Clare's POV

After Jamie takes me to TU, I find my dorm to settle in. I finally get there and I see this dark skinned, dark haired, dark eyed girl, covered in pink, putting clothes in the drawers. I knock on the door frame.

Wow Clare. This is your room too. Now she's going to think you're weird.

"Hi, I'm Clare Edwards. Evidently your new roommate!" I smile and stick out my hand.

Instead of taking my hand, she squeals and runs to hug me. Awkwardly, I hug back.

"I'm Alliah Bandhari. But you can call me Alli. Isn't this exciting? College!" Wow she's a very peppy person.

Not that I don't like pep. My best friend and sister both were captains of the Power Squad back home. At least something's staying constant.

"What are you majoring in?" I ask trying to make conversation that doesn't involve squealing.

"Fashion. I may be dressed like Indian Barbie today but my mom loves me in pink. Least I could do was make her happy before I move away to college. Moving away, especially to a party school, is not okay in my family." She explains.

"That's really cool."

"Yeah, I guess. What's your major?" she asks.

"I'm in the creative writing program, but I'm dipping in drama and music as well. They're my secret passions." I say, blushing. I just met her and yet she knows my best kept secret.

"That's amazing! I heard the creative writing program is super hard to get into!" She seems really impressed.

"Oh believe me, it was. Hey listen, I'm starving. Wanna go get some dinner? I heard there's this great diner close by…The Dot I think?"

"Oh, yeah. I heard about that. Sounds great. Just let me freshen up!" She smiles and walks to the bathroom. I set my suitcases on my bed and wait for Alli to return. I'm not worried about fixing my makeup, who's going to care if most of it has smudged off? It's not like I'll meet the love of my life in a diner.

"Ok! Ready!"

We leave and walk to the Dot. It wasn't too busy when we got there and we went to a booth by the window. The waiter came and took our order and Alli and I talked while we waited for the food to come.

"So where did you come here from?" She asks me.

"Hamilton. You?" I ask, taking a drink of my strawberry milkshake. Man, this is awesome!

"Oh my gosh! Me too!" (A/N: in this story DCS and Lakehurst are in Hamilton. I looked at a map and its close to Toronto.)

"No way! You must have gone to Lakehurst then? I think I'd remember having Indian Barbie at Degrassi!" I giggled, using her previous self description.

"I did! You know, technically that means we're supposed to be sworn enemies for life." She giggled. Oh that stupid rivalry. I mean come on. Is high school football really important enough to feud over?

"Oh my gosh. My best friend would die if she knew. She was captain of Power Squad…well before…her situation…" I led off awkwardly. I looked at her and she was gaping.

"You're Jenna Middleton's best friend?"


"Oh my gosh. She totally used to hit on my brother, like, all the time. It was so funny." I laughed. Sounds just like my Jenna.

"Yeah. She tends to do that." I say as our food comes. For the rest of the meal we just eat and make jokes. After dinner we head back to the dorms, unpack the important stuff, and go to bed. Tomorrow's a big day. Classes start.