could argue that everything about Blaine Anderson was distracting. So maybe it was a good thing that Blaine was going to be off campus tonight. He really did have a lot of homework. It didn't make it any less distressing that he wasn't going to be around Blaine tonight. He didn't even have Pavarotti to distract him. Maybe he could make Pav a casket. That would be good. But he should probably get his homework done first. Stupid homework. Stupid Blaine. He wasn't supposed to have these thoughts and feelings about his best friend. They had decided this, they were just going to be friends and Kurt could handle that.

Kurt thought about Blaine's sister, Kristen. He didn't know too much about her, just that she was quite a bit older than Blaine and she lived in England, and Blaine adored her. He wondered if she would commandeer all his time while she was here and then he would only be able to see him in the one class they had together and Warbler's practice. Well it was a comfort that with Regionals on Tuesday they would be having a practice on Saturday and maybe Sunday too depending on how they did Saturday. So he hadn't decided if he would go home to Lima yet or just stay on campus for the weekend. It was Wednesday so he still had a couple of days to decide.

He shouldn't be worried about Blaine and his sister. It's good that he gets to see her. Maybe he'd call Mercedes. It's been awhile since he had talked to her. He could see what she's up to. He'd try texting first see if she's busy with New Directions. They too were getting ready for Regionals.

*Hey Merc! Whatcha up to?-Kurt

He pulled out his French homework. He probably should get started on his homework anyway. He wished he had a magic wand that he could wave and it would be done. Well if he was wishing he knew another one he wanted more. But he wouldn't go there.

*Kurt! We're just hangin' going over songs for Regionals. How you been?-M

*A little down today. Needed a friend to pick me up a bit.-Kurt

*Oh what's up? You need me to come cut someone?-M

*No. LOL nothing like that. Pavarotti the canary the Warbler's gave me to take care of died this morning. And then Blaine decided that his sister coming into town from England was more important than homework together. Whoa that made me seem really selfish. I guess that I'm just a little bored. Even though I have so much homework.-Kurt

*Oh I'm sorry but hey we get to see each other on Tuesday! Even though we are competing against each other again. Wink.-M

*Yeah. I suppose. I'm thinking of coming home this weekend for a little bit don't know for sure as I don't know what our rehearsal schedule will be like to get everything ready. If I do you wanna hang for a bit?-Kurt

*You bet! Even if it's for an hour that would be great! But I gotta go let me know when you decide if you're coming home and we'll get together.-M

Well that wasn't long enough to keep his interest. Well ok homework.

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