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Chapter 27

As soon as the door snapped shut behind him, Kurt knew he was in trouble. His eyes raked over the almost deserted street.

"You're being and idiot!" Kurt berated himself. "You are practically an adult! You can certainly go to the market by yourself." Kurt pried his hand off the door handle and hurried down the front steps. He walked swiftly eyes darting this way and that. His breath becoming more and shallower with each step.

The market was just this side of the underground station where he and Blaine would catch. Where he first saw the man dressed in black who turned out to be Bryce. Which meant if Kurt thought about it he lived close by? Kurt's thoughts were not that coherent. His were more on the thought of a dark mysterious man snatching him and Blaine not with him to save him.

Blaine not with him to know where he was. Blaine not with him to protect him from men dressed in black. Blaine not with him…

Kurt berated himself again for being so dependant on Blaine. He squared his shoulders and continued to put one foot in front of the other. He managed to keep most of his wits about him as he finally reached the market.

He caught a glimpse of himself in the shop windows. He was appalled with himself for forgetting that he was dressed in yoga pants and a hoodie. His hair pouffy and not in a perfectly coifed kind of way, but a someone rubbed his scalp for an hour. He should have turned around on the spot and rushed back to Kristen's just for that reason.

But he was already here. He just wanted to hurry and get his stuff and get home to make a wonderful meal for his boyfriend. No one knew him here and would probably never see him again so he would go in in his appalling state get his things and get out.

He could do this. He glanced around him again and took a steadying breath and pushed the door open.

The clerk looked up at him at the tinkling of the bell then went back to his work. Kurt's eyes immediately scanned the store seeing people milling about the market. He didn't recognize anyone. He didn't know if that made him feel better or not.

"May I help you find anything young man?" the clerk asked. Kurt hadn't noticed him until he was standing near enough him to put a hand on his shoulder.

The room seemed to close in on him. Kurt had to catch himself from screaming at the top of his lungs. The man did step back quickly at the frightened look on Kurt's face.

Kurt had a hard time getting his heart to go back to his chest.

"Are you okay young man?" Kurt's breaths were coming in painful pants. Kurt felt his chest was starting to constrict on itself. Kurt was attracting more people to him which was making him panic even more.

"Sonny, you need to slow down. It's okay. Breathe slower. In and out." Kurt couldn't hear him. His pulse pounding in his head.

Suddenly strong arms were around him, causing him to spastically flinch. Trying to flail out of the grasp. But failing as the fear just took further grip of him. Kurt sank to the floor the arms going down with him.

"Kurt, listen to me. Kurt listen to me breathing." Blaine's voice was steady in Kurt's ear. "Kurt, I have you. I'm not letting you go." The strong fearful grip around his torso turned into his lifeline. Blaine kept up his soothing words not letting his grasp loosen.

The rest of the people in the shop watched as the taller of the two boys' breath steadily came back to normal as the shorter darker haired boy calmed him.

When Kurt's breathing slowed down the dam broke and tears gushed out. "Blaine I thought I could do it. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I just needed chicken." Kurt sobbed.

Blaine rocked him back and forth. "Shh. Shh." he soothed. "Its okay. I'm here. It's okay." The boys were on the floor for a while Blaine never letting the other go. The clerk had broken up the crowd, informing them all there was nothing more to see, letting the boys have their moment. He could see the shorter boy's calming influence on the taller boy and knew he could handle it just fine. Blaine just kept up his soothing words and caresses.

Kurt finally let out a shuttering sob and brought his sleeves up to his eyes. ", a ?" he asked as the last of his sobs made his words stutter.

"No I don't, but we can go get one. Do you think you can get up yet?" Kurt just nodded as the last of his breathing came in involuntary shuddering breaths.

Blaine stood up and helped Kurt up as well winding his arm around Kurt's waist and pulling him close to his side. "Did you want to go home?" Blaine asked.

"…" Kurt still stuttered. "I ." Blaine chuckled softly.

"Alright let's go get some chicken." Kerry grabbed a small cart. Kurt hadn't even noticed he was there before; he pushed it in front of them. Blaine moved them to the front for Kerry to follow so he could put the things Kurt needed in the basket but not let go of his boyfriend. He first led them to the paper product aisle. He grabbed a box of tissues and opened it pulling a couple out and giving them to Kurt who had been sniffing. Blaine knew Kurt would never wipe his nose on his sleeve even if he was just wearing a hoodie.

Hmm. Kurt was wearing a hoodie out in public. He decided not to comment on it. Kurt gratefully took the tissues pressing them to his nose. Blaine handed him a couple more and put the rest of the box in the shopping cart.

"Did you need anything other than chicken, love?" Blaine asked. Kurt nodded but didn't say anything. "What else?" Blaine gently pressed.

"Um." Kurt looked deep in thought. "Give me a minute." What had he come here for?

"Take your time." Blaine consoled. He moved them to the back of the store to the meat counter. "What kind of chicken do you want, love?" Kurt came a little more to his senses and realized Blaine didn't know what he wanted to make them for dinner, as he came to that realization he remembered that he was doing chicken parmesan.

"Um, chicken breast." He said softly nuzzling closer to Blaine's side who tightened his grip on Kurt's waist.

"How many, love?"

"Who all will be there?" Kurt asked quietly.

"Me, you, Kristen and Kerry."

"Maybe six? So you and Kerry could have seconds if you want?" Kurt was talking so softly Blaine wouldn't have heard him if they weren't so close.

Blaine looked up at the butcher. "Could we have six chicken breasts please?" He turned to Kurt who was saying something again. Blaine turned back. "Could we get all the fat trimmed please?" Blaine asked politely.

"Sure thing. Anything else?" The large man asked. Kurt shook his head. "Alright give me just about fifteen minutes to get your pieces ready."

"Thank you." Blaine told him. "Do you know what else you need?" Blaine led Kurt around the store with Kerry following as Kurt quietly told Blaine the things he needed for their dinner, making their last stop the meat counter to pick up their chicken order.

They made their way to the front of the store to the checkout lane. Kurt blushed as he recognized the clerk from when he had first come in and had his panic attack.

"You doing better sonny?" the man asked. Kurt just nodded his face red. "Glad to hear it. That's never happened here before. I was beginning to get a little worried as to what to do. Good thing this young man showed up when he did." Kurt smiled slightly and nodded again.

They purchased their goods and made their way out of the shop. Kerry carried most of the bags, Blaine a couple in the hand not wound around the waist of the thin boy.

Kurt looked at the clock as he came into Kristen's flat. It was way later than it should have been and he needed to get busy if they were going to be eating before midnight. Kerry was amazed to see a totally new person come out as the safety of the door closed behind them.

"What do you need help with, darling?" Kerry also noticed that Blaine had relaxed as well, changing his term of endearment. Kurt had pushed his sleeves up and got to work. He looked exhausted but didn't slow him down. Kurt put Blaine to work tenderizing the chicken. Kerry wandered to the living room and flicked on the television. He marveled at Blaine and Kurt's relationship. Kurt had been in a bad place when he and Blaine rushed into the market. He had never seen a panic attack and hoped he would never see one again. It was truly frightening.

Blaine had talked to him that afternoon about the guy who had taken Kurt and had been enlightened to a better understanding of why they were so clingy with each other. But now that he watched them now, he wouldn't say clingy because even though they were in the same room as each other they looked content to be just that, in the same room together. They weren't touching each other at the moment as Kurt was cutting something and Blaine was pounding meat.

Kerry definitely had to reevaluate his own relationship. He wondered if he and his betrothed would ever be like this or if they would just be together for the convenience of their families.

He was happy for Blaine to have met his perfect match and felt a little sorry for Kurt and wanted to kick the jerk who but him through this torment.

Kerry looked up to see Kristen coming down the stairs into the living room. She smiled tiredly at him moving into the kitchen.

Kristen went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water. She turned around eyes falling to Blaine as she took a drink. Blaine was staring daggers at her and seemed to pound the meat even harder.

"Blainedear, it is already dead. We don't need it pulverized." Kurt chastised turning to inspect his work. Kristen gasped as she took in Kurt's blotchy complexion and red rimmed eyes.

"Kurt, what happened?" Kurt looked up at her almost stunned to see her there.

"Kurt had a panic attack at the grocery store." Blaine's voice was venom he spit at his sister. Kristen was taken aback at the viciousness of his words.

Kurt put a hand on his forearm. "Blaine, Kristen did nothing wrong. Do you hear me? We had a long day and I am grown enough to know what I should and shouldn't do. Now apologize to Kristen right now! This is in no way her fault."

"Kurt, she should have gone with you."

"No one knew this would happen. She had a really hard day and I was trying to do something nice. I just should have waited for you and I knew that as soon as I stepped outside the door but it was my choice to keep going."

"I'm sorry Kristen." Blaine said sheepishly. Kurt nodded curtly. Kristen moved to him and took him in her arms.

"I'm sorry Kurt. I could have been there."

"I know, but you needed some rest."

"What happened to Kristen today?" Blaine asked feeling like he was missing something. Kristen looked at Kurt pleading with her eyes to not say anything.

"Her work called and they were running into some problems with the build in Chicago that they think she can help with being all the way over here in England. Then here work called here saying the person replacing her is incompetent and was never going to learn what Kristen does before she leaves and kind of put a guilt trip on here for not being there today.

"Do you want more? Because there is more…" Blaine shook his head. "Good. Because this all happened at a spa where we were supposed to be relaxing." Kurt finished.

Blaine finished pounding the meat and washed his hands again. He pulled his sister into his arms. "I'm sorry for snapping at you. I love you."

"Thank you, my boy." Kristen said in Blaine's ear while looking at Kurt, so each boy knew she was talking to them. She pulled away from Blaine. "Now what can I help you with?"

"Nuh uh." Kurt told her. "You go out and play chess or something with Kerry. I've got this."

"Darling, what else would you like me to help with?" Blaine asked.

"Will you just stand right there?" Kurt asked hopefully as he moved him to the corner where the one counter met the other in an L shape. "I want you here but I think I can do the rest of the prep work. I just need to coat the chicken then put it into the oven. So I'm almost done anyway." Blaine kissed his cheek and leaned against the counter to watch.

Kurt put the baking pan in the oven and set the timer to twenty minutes and added the fettuccine noodles to the boiling water. The sauce was simmering.

"Blaine, I need to lay down for just a bit. Will you come with me?" Kurt asked as he saw that everything would be finished when the timer went off in twenty minutes. Blaine took Kurt's hand and they walked to Kurt's room. Kurt toed off his shoes and climbed onto the bed. Blaine following suit. They lay looking at each other, hands clasped together between them.

"Thank you for coming to get me. I didn't know what was going to happen but I felt like I was going to die."

Blaine kissed his nose. "I'm sorry I wasn't there sooner. I love you so much, Kurt. You mean everything to me. I am glad you are okay."

Kurt yawned. "I love you too…more…" he smiled as Blaine scoffed.

"Get some rest Kurt. I'll be right here." Kurt turned his body so his back was pressed into Blaine's chest. He held onto Blaine's arms that had enclosed around him and drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

Blaine didn't sleep. He just held onto the boy in his arms hoping he never had to let go, allowing his thumbs to dance over the silky soft knuckles and breathing in the scent of his boyfriend. He smelled slightly different from usual, probably from the different lotions the spa used, Blaine reasoned, but still smelled of Kurt and that made him happy.

Kurt hopped right up when the oven timer went off. Blaine would have thought he hadn't been asleep if he hadn't been listening to his deep sleeping breathes. But surprisingly refreshed after his power nap, Kurt hopped up to beat Kristen to the stove to finish everything for dinner and set them all down to eat together.

He put Blaine to work putting plates and utensils on the table while he transferred the food to serving dishes. When he was satisfied he and Kristen carried the dishes to the table.

"Kurt this looks delicious!" Kristen gushed as she went to pull a bottle of red wine down from her cupboard. "Kerry would you like a glass of wine with dinner?" she asked of Blaine's friend who had followed his nose to the dining room.

"Yes please.' He returned as Kristen grabbed two glasses.

"Oh that reminds me…" Kurt started as he set the last dish on the table and walked over to Kerry and smartly slapped him hard, shocking all parties present, rattling Kerry's teeth a little.

"What was that for?" Kerry gaped cupping his hand to his stinging cheek.

"Don't you ever! And I mean ever!" He punctuated his words by poking his finger into Kerry's chest. "Give ANYONE an alcoholic drink without their knowledge. Ever. Again. And that goes for anyone!" Kurt's eyes were like slits as he glared at him.

You could hear a pin drop at the stunned silence that engulfed the room until Blaine busted into laughter which Kristen soon followed, then reluctantly Kerry let out an embarrassed chuckle.

Kurt spun to Blaine. "And I'm mad at you for not stopping him or me when you knew it was happening." Kurt snapped. "I won't slap you because it looks like I got you good enough with my fist this morning." Blaine's hand touched the slight purpling of skin around his eye. Both boys nodded sheepishly at Kurt muttering an apology.

"Well, now lets put all that behind us and eat before it gets cold." Kurt said clapping his hands together. Kristen still laughing sat at the head of the table. Kurt and Blaine sitting next to each other on one side and Kerry across from them. They all passed the dinner around helping themselves to Kurt's feast. Each commenting on how amazing it was.

"So what shall we do this evening boys?" Kristen asked. "I don't know how useful I'll be for anything strenuous, I'm still pretty tired but we could play a board game or something. There are four of us so we could get out the dominos of play hearts."

"I could play a game or two." Kerry put in. "But I do need to leave my nine."

"Hot date tonight?" Blaine teased. Kerry just shrugged.

After dinner and the dishes were done Kristen got out the cards and they played hearts til Kerry have to go. Kristen completely trouncing them all. Blaine gave his friend a hug.

"If you can it would be good to see you before we leave Sunday afternoon." Blaine told him.

"Yeah maybe coffee Saturday or Sunday morning." Blaine gave him another quick hug before Kerry turned on the threshold leaving Kristen's house. Blaine wandered back to the living room sitting himself beside Kurt draping his arm across Kurt's lap resting his hand on the other's knee. Kurt leaned into him laying his head on Blaine's shoulder.

Kristen watched from the kitchen at the tender exchange going on. She decided they needed a movie night so she busied herself making some popcorn and decided that wasn't enough so made them each a strawberry milkshake.

"Kristen do you need any help?" Kurt called when he smelled the air popper of the popcorn and heard the blender.

"Nope, just about finished. How bout you two pick a movie and I'll be right in with treats." She heard the boys talking in hushed whispers as she went back to her blender. She drizzled some butter over the popcorn and poured the milkshakes into her tall glasses. Setting everything on a serving tray brought it to the living room.

"What movie are we watching?" Kristen inquired. She watched as the boys playfully bickered a little more as she set the tray on the coffee table. She laughed out loud when they decided to settle by playing rock, paper, scissors. Kurt won.

"HA! We're watching Hello Dolly!" Blaine kissed his cheek as he pushed himself up to put the movie in. He sat back on the couch pulling Kurt to his side. Kurt leaned forward grabbing himself and Blaine a milkshake.

Kristen put a little of the popcorn into a smaller bowl and took a glass for herself settling in to her favorite chair. Blaine brought the big bowl of popcorn between them.

"This is delicious Kristen!" Kurt told her taking a sip of his pink drink.

"Thanks Kurt.' They both turned slightly appalled as Blaine shoved a handful of puffs into his mouth.

"What?" he questioned through a mouthful of popcorn. Kurt and Kristen just rolled their eyes.

About halfway through the movie Kristen's phone rang and she excused herself to answer it going down the hall to her room. Kurt watched her go with a worried expression. Kurt had been playing with Blaine's curls as he laid in his lap watching the movie.

Blaine looked up at him as his hand slowed. "You okay?"

Kurt looked down and smiled at the boy he loved. "Yeah. Great!" Blaine hummed and turned back to the movie.

"Where'd Kristen go?"

"To her room. She got a call."

"Who was it?" Blaine asked.

"Don't know, she didn't say." Kurt leaned down and kissed Blaine's cheek. "Have I told you today that I love you?" Kurt wondered out loud.

"I don't remember, but you could always tell me again!" Blaine turned on his back so he was facing Kurt, head still in his lap. Kurt fingered through his curls at his forehead. Blaine thought he looked a million miles away.

"Hey!" Kurt looked down. "You forgot to ask me about the surprise I was getting for you today." Blaine told him as their eyes met. Kurt's eyes brightened and he came back to the present.

"Oh what is it?" He asked excitedly. "I have been a little preoccupied haven't I? I wasn't thinking with my whole brain this morning." Kurt's fingers lightly flitted over the light purple bruise in the corner of Blaine's eye. "And I completely forgot. Does this hurt?" He asked. "I am sorry."

Blaine reached up and pulled Kurt's head down kissing him soundly. "It doesn't hurt. And I love you. You can hit me any day." Kurt laughed.

"I'd rather be a lover than a fighter." Kurt bantered back, turning a lovely shade of pink as he said it.

"I'll let you be my lover any time." Blaine pulled him into a kiss again before Kurt registered what he had said.

"So can I see my surprise?" Kurt asked a little breathless as he pulled away. Blaine chuckled but lifted his hips as he pulled his billfold out of his back pocket. Kurt looked a little perplexed at what Blaine was doing. Blaine opened his billfold and produced what looked like two tickets. He handed them to Kurt who took them, eyes shining in excitement. Kurt looked closer at the papers in his hand.

"Blaine! You got Kristen and I tickets to the theatre! That is so amazing! Get up I have to go tell her!" Kurt started to push at Blaine's shoulder.

"W…what? Blaine spluttered.

"Blainedear, I told you that I was leaving you for your sister this afternoon remember?" Then he laughed and smashed his mouth to Blaine's kissing him heatedly. Blaine only hesitated half a second before he responded deciding open mouth kisses were what the situation called for. Kurt immediately following or maybe their thoughts were on the same wave length and had reacted simultaneously. Their tongues met urgently. Kurt clawed at Blaine's shoulders to get him closer.

Blaine understanding pushed himself up not breaking away and moved to straddle Kurt's legs. Wrapping his arms around Kurt's shoulders, Kurt already pulling him closer by his waist.

"UhHmm!" Kristen cleared her throat distracting the two boys on the couch. "I can hear you all the way on the other side of the house." Kristen smirked as Kurt colored to the deepest crimson. "I leave for two minutes and you take that as a green light to, how do the English say…shag on my couch?"

Kurt was thoroughly embarrassed now. "Kristen we weren't shagging on your couch." Blaine argued playfully, he could tell that Kristen was just playing around. "As you can see we have every stitch of clothing on that we had when you left." He winked at Kurt who mumbled for him to stop under his breath while pushing at his chest to vacate his lap.

Blaine looked over at him and kissed his nose. "I don't want to move yet." Kurt just pushed him again and Blaine sighed as he left Kurt's lap crossing his legs strategically. Kristen smiled knowingly.

"So?" Blaine asked. "Who called?"

"Richardson. He is changing my plans. They really need me in Chicago more than they need me here. So he is moving me there the first part of May instead of June." She opened her laptop powering it on to get the her emails. "He had the interior designer send me some samples of what they were thinking for colors and decor. They wanted my opinion."

Kurt perked up at this. "Can I see?"

"Definitely!" She opened the first attachment and blanched. It looked like they had been transported back to the seventies wit the orange and brown and boxy furniture.

"Gross!" Kurt said as he peaked over Kristen's shoulder. "Do they want people to come to work? If they must do orange and brown, the desks need to be more streamline, not so boxy and the oranges need to be a little richer not so bright. That kind of reminds me of a hunting lodge." Kristen laughed and opened the second attachment.

"Who is this person?" Kurt grimaced. "This is awful! They need to get over their color blindness." Kristen agreed, the colors on this were purple and teal, and while those generally went well together say on a shirt, this person really didn't have the right feel. Kristen sent a reply to her boss that under no circumstances were either of these color palettes or floor designs or furniture to be used. She inquired as to when the building would be finished for the interior to be done. She hit send.

Not five minutes later se received a response.

Kristen, this is your building, so you definitely get final say as to how you want your workplace to look. We do need to get something narrowed down preferably by the middle of June. The builders assure me they will be finished by July for all that to be started and the interior needs to be planned completely before the building exterior is done. I trust your judgment and know you will be on top of all of this. Thank you for all you do.


Kristen looked up from her email to see Blaine and Kurt cuddling on the couch again. "Hey boys." they looked up at her.' Do you have plans for the summer?" She more wanted Kurt's answer as she knew Blaine usually spent his summers with her. But that was before he had met Kurt."

"I don't know, being here in England may have inspired me to write a play about Pippa Middleton.' Kristen and Blaine laughed especially that Kurt looked serious.

"Well as riveting as that sounds. I have a proposition for you." Both boys quickly glanced at each other and back at Kristen.

"Kurt you'll probably have to discuss this with your dad. But how would you both like to come and intern for me in Chicago? Kurt I could have you work with the interior designer and Blaine I could have you work with Brayden. I would pay you and give you room and board.

"Really! That sounds so cool! That would be amazing. I'll definitely talk my dad into that! That could give me a great reference to design school!"

"Yes it would actually." Kristen agreed. "What do you think Blaine?"

"I'm all for it! I wouldn't have to choose between my two favorite people." He kissed Kurt's cheek pulling him closer.

"Well you'll have to let me know what your dad says as soon as you get back." Kristen told Kurt.

"So what do you two have planned for tomorrow?" Kristen asked, not missing the way Kurt immediately brightened.

"We don't have much planned in the morning.' Blaine told her. "But I'm going to take Kurt to dinner then.."

"He's taking me to the theatre!" Kurt butted in too excited to keep it to himself. "I'm going to the opening night of The Scarlet Pimpernel! I've wanted to see that one for so long! I can't believe it's here!" Kurt was practically bouncing out of his chair.

"I would have thought you would have wanted to go see Wicked." Kristen reflected.

"I would love to see that again too. I saw it when it came to Cincinnati. My dad let me go. But this one…I can't believe first that it is here at the same time that I am and second that Blaine actually remembered that I wanted to go see it. I mean I told him once along time ago almost in passing.'

"It wasn't really that long ago." Blaine interjected. Kurt kissed him.

"Well I think its sweet you remembered." Blaine smiled to himself.

"That sounds like so much fun!" Kristen told them. "Well I have to go in to work tomorrow. I get the pleasant task of telling them I am leaving a month early. They're going to be thrilled let me tell you.

"Would you like to come see my office?"

"Yeah maybe. We'll see how our morning goes."

"Fabulous. Well I think I'm going to head to bed. But I should give Kurt a present before I do. If he wants to wear them tomorrow night to the theatre." Kristen got up and went to her room. Coming back with a shopping bag with tissue paper coming out of it.

"I was going to wait to give this to you when you were leaving but you may like to have them for tomorrow."

"I feel so special! It's not even my birthday!" Kurt gushed. Kurt pulled out the tissue paper, peering inside the bag. Curious Blaine tucked his index finger over the edge of the bag too to have a peek.

"No way!" Kurt shrieked. "These are the McQueen things from the show!" He reverently lifted the skull pants out, hugging them to his chest. Along with the wrist cuff and scarf he had chosen on his first night in London.

"Blaine this settles it! I am definitely leaving you for Kristen!" Blaine shot Kristen a playful glare.

"I buy my boyfriend theatre tickets to a play he has wanted to see forever and you have to show me up by getting him his favorite designer." He pouted. Kristen chuckled.

Kurt pushed himself off the couch and launched himself into Kristen's arms. "Thank you so much! For the clothes! And the spa! And just letting me come here!" Kurt gushed close to tears.

"You are so welcome Kurt! I am so grateful you are the one that Blaine found to be his. I may just have to give him up for you." Everyone laughed at that. She patted Kurt's back almost mothering. "Now I am going to bed. You boys don't stay up too late and please be good!." She gave them an evil look that had a mischievous glint behind it. Blaine grinned evilly and Kurt smacked him.