Now what?

"This is the sickest thing we have ever witnessed any human being do!" Linda McMahon said to Vince McMahon as he sat with Ric Flair, Jean, Barbarella and the rest of the WWF committee. Vince just swallowed hard as Linda continued

"This deed has forced this committee to terminate all power for Vince McMahon and hereby grant Ric Flair 100% power of not only RAW, but Smackdown! and all WWF programming and events." Linda continued.

"This meeting is dismissed" she said as she slammed some papers on the large executive table and made her way out of the conference room.

Barbarella, Ric and Jean hugged each other as they celebrated their victory.

"Ladies, I think this is the start of a new era, Wooooooo!" Ric concluded.