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George Weasley: Rose's Uncle, Married to Angelina Weasley

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George knew he was the cool uncle.

To his nieces and nephews George Weasley is the "Cool Uncle". He is the one they can count on to laugh instead of yell when they pull off a prank, to ignore the disappearance of a bit of firewhiskey, to sternly lecture (but oh thank God not inform their parents!) when he catches them doing something wrong. His philosophy is that kids will be kids, and if you let them make their own mistakes and don't impose too many rules they will figure out right and wrong for themselves and turn out okay.

This is why when fifteen year old Rose Weasley nervously asks George if she can leave the shop a bit early to meet a friend in Diagon Alley, and then blushes when he asks if it happens to be a male friend, he just winks at her and says "Okay."

For the rest of the summer George overlooks Rose's suspiciously long lunch breaks and the fact that if he sends her out on a task that should take ten minutes she will likely be back in forty-five. He continues to say "Okay" whenever she asks to leave the shop early, because she is a good kid, and he remembers what it is like to be fifteen and fancy someone.

Finally one day towards the end of the summer, when she comes back to the shop from one of her lunch breaks with a new necklace around her neck, he asks her "So when do we get to meet your bloke?"

Rose immediately protests that he is just a friend, and so George just tells her to make sure that she is being safe with her "friend" which turns his niece's face a brilliant shade of red (gotta love those Weasley genes!), and causes her to launch into a vehement protest of "It's not like that!".

The next summer sixteen year old Rose Weasley casually says to her Uncle George one day when they are closing up the shop "Can I ask you something?"

"Ask away Rosie."

"What did you do when Roxanne brought home her first boyfriend?" she asks, and George immediately knows where this is going.

"Fred and I planted a package of suspicious white powder in his pocket and then watched him squirm for half an hour as he denied it was his. I figured if he couldn't hold up under pressure then he was no good for my Roxy." George said laughing.

"After that you were okay with the fact that she was dating someone though?"

"Rose I know that your Dad's a tad overprotective—"

"A tad? Uncle George he still insists I send a message announcing I've arrived safely when I go down the street to visit Albus."

"Allright, so he might be more than a tad overprotective, and he might not be too happy when he finds out that you're dating someone, but once he knows that the boy you're seeing is an okay bloke who really cares about you he'll be fine."

"Uncle George, my Dad isn't cool like you. He's going to totally freak out when I tell him."

"He may, but if he does you can always tell him that it could be worse, you could be dating that Malfoy boy." George said laughing.

Rose gave him a tight smile, however George missed the look of sadness on her face as she walked away.

As George watched his niece walk down the aisle towards said Malfoy boy, he considered to himself that probably hadn't been the best advice he had ever given.