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Chapter 1

Rachel Berry was tough and ambitious. Those two qualities combined with her own personal brand of stubbornness and natural tendency to be right all the time allowed her to climb to the top of her class in the police academy. The fact that she was good allowed her to become one of the two youngest detectives at the NYPD 10th prescient. Currently stationed at the organized crime unite the twenty-three year old detectives already had a more than impressive resume. Rachel Berry lived, ate and breathed the police force. Monday morning had her regretting all of the above.

"You want me to what?" She questioned the captain sitting across the desk from her.

"Look Berry it says right here in your high school and childhood activities section of your file that you took singing, dance and acting classes all through high school and were in your schools show choir which went to nationals three times. Your one of three other people who has a shot at getting into this thing. You even started out as an acting major and NYU."

"That was years ago Captain! Things change." Rachel stated bluntly. She didn't care to recall the memories that caused her to throw away her acting dreams and become a cop. She never regretted her choice, not once in her three years on the force.

"Well change them back Berry. We've been after this guy for over a year. This is our best shot." The captain barked.

Rachel continued to glare at the man in front of her. Captain Charlie Holtz sighed before speaking again, this was not his first time at the receiving end of Rachel's anger and he strongly doubted it would be the last.

"It's not even a guarantee you'll get in. You just have to try out. We'll also have a male officer try out and if one or both of you gets in you'll be assigned as partners for the case. You'll keep your same name you'll just move apartments for the duration of the case."

Rachel continued to glower at her boss for a few more moments before answering. "Fine, what's my cover?"

The captain pulled a vanilla folder closer to him from across his desk. "Rachel Alyssa Berry, your middle name was changed to make it harder to trace you back here should anyone try, twenty-three years old. Graduate of NYU, with your major in vocals and minor in acting. You lived in Chicago for a year before moving back to New York to try and make it on the stage. High school you went to, parent information all of that is the same. It's an easy cover Berry, should be pretty easy to sell. Auditions are next week Monday; I suggest you brush up on your show tunes."

Rachel grabbed the folder out of his hand before turning on her heel and stomping out of the office. Back at her desk she slammed the folder down and called her dads to see if they wanted to help her move that weekend.

Across the city in New York's 8th prescient homicide detective Noah Puckermen was holding a shockingly similar conversation with his own captain.

"Dude? A musical?" Puck, as he preferred to be called asked his captain.

"Yep." The captain relaxed back in his chair as the twenty seven year old detective chuckled to himself and shook his head.

"Captain you do realize this is so going to ruin my reputation?" The captain looked at the detective in front of him closely, if the rumors that made the way to his desk were anything to go by it would take a hell of a lot more than one musical as an undercover gig to ruin said reputation.

"You'll be fine son." Captain Brandon Mudge never had been a man of many words. This was no exception. "You'll be Noah Puckermen still; you lived out in Nashville for several years after high school before moving out here to try your luck in the big apple. This will hopefully be your big break."

"What am I looking for Cap? I'm a homicide cop, what am I going to find in a theater?"

"There's been three deaths connected to this case, it's now interdepartmental. You're the only homicide cop with any musical background. Says here you did show choir back in high school, didn't perform to badly either."

"Well captain I only did it for this one girl." Puck informed him.

"That's a good thing. Your partner for the case is female."

Puck grinned, maybe this case wouldn't be too bad after all. After all, all he had to do is strum his guitar maybe sing a bit and dance around. Nothing too bad.