A.N. First, the disclaimer! I own nothing of Glee, and if I did Kurt and Blaine probably would have kissed a lot sooner than they had! Blaine is a favourite character of mine but I must admit I have a greedy fascination of Dark!Blaine. It's my first attempt at a Glee fic so be nice but I'm more than willing to accept suggestions/constructive criticism!

Open the Door


Kurt, there is a moment when you say to yourself 'Oh, there you are. I've been looking for you forever.'

'Kurt, open the fucking door! Kurt!'

Watching you do 'Blackbird' this week…that was the moment for me…about you.

'You can't stay in there forever. You know you'll have to come out sooner or later!'

You move me, Kurt. And this duet would just be an excuse to spend more time with you.

'Fuck-Kurt, open the fucking door before I kick it down!'

Without wasting another second, a sharp and heavy thud against the door caused it to shake on it's hinges. Blaine must be wearing his steel-toed shoes to make that impact. Cowering under the sink, Kurt could barely sniff, never mind blubber helplessly like he had been only minutes before, and he shook so much he could only focus his eyes on the vague rectangular shape that was the bathroom door. His arm, still aching from where Blaine had been gripping him, was wrapped around his stomach which seared in pain. He felt like his insides were being continuously pierced-was this what broken ribs felt like? Had he really gone that far this time?

Kurt knew he was stupid to even be surprised. Over the past few weeks Blaine's actions had been escalating fast. It had been at least three weeks since Blaine had actually apologised for what he had done to his boyfriend. Since then, he didn't even bother. He didn't feel regret anymore. Maybe that's why he can do those things…

Another sharp kick against the door brought the petrified boy out of his racing thoughts and back to the stone cold present.

'You listening? Don't hide from me! Fucking little-*THUD* I swear, when I get my hands on you, Kurt…' Blaine's angered voice trails off, but it only made Kurt panic more as the rest of the sentence is left to his imagination. What's worse, even Kurt's imagination was nothing compared to what Blaine had proven he was capable of over the past month.

'P-pl-please…please, Blaine…' Kurt cries, unable to raise his hand up high enough to touch his own face. 'Please…st-stop…' His voice is too quiet for the other boy to make out the words but he certainly hears the pleading tone.

In reply, Blaine's own tone becomes more sinister, like he's smirking through his fury. 'Oh, cry all you want, baby, you know I won't ever leave you.' He suddenly goes very quiet, and for the briefest of moments Kurt accidentally allows himself to consider Blaine might actually be leaving him alone. Yet, after hearing what sounds like scratching, he realizes what Blaine is doing. Picking the lock. Kurt lets out a horrified sob and tries to lunge at the door to stop the locking tab from being moved back. But it is too late. His legs, still shaking uncontrollably, cannot carry him any further than the centre of the tiled bathroom before the door swings open. Kurt seems to forget to breathe at that moment. At that moment, he is staring up at his boyfriend, his best friend…his tormentor. And Blaine, who wears a twisted, wicked smile, takes two steps towards the mess before him with only one thing in mind-punishment.