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Chapter 6

"So how often does Will do charity events?" Rachel asked Brittney as they walked back to the stage to start working on the basics of the choreography that Mike started to work on.

"Oh yeah." The blonde said cheerfully, "He likes helping people. He even helped me set up a camera in my apartment so I can watch Sir Tibbles, my cat. I know he talks when I'm not there I just haven't caught him doing it yet. But I know he's having an affair with the cute black kitty next door."

Rachel stared at the blonde as she skipped her way on to the stage to have Mike show her what he had for dance moves.

"Don't worry about Britt." Rachel turned to look at the beautiful Latina girl, "She's super sweet and doesn't have a mean bone in her body but she's not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. She's still convinced Lebanese means lesbian."

Rachel arched her eyebrow at Santana.

"We've been together sense high school our sr. year. We were messing around before that. But she had a boyfriend our jr. year and well my policy for saying no to boys was to not say it. Gay self hate thing going on big time. For an English class we read the book Please Stop Laughing at Me after reading it our teacher wanted us to wear shirts that said one thing we were born with that we were uneasy or uncomfortable or didn't like about ourselves. She gave me a shirt that said Lebanese."

Rachel laughed at the story smiling at the blonde's good intentions, "So I'll ask you also. Does Will do a lot of charity events?"

The Latina rolled her eyes, "yeah he does. We mostly perform a major show in the winter and then we do charity events until August before we start rehearsals for our next major show. Some of the events are paying gigs some aren't. Wills a bleeding heart. But hey as long as I get my check in the mail I'm good." With that Santana sashayed out to join her girl friend wrapping her into a close hug, while whispering something into her ear.

Rachel filed that information away and joined the rest of the cast members on stage.

"Ok I'm going to give you girls your parts quickly after watching you work through what Mike and Brittney worked out. So guys take it away."

For the next hour the group learned the basic tango steps the two dancers wanted to use and than practiced.

"Ok guys I think I got it. Now as you know and as I know there are only five couples in Cell Block Tango. But I need two girls for the one dance and I want an extra guy just in case. Kurt? Are you willing to be our extra?" Kurt nodded to the director not having a problem sitting this one out. The tango wasn't his strong point. Will smiled at him and continued speaking "Now here is how I want the couples to go…"

"I have an idea," Rachel said to Noah as they danced together. Will decided that they would be the Squish duo. The pairs and one trio were all spread out on the stage to practice the basics of the group choreography they would do during the song. Rachel followed Britney's commands and kicked her leg up in a high kick and twisted her foot so she was facing Noah. He put his arm around her waist and walked forward as she walked back.

"For the case?" He asked quietly careful to not be over heard. He spun Rachel out and pulled her back in so her back was pressed tightly against his chest.

"Come to my place after practice, I think we might have something. It's an idea I got from Brittney and Santana."

Several hours later after a long hard practice that mostly involved going over the same dance steps and vocals over and over again and then changing steps hundreds of times Rachel and Noah met in her apartment. For the first time sense they met Noah saw Rachel in casual sweat pants and a loose top with her hair piled in a messy bun. He still thought she looked just as sexy.

"So what's your bright idea?" He asked.

"Well we know the theater is connected and we already did financials of all the people in the cast to see if they could have had anything to do with it and we came up blank right?" She asked practically jumping up and down with excitement.

"Yeah…" he trailed off wondering why she was going over what they had gone over a million times.

"Well I just thought of something. The theater in reality mostly performs at charity stuff. Maybe Will is involved maybe not but what we haven't done is looked at the guest lists of all the charity events to find a common link. I called my captain on break and he emailed me the guest lists for all events from the past three years."

"How's this going to help us?" Puck asked.

"If the charity events play a part in this all of the members of the group will have to be there to plan. Aka the rich partners who are getting richer, from there we can look at them to find a common link among them to narrow it down even more. It's an advantageous plan I believe."

Noah mulled the plan over in his mind for a bit before answering, "I think you might be right Berry."

He followed her into the crammed office. For the next four hours they poured over computer files one by one. They finally compiled a list together of about fifty names who might be involved. Rachel sent the list over to her captain asking for a complete work of financials to be done on them and compared to the financials on the cast.

They sat down on Rachel's couch for a bit to take a break.

"You know I was thinking," Noah said, "With the potential for so many key players there should be a bigger trail of some kind. I mean even the drug cartels we have some sort of trail. Here there's nothing. I'm thinking dirty cop."

"I hate to admit to the possibility of you being correct but I must agree. Someone somewhere is covering up for someone." Rachel sighed sadly.

"I'll call my cap in the morning. See if he can do a little digging around quietly. If there's a dirty cop it's going to be that much harder to break into the circle. Evidence goes missing stuff like that." the idea of a dirty cop pissed Noah off. He loved the force and damn if he didn't hate it when someone acted like that- going against what they were supposed to do.

"Your right…" Rachel said with a far away look in her eyes, "Unless we give them a new dirty cop… but how could we arrange that?"

Noah smiled quickly, "I got an idea. Let me see if it pans out but if it does and if this information does I'll let ya know."

They talked about the case for a bit longer before Noah went back to his apartment. Pulling out his cell phone he dialed a number.

"Hey Hudson, wanna do a friend a favor. I'm working a bitch of a case and could use one…"