Little bit of Lyrics from "Hot" by "Avril Lavigne"

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(? POV)

Two little letters... That's all they are! But together they make a powerful word that makes my heart leap every time it escapes her peach lips. In my eyes, she's practically perfect! What did she do to me? Before I just saw her as a sweet, annoying, dedicated girl. Obsessed over chasing that blue moron, Sonic. He never deserved her love in the first place.

That's only me though... I'm in the forest; enjoying the early afternoon air carrying the scent of wild flowers, thinking about the only thing that has been on my mind for the past four months. Amy Rose... Amy Rose... Amy... Rose... I loved the way it flowed from my mouth, I loved the way it lingered on my lips after it was said, her name was just so sweet, I loved the way it sounded coming from my mouth. What I loved most about her name is that it was her name. No other name could suit someone so... so perfectly. I'm obsessed, I admit it. I'm obsessed over her though! She did not need to save my life for me to realize this, sure. It took me a couple years, but give me a break! I've been busy-

"-You make me so hot,
Make me wanna drop,
It's so ridiculous,
I can barely stop,
I can hardly breath,
You make me wanna scream,
Your so fabulous,
Your so good to me baby, baby,
Your so good to me baby, baby~"

Wait... That's her! What could Amy be doing out in the middle of the woods? I sat up on the branch and looked over and saw her, in all her beauty, her pink quills swung too and fro with the wind and the bounce in her step, her eyes where closed with head phones covering her ears. I took the chance to look over her while she was distracted. She wore a red t-shirt with blue jeans and black boots under the jeans, she's grown from the twelve year old I once knew into a gorgeous young sixteen year old girl...

I groaned and sat back up and leaned against the tree's thick trunk, listen to me! I'm obsessed over pink! I even put a small pink dot on the palm of my glove to remind me of her when she was too far away, it gets awful lonely... I sighed once again and resumed my place in watching her, even though she was on my mind all the time. I couldn't help but put some symbol of my love for her to show...

She stopped walking and was looking up at me, shit! A pink hue tinted my cheeks as I jumped down from the tree and landed in front of her. She only blinked and removed the headphones from her ears and hung them around her neck.

"Hi Shadow!" She smiled brightly, that word, that one word wants me to make her world happy, that one word made my day to know that she still acknowledge me... "What are you doing all the way out here?" She asked tilting her head slightly, if only she knew... Yup, I'm Shadow the Hedgehog-

-And I'm in love with Amy Rose.