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Was It All A Dream?

'Blaine...N-no, Blaine, don't-! Please, stop...'

'Kurt? Baby, what's wrong? Wake up,'

'Hmm? Blaine? What-where am-'

'Kurt, you're in bed. I think you were having a nightmare. You okay?'

'A nightmare...right...'

'Kurt, what happened? You kept crying and saying my name.'

'I thought...oh, Blaine, I was so scared. You...you weren't being you.'

'What are you talking about? Was I scaring you?'

'N-no, not exactly. You weren't you, you were...evil!'

'Was I hot?'

'Blaine, I'm serious!'

'I know, I'm sorry. But Kurt, I'm not evil. It was all just a bad dream.'

Pause. 'You'd never hurt me, would you?'

'I love you so much. I'd never in a million years do anything to hurt you.'


'Never ever.'



'I never thought this could happen-'

'Kurt almost died-'

'I know, I know...'

'Leave Wes alone, none of us knew! Even you didn't know until today, Dillon.'

'Yeah, but you guys were around them all the time. You're saying there were no clues at all?' Silence. 'You guys chose to ignore it?'

'No, we didn't-! It's not like that, we just didn't want to pry. If we knew what Blaine was doing we would have stepped in but we just thought it was a relationship thing that we ought to stay out of.'

Damn those voices...don't they realise they're giving me a headache? Kurt scrunched his nose, eyes fighting the urge to open. It was so bright, even through his lids. And the smell-it reminded him of when he and his dad tried cleaning the house for the first time after his mother died. They didn't know which disinfectant to use and in all the confusion they dropped everything on the kitchen floor. Ugh. The scent made his nostrils burn. After he gathered that he was lying on a bed, he began to stir and tried to lift his hands to touch his face but they were restrained. He was tucked into the sheets too tightly. He let out a whine.

'He's awake! Kurt! Kurt, open your eyes.'

'Don't shout at him, back off!'

Kurt wanted to tell them both to back off. He opened his eyes weakly and shyly took in his surroundings - a hospital private room - and immediately reddened. He had guessed that he wasn't alone, but in his mind there weren't any more than three people with him. Instead, he found that most of the Warblers were gathered around his bed, along with a battered looking Dillon at the left of his head. Most of the guys were smiling softly at him, some were not. He shifted uneasily, earning himself many sharp pains all over his body. He gasped and fell back into the thin mattress.

'It's best you don't try to move just yet.' David told him gently. 'The doctor said excessive movement could do more damage. Speaking of which, I'm going to go find him now and let him know you're awake.' Everyone shuffled around the bed so he could leave.

Silence followed. True, Kurt wasn't really paying close attention at first as he attempted to find a position to sit in that was both comfortable and didn't strain on his aching muscles. Yet after such a position was found and his head grew clearer, Kurt noticed that no one was speaking anymore. The boys were watching him and most of them had their heads bowed a little. It was then the memories and the emotions hit him like a bat to the stomach. He hadn't forgotten, but before now those memories were like vague nightmares that had little to no connection to his current situation. Now, Kurt wanted to cry. He wanted to sob and curl up into a b-no! He wanted answers. He wanted to know exactly what happened and where he was, and most importantly-

'Where is he?'

It was the first words Kurt spoke and the voice that came out of him was cracked and low. He looked at each boy in turn, who returned his nervous look before turning their heads away themselves. Kurt lastly turned to Dillon, which was a pain considering it hurt to move his head so far to the side. Dillon kept his gaze and seemed to be contemplating what he should say. As Kurt prepared to repeat his question, Dillon finally answered. 'He's back at the academy.' Dillon sounded both angry at that fact, but also hesitant. 'With the principal and a couple of officers.'

'Why…why is he there?' Kurt asked, his tone becoming emotionless. He turned his head away from his friend so he could stare down at his hands after wrestling them free from the bed sheets. This didn't make sense. Flashbacks to what happened in his dorm room were coming so fast and furious that it hurt his head trying to cope with it all. He had been so scared. That face, those hands… He thought it was the end when he stopped feeling the blows. And the redness. The angered skin on his beautiful Prince's face. The blood that was staining them both. The redness was all around him - until now. Now all Kurt could see was the white of his hospital bed sheets. Kurt was now in hospital, and Blaine was not in a jail cell. It didn't make sense, and Kurt still felt horrible for wishing it did.

'He's packing up his things.' Trent spoke up from the bottom corner of the bed. 'The principal has suspended him.'

Kurt wondered if it was just his imagination, but he was sure he could hear just the slightest accusing tone coming from the Warbler. It then occurred to Kurt that before him were the group of people who, arguably, were closest to Blaine. He was surrounded by people who have always shown nothing but pure support and admiration to his boyfriend. The realisation scared him and he instinctively pulled his legs up towards himself before another, equally horrifying thought entered his mind. 'Suspension…for this…That's his punishment?' Kurt felt like he was going to cry. Dillon's hand gently touched his shoulder, but instead of providing comfort it came as the confirmation that what he said was true. 'That's it?'

Thad's head snapped up, along with Trent's. 'That's it? Are you serious?' Thad retorted roughly, making Kurt recoil at the sound of him. 'Blaine get's a five month suspension that'll mean he's not back till our next school year, and you say 'that's it?'?'

Jeff held up a hand, pushing Thad back a few steps from the bed. 'Dude, stop it! This is way more important than that! Kurt is right, it was totally not enough after what he did.'

'Oh, get off your fucking high horse, Jeff!' Trent suddenly shouted and stepped up to the blonde, poking his chest hard. 'On the way here you said this whole thing will blow our chances at Regional's with Blaine gone!'

Jeff became very red and flustered at that, and stuttered 'I was just stating the obvi-! I just meant-! Look! I don't care about that now! Regionals, Nationals - none of that matters.' Jeff glanced towards Kurt, and he looked ashamed. 'This is way too serious, and we all owe Kurt an apology.' There was a series of agreeing hums from the other Warblers, but it was almost drowned out by Trent and Thad's arguing.

'It's all his fucking fault!'

'You cannot blame Kurt for this.'

'Blaine is one of us, and you guys are being bastards if you think you can just forget about him!'

'He stopped being one of us when he first laid his fists on Kurt, you asshole!'

Kurt clutched at his head and squeezed his eyes shut. Even with Wes trying to use his 'chairman powers' to control the situation, things were quickly getting out of hand. Those raised voices scared him but also made his head pound mercilessly. Dillon must have noticed his pain as he immediately announced that it was late and everyone had to go out into the hall so Kurt could have some quiet. It took a minute, but eventually Kurt could hear their voices becoming fainter. He reached out and stopped Dillon from leaving with them and clung on until the last of the Warbler's had gone. When they had, he opened his eyes and a single tear fell from his eyes. Dillon smiled sadly at him and pulled a seat up to the bed for himself. He let Kurt hold his hand for a while and stayed quiet. The doctor had said after all the trauma he experienced, Kurt may fall in and out of consciousness when things get too much. Kurt's grip remained consistent, though, and after five minutes or so he spoke up.

'I don't understand. He-he does this to me and all they do is suspend him?'

Dillon nodded and sighed bitterly. 'Some of the guys were saying that's what would happen, even before we found out. They said one of Dalton's main financial contributors is Blaine's family. They had to be seen to punish Blaine but they wouldn't dare do anything more. There's…even a chance they'll reduce it to four months if it'll keep the Anderson fund sweet. He's got off with it, if you ask me.'

'Not everyone seems to think so though…' Kurt said in a small, child-like voice that made Dillon stare at him. Kurt's eyes met his and he blinked back tears. 'You heard what Trent and Thad said.'

Dillon understood what he meant now, and waved his hand fiercely. 'Kurt, don't listen to them! Everyone is on your side. Wes and David-they're leaders, right? - They kept saying how they let you down. They want to help you, and they have completely lost faith in Blaine after what he did to you. Nick, I swear, went to go kick Blaine's ass after he stopped shaking.'

Kurt gave a watery smile. 'I like Nick.' He said lightly, before rubbing his eyes. 'But you know what I mean. After a while….they'll all forget. They'll all want him back. Everyone loves him. He's their best friend and their star.' Kurt could see it in Dillon's eyes that his words were making him more and more upset. Dillon didn't ague, though. 'Wait, how long have I been-? Where's my dad? And Carol, and Finn?' Kurt glanced at Dillon's digital watch. 3:04am.

'They're on their way. It took a while to get you here and it took even longer for someone to get hold of your family. They should be here soon.' Dillon's words were finally comforting. His family were coming. They knew, and they were coming. Kurt wondered if he should feel scared about telling them about the whole situation, but he was just too relieved. After all these months of wishing they just…realised what was going on, now they knew and Kurt never felt safer. Dillon had moved to the bottom of the bed and picked up Kurt's medical chart. 'The doctor told us the injuries earlier. General stuff. Severe bruising, loss of blood, bone damage, the breaking and bruising of ribs…'

As Dillon trailed off, Kurt felt sick. He guessed there was maybe more - it certainly felt there was - but he'd have to wait till the doctor spoke to him himself. 'He also said you've been suffering from malnutrition prior to the incident.' Dillon read off the chart occasionally glancing at Kurt's skinny frame underneath the bed sheets. 'It says he'll be starting you on a heavier diet as soon as possible before you're moved-'

'Moved?' Kurt looked up at him, alarmed. 'Wh-where am I going?'

Dillon smiled gently at him and moved the hair away from Kurt's eyes. 'To Lima Hospital, so you are nearer your family. And I'm guessing,' He sighed dejectedly, 'your parents will want you to transfer away from Dalton now.'

Kurt didn't say anything. There's no way his dad, Carol, or Finn were going to let him stay at Dalton now. Even if Blaine wasn't coming back, he could imagine they would constantly feel like they couldn't protect him - after all, it had just been proven in such a horrific way that it was true - and it would make them all one giant train wreck. Also, they wouldn't want Kurt walking down the same halls and sleeping in the same type of room that Blaine's abuse could have occurred in. They wouldn't want Kurt to face constant daily reminders of what happened to him. That was all true and although Kurt knew he could use that as an excuse to leave, he had to admit to himself he was just as fearful and just as eager to run as far away from Dalton as possible. He didn't want to stay. He didn't want to face all those people every day and see the memories in their eyes. And what about those like Trent and Thad? Blaine was a Dalton treasure, and Kurt figured he would be public enemy number one if he were to return after having been the cause of his suspension. Then there was the inevitable day when Blaine would be allowed to return. Kurt's heart pounded hard at the thought. The boy who had beat him to the point that Kurt thought he was going to die before passing out cold. The boy who could manipulate him and overpower him, then get away with it with whispering sweet nothings in his ear and being the picture of innocence.

Still, he was the one Kurt loved.

'Kurt? Did you hear what I said?'

Kurt was brought out of his thought s with the reminder Dillon was still waiting for an answer. 'My family would insist on it.' He agreed.

Dillon nodded sadly. He understood. He stood up slowly and patted Kurt's shoulder gently. 'I'll leave you to get some sleep. You'll need to seem more alive when your family get here than you are now.' Kurt smiled up at him, trying to appreciate the joke. Then, Dillon leaned down and kissed his forehead. Kurt froze, not knowing what to say or do, but fortunately he didn't have to react at all as his friend then turned and left his room.

Alone for the first time since… it happened, Kurt felt like a ghost. He couldn't hear any noise now, and nothing around him moved except his chest as it rose and fell as he breathed. Where do I go from here? He thought to himself. Everyone knew now. He was safe, and no longer alone. His friend was only out in the corridor and his family were on their way. And they were going to take him home - well, Lima was sort of his home.

It was going to be Christmas soon. Kurt wondered if he'd be well enough to go home by then. Yes, of course he would. He was a Hummel. Hummel's can take on anything. He'd be able to go home for Christmas and stay there. He'd get to go back to McKinley, no doubt, and be around New Directions again. The thought made his heart swell in happiness, which he had to admit was a strange thing to be happy about considering what he had just experienced.

And Blaine…Kurt couldn't say that he'd never see him again. He was too logical to pretend it could never happen. His Prince was suspended, not exiled. What if he came to him? What if he came to Lima and cornered- Kurt shook his head roughly despite his headache. He couldn't think like that. He had his family and friends, and they would protect him. He was stronger and wiser now. Blaine couldn't hurt him anymore.

There was sudden noise coming from the hall, and Kurt recognised his dad's voice. His family was here. As the door opened, Kurt managed to put a smile on his face to help them know he was okay. But before that happened, one last thought occurred to Kurt. The thought terrified and confused him.

I'm still in love with him…


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