OK I'm throwing this out there to see if anyone wants to see more. Started it as a one shot for a friend that wanted a Hurt!Castiel Fic.
Angsty Hurt/Comfort Castiel & Dean no slash. Brief appearances by Sam and Bobby...maybe some others down the line.

Yes, I know I've got too many irons in the fire already, but my muse has temporarily taken a vacation on Castiel Grows Up.

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Dean: Hurt/Comfort AGAIN? How many times do I have to help him?

Cas: As many times as she hurts me. Is she really going find ANOTHER way to hurt me?

Dean: Yes Cas...I think she is.

Me: Sorry Cas, but you are so cute when you are hurt. And Dean is cute when he is helping you.

Cas: *sigh*

The Pieces Don't Fit

As Dean walked toward the motel room, he heard a loud clatter inside the room. Grabbing his gun he opened the door slowly and looked inside
to see Castiel facing away from him, sitting on one of the beds looking out the window. He let his breath out in a rush, relieved to see the
wayward Angel again. It had been two weeks since they had heard from him.

"Cas, where the hell have you been man?"

Not turning to face Dean, Castiel sighed. "I was…injured in my last fight with Raphael here on earth. I had to return to heaven until the worst
of my injuries had healed."

Dean could see nothing physically wrong with the Angel, but then he still had his back turned.

"Is everything OK now?"


Dean thought back to another conversation much like this one. Here we go again! "You wanna elaborate?"

"I am…uncertain if I can heal the rest of my injuries. It has been more than a year in heaven and I am still…damaged."

"Cas, look at me…whatever it is we can figure out a way to fix it."

"I am not looking at you because it is unnecessary."

"But it is common courtesy when talking to someone."

"There is no point in facing you if I am unable to see. I can hear you perfectly well as I am."

"What? You're blind?"


Dean rushed over to the bed and looked down at Castiel. He lifted his head to meet Dean's gaze, but those deep blue orbs were staring
somewhere over Dean's shoulder. "Cas, come on get up and come over here to the table where we can talk this out and call Sam. He's at
Bobby's doing some research. Maybe they can find something to help."

"I am…unable to do that."

"What? Your legs are broken?"

"They are intact."

"Then what?"

"I am not certain. They do not move."

"Shit, you're paralyzed?"

"I believe that is the term you would use."

"How the hell did you get here then if you can't see and you can't walk?"

"I zapped myself here. The noise you heard before entered the room was me missing the landing slightly. It was…difficult without legs. It took me
a month in heaven to build up the energy to do that, but no one in heaven had any solutions, so I came here."

"OK, so you're blind and paralyzed and you've already healed the worst of your injuries?" What the fuck did he do to you?"

"He disintegrated me as he did before, but this time he put me back together…rudimentarily…just enough that I was aware of what I had to do to recover.
I had to reconstruct this vessel. It was…like a puzzle. Some of the pieces didn't fit."

"Pieces? Shit Cas! OK, well…um…we've obviously got to get you to Bobby's so we can figure this out. Can you zap yourself there?"

"No. My…mojo is drained."

"How about out to the Impala?"

"I seriously doubt it. It was all I could do to get here."

"So guess I have to carry you out there?"

"If you feel we need to leave then yes. I see no other alternative."

"OK then. Sit right there while I get my things together and get them in the car."

"I am not going anywhere."

Dean gathered his things quickly trying to process how a bunch of humans could figure out where an Angel went wrong reconstructing himself. This was
going to be interesting. Once he had everything in the car he opened the passenger side door and went back for Castiel.

"So how do you want to do this?"

"Whatever is easiest for you Dean."

"OK, I'm gonna bend over and you put your arms around my neck and I'll stand up…then I'll figure something out. That doesn't look weird when people
in the parking lot see me.
Dean stood up and groaned as Castiel's legs buckled and dead weight settled against him.

"I'm sorry Dean, I would help if I could."

"OK I'm gonna pick you up now hold on."

Dean threw Castiel over his shoulder in a Fireman's Carry and made for the door. Naturally there were three people standing outside watching. Dean
smiled at them apologetically. "He had a little too much to drink last night."

"I do not require fluids, Dean."

"Yeah, right buddy." Dean said loudly to the onlookers, then whispered under his breath to Cas. "Just shut up and close your eyes…you are supposed
to be passed out drunk." Need to remember to go over the plan with Mr. Literal here before I start out the door. Feeling Cas slipping off his shoulder he
rushed to the car and deposited him clumsily on the seat.

"OK, pull your legs in."

"They don't move Dean."

"With your hands, Dude. I'm not going to do everything for you."

Dean instantly regretted his words as he watched Castiel struggle to do something as simple as getting in a car. He hadn't really let the gravity of the
situation hit him yet. Castiel's matter of fact demeanor in the motel room had set the tone and prior to this moment it was just an abstract concept…
blind and paralyzed…like a busted water pump on the Impala he could fix with a few tools. The full ramifications hit him like a brick wall and his heart
sank as he realized that Castiel could be permanently damaged. What will we do if we can't fix him?