"Barb, tell Flair I'm going to be late for this mornings meeting" Jean told her as she was brushing her hair. It was early Monday morning, the day of the big meeting.

"Why?" Barbarella asked her roommate.

"Because I need to go see Chris, I have to drive all the way to where McMahon has his "Smackdown" guys. Unfortunately I don't have the convenience of working in the same show with my man like you do" Jean said.

"Well tell that asshole to trade his ass back to the RAW and STOP YOUR BITCHIN''!" Barbarella said as she did her impersonation of South Park's Cartman. Jean followed Barbarella's comment by flipping off her roommate while holding a brush on the other hand.

"Okay, okay, no need for aggression woman!" Barbarella answered back laughing. "Well Jeanie, I'll tell Ric Flair you're going to be late and then get your ass fired and blah, blah, blah" she said sarcastically as she got her stuff and headed out the door.

"Don't talk about important things while I'm not there" Jean told Barbarella.

"Yes mother!" Barb answered back

"Bitch!" Jean said.
Barbarella got to Titan Towers and she headed upstairs to this important meeting that Ric had been whining about for the past week. Barb opened the door to the conference room and she stepped inside. She saw Mark Callaway (Taker), Glen Jacobs (Kane), Booker Huffman (Booker T), Amy Dumas (Lita), Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and her handsome boyfriend Rob Szatkowski (RVD) *I wonder what this meeting is for* she thought. Barb greeted everyone and then she went to go sit down by Rob.

"What's all this about babe?" she asked Rob with curiosity.

"I have no idea sweetheart, but Ric made it sound really important" he answered.

A few seconds later, Ric came in the room and he noticed the empty seat by Barb.

"Where's Jean?" he asked.

"Well...uh, Ric, she's going to be late...personal issues" Barb answered.

"Bullshit!...you better tell that young lady that when I set up a meeting...that she needs to be here and not out with Irvine" he said. He turned around to close the door and Barb took the time then to stick out her tongue at Ric. The room erupted with a soft giggle from everyone. Ric turned around and then looked at them strangely. Then he began to speak

"Anyway, I called this meeting to give you all a bit of bad news. It seems that as I was moving all of your records, I stumbled upon something strange...I don't seem to have your high school diplomas"

"Hold it!, hold it!...what do you mean you can't find our diplomas?...Ric,what kind of shit is that man?" Barb protested.

"I don't know Barb, but the worst part is...it seems as if they don't exist at all...and, in order to keep you people here working with the WWF Monday Night RAW deal, I need those diplomas"

"What?!?!!?!?" everyone said in unison

"Ok, Flair, cut the crap, what does this all mean?" Barb asked.

"It means that until I have those diplomas...you are all taking a temporary leave of absence."

"You're kidding me?" she said.

"I wish I was...but I'm not. The only thing we can do is...well, it looks like you are all going to have to go back to high school"

"High school??...Ric, are you nuts sucka?!" Booker protested.

"I'm sorry Booker...but you are. I have all enrolled you to the same school so you'll hang out with each other...take that long face off, its a fine institution."

"What?...Cambridge?" Booker asked.

"Uh...not exactly...your school is in California, but its the best school in the area!" Ric said.

"Wait a second...you're hiding something from us you weasel!, Where exactly is this school?" Barb yelled.

"It's in Los Angeles Barb...in fact, it's your's and Jean's old high school"

"You mean to tell us you're sending us to a ghetto school Ric?" Rob said.

Barb slapped Rob in the head, "Its not a "ghetto" school...its simply a bit, um..what's the word...?" she trailed off

"Ghetto!" Rob insisted. After that, Barb just gave him a dirty look.

"You guys will be attending Bell High school in Bell, California. All of you are going there and that's final!, Case closed!" Ric yelled. "You guys are lucky that I even found a school that would take you in the middle of the semester." He then put on his glasses and he opened his brief case and began pulling out the class schedules.

"I don't believe this!, do you know the last time I set foot in a school?" Mark said.

"Yeah...you rode a dinosaur to school you old fart!" Jeff teased

"Who are you calling an old fart you son of a bitc-"

"Kids, kids!" Barb said.

After Ric sorted through the class schedules, he began to hand them out.
"Book, this is for you"

"Chemistry??...damn it Ric, I hate Chemistry!" he whined.

"Tough. Amy, here" Ric said.

"Spanish??, awwww Ric!, not again!" she complained.

"Ok...to make this easier, I want everyone in a single file line" Ric said. The rest of them awaited their destiny's as Ric handed them the transcripts. "Ok Mr. Jacobs, here you are"

"Home ec?!?, But..." Glen whined

"Next!" Ric said. "Ah, Mr. Callaway...lets see, ah, here we are" he said as he handed Mark his transcript

"Oh what the hell?!?!?...Do I look like a damn nosy ass reporter to you??" he whined as he saw he had journalism for third period.

"You look more like a diploma-less person to me Mark...next!"

"Ah...Matt, I'm sure you'll like your third period" he told him as he gave him a smile.

Everyone gathered around the older Hardy brother to see his class schedule and then they all burst in laughter. "Ballet???...OMG!" he yelled

"Awwww Matty will be dancing around in a pink tutu...how cute!" Jeff mocked him.

"I wouldn't laugh if I were you Jeff...you're joining him for third period" Ric said as he handed him his schedule. Jeff's smile of mockery fell and then the room once again burst into laughter with the exception of himself.

"Rob...here's yours"

"Knitting??, you are giving R-V-D knitting?" Rob said with disappointment.

"Have fun grandma!" Barbarella mocked.

"If he's going to be a grandma...then you shall be a grease monkey Barb" Ric said as he handed her the schedule.

"Auto!!!!...But Ric, I don't even know what a freaken' monkey wrench look's like" she whined like a child.

"You don't use monkey wrenches for Auto you dork!" Jeff said.

"Fuck you Jeff!" she returned

"Any time sweetheart" Jeff said with a smirk

"Hey, fuck off dickweed" Rob said as he put his arm around Barb while she stuck her tongue out at Jeff.

Flair rubbed his temples and rolled his eyes "Hey!, focus here for a minute ok? ANYWAY, what I was saying Barb is that you don't have to worry, Jean will be joining you too" he said.

"And what??...that's supposed to me make me feel better??...Get us both out of this class!...Can't you see that Jean will flip even more than I did when I tell her that we have Auto?" she asked.

"Don't know, don't care" Flair said. Within seconds of that, Jean came in through the door.

"I'm so sorry I'm late Ric...the traffic was terrible and..." she stopped when she noticed that everyone in the room except Ric had this pissed off looking face.

"Here you go Jean...Woooooooooooo!" Ric said as he handed her the schedule. He left the room and closed the door leaving Jean standing there with a "What the fuck??" look.

"Ok...why did Ric say that? and why did he just give me a schedule with all my old high school classes?...except Auto...ewww, I never had that" she asked everyone as she reviewed the sheet.

"I think you better sit" Barb said. Jean sat down and then Barb told her everything that had happened.

"Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!" Jean screamed. Her scream was heard even outside the conference room.

Everyone had their classes and there was no escape. Monday morning at 7:30 a.m. Mark, Glen, Booker, Amy, Matt, Jeff, Rob, Jean and Barbarella were going to be in high school.