Not Even if You Paid Me!

Part 2: Say I'm in Love


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Not Even if You Paid Me!

Part 2: Say I'm in Love


A warm sunny day at the park with a light breeze made the vibrant green hill with a large willow providing shade to be a picturesque moment in time. A young woman was sitting upon that hill enjoying the perfect day.

She was wearing leg-fitting jeans with a white summer blouse with short sleeves. Her golden blonde hair was pulled into a ponytail at the base of her neck and oddly enough, she had female aviator sunglasses on her face. "I don't like wearing sunglasses… However, the mask never seems to bother me," Artemis thought as the dream continued.

"Artemis!" called a male voice; she turned her head to the source and saw a red head running, at high speed, up to her place on the hill. She smiled and said, "Hey," softly.

The sixteen year old male grinned at her and replied while pulling her close for a hug, "Hey back to you; I missed you," he whispered in her ear.

She found her smile growing with his presence and replied just as softly, "I missed you too, Wally,"

They both pulled back just enough to see each other's faces when her blue eyes met his emerald green eyes in a soul piercing gaze and then her consciousness caught up with her dream state.

"NO WAY IN HELL!" Artemis cried as she bolted into an upright position on her bed. The archer was panting lightly from that dream-nightmare and it took her a moment to calm herself.

"What the Hell was that?" she demanded in her mind as flickering pieces of the recent dream filled her mind. Artemis stared down at her lap; "I… I can't believe this is still going on…" she murmured aloud.

Her eyes glanced over to the alarm clock on the nightstand to the right of her bed and saw that it was 6:49 A.M in the morning on October the 27th. Another heavy sigh escaped her. "It's been two weeks since that mess up in Indonesia and I'm still being bothered by these dreams!" she was now glaring at her forest green colored duvet. "What is the DEAL?" Artemis was now growling under her breath as she violently threw the covers off her form and stalked off to her private bathroom for a long, hot shower.


Artemis walked out of her room adorned in her hero suit with her mask placed upon her face. She had spent nearly an entire hour in the shower trying to wash away the thoughts, dreams, feelings, and anything else connected to Wallace West, but it didn't help.

"Usually a shower helps me feel better, but it seems that my favorite pastime is not cut out for stunting the growth of 'Wally thoughts'." She grumbled in her mind; nothing she has done so far has calmed her erratic heart rate whenever she was near the speedster.

She was unconsciously glaring as she made her way through the base. "Before, when it was just us going through the brother and sister bickering motion, I thought I could ignore the implications my mind was pointing out and go on with my days… Now it won't GO AWAY!" along with her glare, came a deep dust of rouge on her cheeks; great, first the glare and now a blushing archer…

"Umm, Artemis?" asked a tentative voice from her right; the said archer turned to see Megan standing there. The Martian was wincing slightly and this made the other female hero concerned.

"What's wrong, Megan?" she asked as he placed a comforting hand on her friend's upper arm. Megan mumbled something, but Artemis didn't catch it. "What?" she asked.

M'gann repeated her statement with a little more volume. "You're thinking very loudly,"

Artemis felt her face get hotter. "I-I'm sorry, Megan! I didn't mean to… is it that loud?" she asked with embarrassment clear on her face. She received a nod, "Yes, it's like you were yelling at the same time babbling… I can't really make out what you were saying, but I can sense that you are distressed." Replied the female Martian.

Artemis glanced down to the floor before hesitantly nodding, "That's one way to word what I'm going through, but yeah… I'm kinda out of it right now… There's something on my mind and it is just a little too… o-odd…" her blush made her seem younger and the hesitant tone lacing the archer's voice made Megan smile, "She tries so hard, like the rest of us, to seem grown up, but we are still young adults…"

Megan took Artemis's hand into hers and gently tugged her towards the kitchen, "I need to pull out the batch of cookies in the oven, come and keep me company?" she posed the statement as a question, but Megan was just being formal; Artemis was coming with her whether she wanted to or not.

The archer nodded in defeat and allowed herself to be pulled along by the floating, cheerful, Martian who was leading her down the hallway to the kitchen.

They arrived in time to see Wally slouched in one of the seats placed in front of the bar that connected to the living room; Artemis tensed and the speedster grew a grin on his face in less that three seconds.

"Megan! I smelled a fresh batch of cookies and came running; what'd you make this time?" he asked. The said Martian giggled and used her free hand to telepathically open the oven door and pulled out the cookie tray to rest on the stove.

"White chocolate macadamia cookies… I heard Artemis likes white chocolate and macadamia nuts," she glanced at her friend whose blush was ready to burn off her face and Megan continued, "So I thought I'd give this recipe a try."

Kid Flash zoomed over to stand by the archer with a raised eyebrow. "I didn't know you liked white chocolate," he stated; all she could do was nod numbly. "For some damn UNKNOWN reason, I can't form a coherent sentence at the moment!" she cried in her mind, Megan covered the smile that was threatening to spill onto her lips; she could feel her friend's tormented mind and in a second, she discovered the source.

"Artemis likes Wally!" she inwardly cheered; "Now is my chance to do what normal earthling females do for each other! I can help them get together!" she was beaming a brilliant smile as her powers gently took the cookies off the tray and Megan placed them onto a separate plate for further cooling.

The speedster didn't wait for them to cool and plucked one off the plate; he took a bite and nearly let the piece out of his mouth as he gasped. "Ah! Hot!" he cried.

Artemis saw this and heaved a sigh; she picked up the glass of milk, that she poured for herself, and offered it to the impulsive dope. "Here," she offered and he graciously took three large gulps that finished her drink.

He was back to his goofy self as he turned to Megan, "The cookies are still hot, so watch out!" he flashed her a large grin and then he turned to Artemis, "Thanks for the throat saving move, doc." His smile shrank to a normal size and he picked up another cookie before running out of the kitchen.

The archer was not pleased, "He is still head over heels for you, Megan…" she didn't even notice that she said it out loud until it was too late. Artemis whipped her head to gaze at Megan's eyes; they held nothing but sincerity.

The other female hero replied gently, "He gave me the bigger smile, yes, but Artemis," Megan moved to stand closer to her friend for a more clear statement, "His smile towards you was more sincere. The smile for me was a façade, yours was true. Think about that." She smiled and turned to the cookies.

"I bet he didn't really taste them since he may have burned his taste buds, but how about you, can you give me a better review?" she offered Artemis one of the treats.

The archer took the offered cookie and a tentative bite. It melted in her mouth; smiling her own smile, the archer replied, "It's really good, Megan. Thank you for this."

M'gann nodded and placed the plate down. "I've felt such trouble emitting from you these last couple weeks, Artemis… I can guess and say it has something to do with Wally, right?" she looked at her friend and saw the archer nodding in response.

"Well, then you have to do something about it before it drives you mad… I can sense you are literally being eaten away by this-" Artemis cut off her best friend.

"It's a silly crush and in a couple weeks it will finally go away!" reasoned the blond with no real confidence in her voice. Megan pulled her into a hug and murmured into Artemis's neck, "You can't wish away love, Artemis. That is what I feel from you," she pulled back and saw confusion and a tint of fear adorning the archer's face.

"No… I-I can't believe this is love, why did I have to fall in love with this dope of a hero? Why couldn't it be Superboy, he's… well, no Wally is better… Gah! My mind is beginning to fumble in on itself!" Artemis hid her face into Megan's shoulder and she whimpered.

"I can't fall in love with anyone, Megan… It's a bad idea…" she whispered with defeat already in her voice. Megan pulled back and lifted the archer into a bridal hold and flew over to the couch. She settled down and ushered Artemis to lean onto her shoulder, "Female earthlings do this, right?" she nodded and continued talking, "How can doing what feels right be a bad thing, Artemis? You love him… it's not a simple crush. I can feel love flowing from you heart… I never felt such beautiful feelings before… it is true."

She pulled away slightly, just enough for their eyes to meet. "Can you look into my eyes and tell me that what you feel is wrong? We both know that that is not true." She saw Artemis give the slightest nod in agreement.

Megan's smile grew as she continued, "Since we can both agree to that, give him a chance… Tell him how you feel and listen to how he feels. I want to think what I've been feeling from him is a response to your love…"

Artemis smiled dryly, "So we cannot confirm if he actually feels to same way, huh?" despite her sarcastic smile, she was being honest. There was not guarantee…

Megan nodded and asked, "Isn't it better to be honest with your feelings? Even if he doesn't feel the same way, which I don't believe, the fact is that you told him that you love him and that is very important to him and yourself, no?"

Artemis remained silent for a few moments before nodding; her head bobbed up in down absently, then M'gann sensed that after a second, her mind caught up with her actions and the silent agreement connected to the answer. "Yes, you're right… I need to tell him for him and myself…" agreed the archer.

She stood up from the place on the couch and began walking towards the exit of the room. Artemis paused at the doorway and said over her shoulder, "Thank you for snapping me out of my two-week funk." And walked away.

Megan slumped against her place on the couch and sighed, "I wanted to help them get together, but this time…" she smiled, "maybe not this time…" she levitated off the couch and flew off towards where Kaldur was, "Maybe he can help me learn chess… that can also give me something else to ponder on while Artemis confesses to Wally." She flew faster and nearly ran into the Atlantean.

Instead of giving a cry of surprise, she cried out, "Teach me to play chess?" he gasped at her random action and helped her straighten herself into a normal standing position.

"What?" he asked in a confused tone; she giggled in response and spoke, "First, I'm sorry for nearly running into you," he nodded in acceptance and she continued, "I was wondering if you could teach me chess… you and Robin seem to be playing it more frequently, so I was wondering if you could teach me as well."

Kaldur smiled warmly in return and motion her to take the lead, "Let's go to the lounge room then." They made their way to their destination and Megan still found herself wishing that everything between the archer and speedster would go smoothly.


Since she did not have super speed, it took Artemis fifteen minutes of walking all over the base to finally find the speedster. He was in one of the training rooms running on a specially built treadmill that could take his high speeds and not.

She stayed leaning against the opposite wall to him for a few moments just staring at him. "I… I can do this… We are both old enough to remain in a professional relationship if he doesn't like me back, right?" her uncertain thoughts were going to eat her alive.

Biting back a sigh, Artemis stood from her spot against the wall and walked closer to the Metahuman, who was running according to the computers, 200 miles per hour.

With a raised eyebrow, she spoke, "Any faster and you could start manipulating time," she teased lightly. Kid Flash screeched to a stop on the treadmill and turned to see Artemis standing close to the machine with a smile on her lips and she had a bottle of water in her hands.

She offered him the beverage, which he gratefully took. After a couple gulps of cold liquid cooling his throat, he replied, "The Speed Force will one day give me that ability, but for now, I am still fumbling with vibrating my molecules through a wall." He grinned at his words and she felt a smile growing on her lips despite the number of butterflies growing in her stomach. "His smile is crazily addicting…" she mused.

"I need to talk to you," she blurted out and inwardly groaned, "Minus five points for finesse…" Wally looked at her and actually saw her posture; slightly rigid and her right hand was placed over the junction of her left arm where the upper arm socket met the forearm's socket. "She's nervous," he thought in his mind and his light banter aura vanished.

"Sure, let's go somewhere less work oriented." He offered and they left the training room.

The two heroes found themselves in the bay where there was a cave that leads to the ocean with a large enough gap for sunlight to enter the Metahuman-made grotto. He plopped down at the edge with his feet now dangling in the cool water.

Artemis sat down next to him and silence swallowed them. He didn't push her and for that she was grateful.

The minutes ticked by and neither moved or spoke. Artemis glanced at him and fidgeted in her seat; "He's waiting for me to say something and I can't seem to speak!" she took in a small breath and froze. Her heart began speaking before her mind could comprehend the act of treason.

"Wally, there is something that I need to tell you," she was now facing him and noticed he had a patient look in his eyes, "Ever since the last mission in Indonesia, I have noticed that my feeling about a certain subject has changed drastically and it has to do with you." While her mouth continued vocalizing her feelings, the logical side of Artemis was flipping out.

"This is NOT tactful! This is PURE insanity! Why did I let Megan talk me into this? Maybe if I laugh it off now and stop my mouth from blabbing, I can still save our relationship! 'Bickering married couple' is a good title! No one really thought we were together then! It is a better title then 'ex-arguing buddies'!" No matter what she thought her metaphorical organ, her heart, would not let her lie anymore.

"I thought when we first met, we would never get along, but over time, I realized that my teasing, mocking, and arguing with you was a defense I made in order to deny my real feelings." She took in a small breath and exhaled just as softly, "I realized two weeks ago that I liked you more than a friend."

He gaped at her and Artemis made her message loud and clear, "I like you a lot, Wally. A lot more than I thought I could."

Silence was again filled the submarine docking bay of Mount Justice.

His mouth open and closed for a few moments, and now the logical side of Artemis finally took over again, but she fumbled over her words, "I-I know that you… You may like M-Megan, but I just thought, that… I had to tell you my feelings. I-it's not right for me to lie to you… and myself… I completely understand if you don't like me-" she was cut off by his right index finger gently placed on her lips.

She looked up to his brilliant green eyes and found the words dying out in her throat.

His eyes were shining, but Artemis could not discern any emotions.

Finally, once her voice cut off and she was not going to interrupt him he replied, "For the last month… I thought I was just finally getting comfortable with you on our team, but I guess I was only fooling myself." He chuckled without any real amusement in his voice.

"When we were in Indonesia, and I felt your fear… It devoured me whole and I thought I was going to lose you then… it scared me; it scared me so much that ignored anything and everything around me. My only concern was to see if you were okay." Their eyes were locked onto one another's and no one moved.

"When I found you hurt, I wanted to kick that bastard's ass into the Speed force, but you were more important than him… While I was sitting in the infirmary by you side… It hit me like a ton of bricks." He smiled softly, "I like you a lot. I'd almost say love, but I don't really know what that feels like."

Artemis stared into his eyes, internally begging for him to write this off as a joke, but he didn't. Wally returned her feelings.

She let out a breath she was holding and smiled. She leaned her head forward and it gently thudded against his upper chest. "I am so happy right now and at the same time scared…" she murmured out loud. He raised an eyebrow for a moment and then asked, "Why?"

Artemis pulled away and replied elaborated, "I-It's not like this is something I am paranoid about, but my past is not a normal one, Wally and it's made me really… Independent and… kinda bitchy," he chuckled at her choice of words; she smiled as well and continued.

"I do want this, but… I don't want to lock you into a relationship that may already be preparing to blow up in our faces."

Wally stared back into her deep blue eyes for what seemed like five minutes, before answering, "A relationship is a two-person gig, Artemis… I am entering it with you. We can work out anything that comes our way, right?" she nodded.

Grinning back at her he added, "Besides, if we can take on any bad guys that gets in our way, a relationship can be taken on as well. I'm ready for this; I want this, do you?" he offered and the said archer found herself, both logical and illogic reply,

"Yes, I want this too."

Wally nodded and his right hand caressed her left cheek; this was a sign.

Her heart rate increased as she leaned into the touch and her eyes slid shut for a moment before opening again. This action made a tear roll down her cheek.

He gently wiped it away and leaned closer to her; Artemis initiated her side of the spell and leaned in close as well. As they inched closer and closer to one another, their eyes shut closed as they both truly felt everything of their first kiss.

Their lips met and those sparks that fire off in your entire body flew off like on the fourth of July in theirs.

That same electrical current that has zapped millions before them flowed through the speedster and the archer.

This is what love felt like…

Smiling into the kiss, Wally pulled back as did Artemis. They were both flushed red, but really big and silly smiles graced their faces.

"Wow…" they both murmured simultaneously; he leaned in for another kiss and murmured, "I hear practice makes perfect," he commented against her lips and Artemis allowed him to take her breath away again.


In the lounge room Robin was reading a book titled, "Serial Killers and an Unconscious Pattern"; Superboy was strewed out on a couch with an open book acting as shade from the warm lights overhead over his eyes.

Aqualad was moving his knight out from its position on the board when Megan suddenly shot up from her place on the carpeted floor and cheered loudly, "YES!"

Conner fell from his spot on the couch, Robin dropped his book, utterly startled and Kaldur looked thoroughly confused, "What's wrong Megan?" asked the youngest of the four who was helping Superboy off the floor.

The said female hero was giggling as she felt the explosive burst of happiness pouring into ever room in the mountain.

"Nothing is wrong, Robin," she replied absently as she drank in her friends happiness, "in fact, today is a very special day."

An eyebrow rose over his sunglasses as the Boy Wonder continued the conversation with another question. "Why is that?"

M'gann M'orzz turned to face him with a warm smile on her lips, "Because, true feelings finally over rid the stubbornness of logic."

The three male heroes were still lost in what happened, but Megan smiled. She knew what happened and what to expect next time she saw either the speedster or the archer.

"They both are going to show us what real love is…" clapping her hand together, she turned to the rest of her team and stated, "Come on guys, I'm going to make everyone's favorite cookies. Tell me what kind you want."

They followed her towards the kitchen with all of their previous items of entertainment abandoned in the lounge.

Megan was the first into the kitchen where she saw Artemis and Wally walk in from a second corridor that leads into the room. Their hands laced together and Wally was grinning like he just won the lottery.

Artemis and Megan both met each other's gazes and the archer said in her mind, "Thank you Megan, you were right." The said Martian nodded exuberantly and replied, "You're welcome! May both of you be happy!"

The rest of the team entered the room and after a split second, it all made sense.

"Congratulations are in order for the two most stubborn people on our team!" exploded Megan and they all laughed.

"Congrats!" Artemis and Wally found themselves blushing at the attention, but one look from one another made them realize this is something to be happy about.

He kissed Artemis on the cheek and all of the Young Justice went about making a lot of food for a party congratulating both heroes for finding love in the trouble filled job of saving the world and not being sidekicks.


Chinese Fairy: … I'm not sure what to think about this… I hope this is somehow a way they could get together! (Smiles) I like it, but I'm not sure about you all… What do you guys think?

I wanted to focus mainly on the emotions and the fumbling before a relationship usually starts and my friend said it was good. The said friend read this and was giggling as well; she posed a very disturbing question of what would Green Arrow and Red Arrow think of them together and all I could say was "epic to the max…"

Anywho! I hope you all enjoyed this epic get togetherness and I will see you all in "Pawns Can Feel Too"!

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