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Link cautiously approached the center of the circular room at the top of Ganon's tower, sword and shield ready. This was the last place he would ever let his guard down. Sapphire eyes took in the layout of the room, the elegant throne across from the door he had just entered from; the only entrance or exit, he noted. The tower was windowless.

Something shifted in the shadows behind the throne, and Link was removed from his observations. He now faced the King of Evil himself, Ganondorf. He had a much larger presence than Link remembered. How had he not noticed him sooner?

The dark man's mouth pulled into a smug grin. "The Hero of Time…" he sneered, "…I expected you to arrive sooner."

The Hylian did not move a muscle or make a sound. He simply stared at Ganondorf, anticipating his first move.

The smile vanished from the King's face as quickly as it arrived. He raised his hand, and a sphere of energy shot across the room. Link deflected it instantly. Dead man's volley began, and ended, with Link; several passes later, the smaller man slipped; he was hit, and knocked back.

A deep chuckled raised from the throne's side of the circle. Before Link could raise his head properly, he was lifted by his throat. He coughed and clutched onto the older man's arm the moment his feet left the ground. Link kicked out and clawed at Ganondorf's wrist and hand, and the Gerudo's lips once again gave way to a darkly satisfied smile. He kicked the Master Sword away from their feet as he slammed the Hylian into a wall.

"My…that was easier than I remember." Ganondorf's rough hand closed tighter on Link's pale throat. The boy let out a small, pained gasp. The older man's eyes glinted with delight and his sinister gaze went over the young man before him. Link was older, yes, but not a man. His small frame and soft features were tantalizing. "You have changed, boy… But so have I."

"L-let…go…" Link breathed. His request was met with a tighter hold. The boy let out a weak yelp and his vision began to fade. He felt himself losing strength. He heard the same deep, quiet laughter as he lost consciousness.

Link sat up quickly, suddenly aware of himself. How long had he been out? He scanned the room carefully. A bedroom, dark colors, a single, large window leading to a balcony, and a giant four poster bed that he was currently sitting in the center of. The only light in the room came from a small gas lamp by the bed. The last thing Link noticed was that he had been stripped entirely. The Hylian quickly gripped at the silky sheets on the bed and wrapped them around himself.

A deep chuckle came from the darkest corner of the room as Ganondorf stepped into the light. The boy paled. He had nothing to defend himself with. He sat tall, completely still, and stared defiantly at the man.

"You've finally awoken." Link had not realized until now exactly how large of a man Ganondorf was, and he found himself shaking. He knew better than anyone what this man was capable of. But now, the King of Evil grinned down at him. "You're terrified. You should be."

Link managed a glare and half a sneer before Ganondorf took him by his upper arm and pulled him roughly from the bed, the boy gasped and at once fought against him, holding his sheet around himself. The larger man snarled menacingly, and the blood in Link's face instantly drained and he stopped, staring with a heaving chest and wide blue eyes up at the Gerudo man. Ganondorf seemed contented with this.
"You will eat."

Link's gaze shifted from fear to confusion, and the man dragged him to a small table with two chairs in the light of the lamp. A full meal was waiting at the seat to Link's right. Breaking free of Ganondorf's grasp on his arm, he dove to the chair and began eating; he had not eaten in at least three days.

The King cocked a brow. He had not expected Link to give in so easily. Don't underestimate corporal needs, he supposed. The fork slowly dropped to the table and Link looked back up at his captor halfway through his plate. "…You've poisoned me, haven't you?"

Ganondorf looked insulted. "If I kill you, boy, it will be upfront. I am no coward." The Hylian shrunk slightly from the man's gaze, and contemplated his food. Hunger was not something he could ignore much longer, and Ganondorf was a proud man; he would want to kill Link with his own two hands.

The blonde finished the last few bites of food, and drank the last sip of water. Ganondorf wasted no time in dragging him back to the bed by his arm, throwing him onto the mattress. Link shook slightly, again gripping the sheets closely to his chest, sitting up and looking at Ganondorf with apprehensive blue eyes.

"…What do you want from me?" Link's voice was soft; not as Ganondorf expected it. He had never heard the boy speak before that day. The holder of the Triforce of Courage had seemed like the type with a proud voice, not a meager whimper.

The dark man's face grew darker. "To make you suffer," his deep golden eyes met Link's, but all he could see in that moment was the Dark Realm he had been entrapped in for centuries, "As I have been made to suffer."

He suddenly gripped Link's arms roughly, forcing the young man to face him. "You cannot imagine what that vile prison was like. But," his mouth split into a vicious smile, "I will do what I can to help you."

Link's wide eyes stared back and him. His skin was pale and soft beneath Ganondorf's hands, and he could feel the slight tremors riding through the little blonde. Link was, at most, half his size, perhaps smaller. The Gerudo found his hands loosening their grip, and beginning to slide down Link's arms. He ripped the sheet off of Link before either noticed his hand move. Link yelped and pulled back, attempting to cover himself.

"W-what are you doing?" The sight of the small, frightened blonde trying to escape him only made the game more enticing. Ganondorf took his ankle in one hand and pulled him back towards him, pinning him down by his throat with the other.

"They say the less you struggle, the less it will hurt. " The King's face was contorted into an unfamiliar mask of violence. This was not a cruelty Link had experienced. The boy clawed at the hand around his neck, Ganondorf's other hand pulling at his own pants to reveal his erection. He positioned the boy's legs around his waist, and pushed himself in.

Link screamed, his eyes shut tight, and he struggled to the best of his ability against the stronger man. Ganondorf held his wrists to the bed, laughing quietly at his expression. He thrust deeper, and Link gave a small yelp.

"Look at me, boy." The blonde kept his eyes firmly shut and shook his head. "I said look at me!" Ganondorf's grip tightened on his wrists, and he pulled back briefly just to thrust into the Hylian with more force. Link let out a short, hushed sob, but he kept his eyes shut as tightly as he could. The Gerudo snarled, and his thrusts became a steady rhythm. Link felt hot tears streaming down his face, but had become determined to show no other weakness. He made no more sound. He didn't open his eyes until Ganondorf released himself into him and pulled away.

The Hylian scrambled to pull the sheet around him once more and curled up in the middle of the bed with his arms wrapped tightly around himself. He heard the bedroom door open and close. Link peeked up to find he was alone, and, relieved, he silently cried.