I'm still clueless where this is all going, but I'm hoping to wrap this up in another Chapter or 2.

Cas – *glares* I don't see any BAMFness. I'm still sitting here in the dark!

Dean – Be patient Cas. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Cas – Can I at least SEE something?

Me – Yep…just hang on…soon!

Chapter 3

Dean could tell it was morning when he woke up, surprised that he had slept so soundly in a chair. He looked over to the bed
to see he was alone, and Castiel's wheelchair was missing. Maybe it was all a dream? Rising stiffly from the chair he made his
way to the bathroom and then headed for the kitchen. Sam, Bobby, and Cas were sitting around the kitchen table talking and
drinking coffee. Sam looked up when Dean walked over.

"Hey sleepy head. About time you woke up."

"Eat me, bitch."


Dean wandered over the coffee maker and poured himself a cup then returned to sit down at the table. "So what's the plan?"

Jimmy's voice came out of Castiel's body again, making Dean jump. "We aren't sure. I woke up this morning in full control, except
of course for the parts that don't work. Cas isn't responding at all. I know he's still in here somehow, but I can't get him to answer

"Jeez, how the hell are we going to fix this without Castiel?"

Jimmy sighed and sat back in the wheelchair. "I don't know, but I do know that I have no chance of getting around in this thing
like he did last night. I tried and the best I could do was get myself transferred from the bed to the chair. Sam had to do the rest,
since I was running into stuff from the get go. I have no clue how he did what he did last night even though I was in witness to it.
Without eyes, the chair is useless to me."

Sam shot a worried look at Dean. "He's right. There's not a lot of point trying to figure this out without Cas, although I suppose we
could take Jimmy to an eye doctor and see if they can determine what is wrong with his eyes. If he had eyes at least he could get

Dean looked thoughtful, but not enamored with the idea. "I don't know about that. What if the doctor saw something really weird
like he has eyes, but nothing else connected. Then we'd be stuck with somebody trying to figure it out and calling all sorts of other
people. I don't think we want to get anyone else involved. What about calling Balthazar? Maybe he would help?"

Bobby gestured over to the table in the corner where the remains of a summoning ritual lay. "We tried first thing. He didn't respond
to prayers or the summoning ritual."

Dean looked back over to Jimmy and saw his body language change suddenly. Castiel was back and his deep gravelly voice came
out again. "He won't respond to you."

Bobby and Sam jumped at the sudden change and stared at Cas. Dean just laughed. "I told you it was freaky. Why won't he
respond, Cas? And where the hell have you been?"

"I was asleep and I didn't want to wake up, so I didn't. I left Balthazar in charge upstairs, because he was the only one I thought
I could trust. We took steps before I left that would shield him from a summoning ritual. I couldn't risk him being distracted. I also
ordered him to ignore prayers."

Dean shot Castiel a look of disbelief. "Dude, you didn't think maybe you might need him down here at some point?"

"The war in Heaven is more important than one damaged Angel, and I was confident at the time that I would be able to heal the
rest of my injuries once I was out of the line of fire. He will respond if I call him, but there is nothing he can do. If there was he
would have already done it. He is..ah…less skilled than the other angels at the healing arts."

"Less skilled? What does that mean?"

"All of the angels are better at some things than others. He just never took the time to learn. He was too busy trying to get into
trouble with our Father when those lessons were given."

"And you left him in charge? Jeez Cas!"

Castiel sighed. "I am aware that he was probably not the best choice, but at the time he was the only one available. He is well
equipped to lead the battle, however capricious he might be at times."

"OK, so we are stuck with no angelic help. That's just great! I guess we need to concentrate on getting your eyes fixed first.
Maybe if you could see then you'd be able to read the books to tell you how to fix your legs?"

"That sounds like the best course of action to me."

"Bobby, do you know any eye doctors that have ties to hunters? At least if they knew about the supernatural we wouldn't get
a lot of unwanted questions."

"I think I might. Let me make some calls. If he's still around there was one guy that had a brother that was an ophthalmologist.
Not sure if the brother knew about these things but it's worth a shot."

Bobby got on the phone and Dean got up to stand behind Castiel. Placing his hand on Cas' shoulder he squeezed tightly. "We'll
fix this Cas. I know we can."

Cas' head dipped slightly in acknowledgement. "Thank you Dean. I didn't have anywhere else to turn."

After talking for a while on the phone and calling several different people, Bobby hung up. "OK, I found somebody he's about
an hour away so I guess we better get going. He's going to meet us at his office even though it's Sunday. Probably better that
way so no one else will be there."

Everyone gathered what they needed for the trip and Castiel headed for the door, but stopped at the top of the ramp Bobby
had installed when he needed it and his head slumped forward. Dean made a grab as the chair started to roll uncontrolled
down the ramp.

"Cas! What's wrong Cas?"

His head snapped up and Dean could see the change.

"Not Cas…it's Jimmy…he's gone again."

"Jesus, I can't keep up. Is he OK?"

"I'm not sure. It wasn't like last time when he let go on purpose while he was sleeping. It felt like the first time when he couldn't
hold on."

"Well let's get you in the car and get going, maybe he'll drop back in on the way."

Dean rolled Jimmy out to the Impala and Sam got him situated in the front seat. Dean ran around to get in and start the car,
forgetting that the last thing that was playing was Prokofiev. He made a stab at the tape ejector as it came blaring out of the
speakers, but missed and Sam started laughing in the back seat.

"Dude! What's with the classical? I thought you hated that tape?"

"I put it in for Cas…I just thought he might like it."

"Awwwww way to be a girl Dean!"

"Jeez Sam, I was just trying to be thoughtful."

Nothing more was said for a while, but Dean could see Sam and Bobby whispering to each other in the back seat and gesturing
his way. He chose to ignore them. He stole a glance over to Jimmy…Castiel…whoever was in control of the body at the moment
and saw that he was sleeping with his head against the window. He drove on in silence as everyone in the car except him
eventually fell asleep.

When he saw the address that was on the paper Bobby had given him Dean wadded up the paper and tossed it over his
shoulder at Sam. He jumped as the paper hit him on the nose.

"What was that for?"

"We're here you bunch of slackers…wake up!"

The body to his right jerked awake and Dean waited to see who was in residence. As it stiffened and sat upright he deduced
that Castiel was back.

"Cas, you in there?"

"Um yes, Dean. Where are we? I can't discern anything from your thoughts."

"We are at the doctor's office. Sam's coming around to get you out."

"What happened? I remember being at Bobby's and then here."

"You lost the wheel to Jimmy again, then he went to sleep and now you are here. I can't keep up dude."

"Sorry. I'm doing the best I can. It's getting harder."

Cas' shoulders sagged and Dean reached out to touch him on the arm. "Sorry Cas, it's just weird when I don't know who I'm
talking to from one minute to the next."

Sam came around and got Castiel into the chair and they went inside.

"I'm Dr. David Freedman…you can call me Dave. Let's go on back and see what we've got here. Bobby tells me he is an angel?
I didn't think they existed…demons I knew about…but angels?"

"We didn't either, but they do. Castiel here got himself in a bit of a scrape trying to save the world, so we need help." Dean
went on to explain the reason for Castiel's condition and stopped when Dav's jaw dropped at his graphic description of Angel
Chunky Soup.

"Ummm, so this guy had to put himself back together…like a puzzle?"

"Yeah, which is why we need you to figure out what's wrong with his eyes."

"OK, Castiel let's go on back and do a few tests."

Dave watched as Castiel began to move on his own down the hall and turned back to Dean with a quizzical look.

"He still has some angel mojo…apparently I am projecting my view of the place..again."

"He reads minds?"

Castiel whipped the wheelchair around and stared them down with an exasperated look on his face…nearly human
and blind or not he still made his presence felt in the small corridor. "I am still able to hear and speak. Quit talking to
me like I'm not in the room!" The light overhead flickered slightly and Dean looked at it curiously.

"Did you do that Cas?"

"Do what?"

"The light flickered when you got mad."

"I don't think my Grace is capable of a display at the moment, but I suppose it is possible."

Dean explained to Dave how the navigation thing worked as they walked back to the examination room and he shook
his head in disbelief.

"That's…well…weird. This morning I didn't know Angels really existed and now I've got one in my office."

"Freaky yeah, but you get used to it."

Sam helped Dave get Castiel into the exam chair and he began looking into Castiel's eyes with the slit lamp. "I can see
in the left one that most of the macula is missing and the rest of the retina is detached. Uh…did you…um…save the parts
that didn't fit or are there parts missing? Dave sat back from the slit lamp and looked at Dean. "I can't believe I just said that."

"Stick around…you'lI be saying a lot of things you never thought you'd say."

Cas's forehead wrinkled as if he was in deep thought for a few seconds. "I was fairly certain at the time that all of the parts
were present, but it is possible Raphael purposely excluded some. I put the ones that didn't fit near my Grace to keep them
viable. My Grace is what makes me an Angel. It is diminished, but is maintaining them at least."

Dave looked over to the desk in the corner at a model of the human eye and walked over to pick it up. "Maybe you can feel
this model and figure out what is wrong, it fits together like a puzzle…uh..sorry."

Cas tilted his head slightly and reached out for the model. "Why are you sorry?"

"The whole puzzle thing…" Dave moved a small rolling table over to the chair and placed the model on it.

"I am not sensitive to certain words in this situation words as humans might be. As I have already explained to Dean you
don't have to be careful what you say."

Dave moved Castiel's hand to touch to model and stepped back. Cas began to take it apart, laying the pieces out carefully
as he slowly dismantled it. Once he had all of the pieces laid out in a perfect square he sat back and closed his eyes. They
opened a second later.


"Oh shit…Jimmy is that you?"

"Afraid so…Cas is gone again."

Dave looked back and forth between them with a look of confusion.

"Jimmy is Castiel's vessel. Normally he's just along for the ride sort of like when a Demon possesses someone, but Angels
need consent to occupy your body. Cas is having trouble with the whole containment thing."

Dave looked at Jimmy and shrugged. "This day just gets weirder by the second. So what do we do now?"

"Wait for Castiel to come back I guess. I certainly can't fix my eyes."

"Well let's wait a few minutes and see if he comes back."

Jimmy sat there for a few seconds, then looked up at Dean and squinted. "Hey, I think I can see something…it's blurry and
dark…but not totally black like before."

"Sit back let me see." Dave positioned the slit lamp and looked into Castiel's left eye again. "Well I'll be damned…it's fixing
itself! Let me look at the other one now."

Just as Dave switched to the other eye a loud noise came from the front of the building. Dean pulled out the gun he was
carrying at his back and whispered to Dave.

"Is anyone else supposed to be here?"

"No…no one but me should know you are here."

Dean, Bobby, and Sam moved back into the corridor and were confronted by man bearing down on them with a huge knife.
Sam retreated to the exam room to protect Dave and Castiel while Bobby and Dean stood their ground. The man stopped a
few feet in front of them and his eyes flashed black.

"I hear you've got yourself a damaged Angel. I've come to put him out of his misery."

Dean smirked and pulled out the demon knife. "How about I out you out of your misery instead?"

The demon laughed and let an Angel Blade drop out of his sleeve. "I don't think so."

"You know you only an angel can kill another angel with that."

"I beg to differ…you killed Zachariah with one didn't you?"

Dean shrugged and glared at the demon. "Just lucky I guess…like I was with the Whore."

Trapped on all sides by the narrow corridor there was no maneuvering room, no way to out flank the demon. We were
careless. We should have known something or someone would come after him.

"Who sent you?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

Dean rolled his eyes. "What is this...third grade?"

The demon lunged at Dean and Bobby took the opportunity to dose him with holy water. Temporarily distracted its sizzling
flesh, the demon took a few steps back and Dean saw Sam slip into position behind him. He tossed the demon knife as high
over the demon's head as he could and Sam caught it and plunged into the demon in one smooth motion.

"Where did you come from dude? I thought we were in deep shit."

"There is a door behind the desk in the exam room and I was able to go out and around."

"But you left them unprotected!"

"Left them in a ring of salt…I'm not an idiot!"

Bobby huffed and walked down the hall towards the front of the building. "We're all idjits." We should have known to leave
someone out front. I'll go keep watch."

Dean was worried that they didn't find out who sent the demon, but he should have known somebody would be after Castiel.
Demons and Angels both had a vested interest in finding him. He only hoped that this particular one hadn't alerted anyone else
to their whereabouts. He picked up the Angel Blade and returned to the exam room where Dave had resumed his examination
of Castiel's other eye.

"Looks like the same situation in the other eye, but also looks like part of the optic nerve is missing right where it connects to
the eye."

It was getting easier for Dean to see who was in control at this point and he could tell Castiel was back. "Cas, can you fix your
eyes now?"

"I believe so, but it won't be instantaneous. I will have to let Jimmy have control and concentrate on it."

"How long?"

"I am unsure. I am beginning to see some shapes with my left eye…the right is still blind. I suspect I will have to repair one at a time."

"OK, get cracking and we'll take care of Jimmy."

"Who or what was trying to get to me?"

"A Demon. We didn't find out who sent him or anything."

Castiel sighed and his shoulders slumped. "I'm sorry Dean. I should not have put you in danger by coming here. I will be hunted by
everyone since they assume I am defenseless."

"Well they better watch their backs. I won't let anyone get to you…and no apologizing. You're family to us and you had no where
else to go."

"Thank you, Dean"

Castiel slumped forward for a second before Dean could see Jimmy swimming to the surface. He could see it even in the eyes. They
were the same color whichever being was in charge, but when Castiel was in there they shone with an otherworldly depth that
looked right through your soul even if he couldn't see you.

"Hey Jimmy, let's get out of here and get some lunch."

"I'm starved. Let's go!"

Sam moved around to help Jimmy into the chair and he squinted as he rolled out of the exam room under his own steam.

"At least I can see something now. It's not much, but good enough I can get around a little anyway."

"We'll have to be extra careful now that we know someone is after you though, so no rolling off on your own even when you can
see OK?"

"You don't have to worry about me. I learned my lesson last time."

Dean turned to look at the smoldering remains of the demon in the hall and looked at Dave apologetically. "Sorry about the
mess. Just add the damages to the bill. We should have been more careful."

"No charge. Just seeing something like that is more than enough compensation. I've actually got someone coming in tomorrow
to replace the carpet anyway so don't worry about it. You've got enough on your plate."

"No shit. Well thanks and if there is anything you ever need you know who to call."

Dean shook Dave's hand and turned to follow Jimmy out. His mind raced as he walked out, trying to form a plan for protecting
Castiel and Jimmy for the duration of this Raphael imposed hell. It won't do us any good to get him fixed if someone kills or takes
him before Castiel can heal.
He looked around suspiciously before getting into the Impala, hoping that no one was watching
and would follow them back to Bobby's.

Cas - That's better…at least I can see something now.

Dean - See Cas I told you…she will make you all better soon.

Cas – I don't like her. She likes to hurt me.

Jimmy - Don't forget about me in here. I don't like her either!

Me – I promise I'll hurt Dean in a story soon.

Dean – Bitch!

Cas - *evil grin*