Author's note:
Oh my goddess', I don't know why this took me so long. I blame work. You guys are so sweet and patient. ;_;
I barely have the right to publish this. That's how little of this is mine.

Ganondorf's scowl seemed to proceed him down the stairway and into the hall; servants expertly weaved out of his path, pulling the less experienced with them, before he was even near. It didn't matter to anyone precisely what he was fuming about, just that he was fuming.

Nothing had gone according to his plan, and as he swept through the castle like a tornado, he brooded on where the plan changed. He had intended to keep Link as a prisoner, and use him to lower the royal moral. That particular piece had proved just as effective as he had expected; having taken their symbol of hope and chance at victory, the opposition went into a state of chaos and despair. The rest had been fairly simple, divide and conquer the land, and he was nearly finished with that.
No, what had somehow gone wrong was Link. Instead of taking his head as a trophy as he had intended, Ganondorf had been possessed to take him as his wife. And what had he said to him?

The King stopped in the middle of the hall.

Did he mean that? And if he did, what then? No. It was impossible, but… He couldn't get the images of him lying broken on the throne room floor out of his mind, or the blood off of his boots. And as he sat in his throne with Link by his side, and the boy took his hand, such an incredible rush of feeling coursed though him that it was all he could do not to pull Link to him and lavish him. And it hadn't been the only time. No, he told himself again. It was impossible.

He continued to lurk. Marrying Link was mostly a political move. He was better to him alive, by his side and in plain view, than dead and mourned as a hero, or furthermore, a martyr.

Ganondorf's scowl deepened. What did he mean, mostly?

The bedroom door creaked open, and a familiar Gerudo woman poked her head in. Satisfied, she tiptoed to the bedside with a roll of green cloth in her arms. One of Link's eyes was open. She smiled. "I brought you this. While you're recovering I could teach you to sew.

He smiled weakly. "That might be nice."

The women grinned again and carefully tucked the fabric under the bed, then reached to pat his hair. "When you awake, we will begin. I'll send for someone to bring you warm water when you're ready to get up."

"I think I'm ready now," he laughed as he pushed himself upright. "The doctor is coming by tomorrow to see if my leg is ready for me to walk on, and I've been stuck in this bed for so long I can't stand it."

"Sire, your wife is awake."

Ganondorf turned to the servant who had run up behind him. He could think of nothing to say to her, and ended up staring stupidly at her before trudging back toward the bedroom.

He pushed the door open to reveal the Hylian bathing in the firelight. The Gerudo woman sitting on the bed stared into him, but the blonde hadn't seemed to notice him. "Leave us," He growled. Ganondorf could see the boy visibly stiffen at his voice, but he said nothing. The Gerudo woman quietly rose, and, without taking her eyes off him, wordlessly left the room through the hefty wooden doors, shutting them behind her.

The silence between them grew, as always.

"What is it?" Link's voice was light. The flames from the hearth shed ribbons of wavering light over his skin and gave his hair a bright, near angelic glow. The diamond on his circlet shattered multicolored flecks around the fire as he stared into it.

Ganondorf slowly approached, trying not to unnerve him more than he already had. His boot falls were heavy, and with each step he saw Link twitch, but he still did not look at the man stepping towards him. "Well? What do you want?" His voice cracked as he wrapped his arms around himself. The King stopped, standing behind him, and raised his hand.

The blond flinched away as one dark hand softly touched his cheek. The Gerudo scowled to feel him shaking. "How's your leg?"

Link's brow furrowed to match the King's, "Fancy that, you show up for the first time in weeks and the only thing you have to speak of is my health. It's fine, no thanks to you." His eyes seemed to twinkle in the firelight as he paused and glanced up at Ganondorf's significantly fowler expression, "...But I've had worse." Ganondorf's frowned deepened, but his eyes changed slightly. His thumb gently stroked Link's cheekbone. The blonde attempted to lean away. It didn't work.

"I...uhm, I should..." He glanced at his clothes sitting on a chair several feet away.

"Of course." The King immediately took by his his wrist and under his arm, hoisting him out of the bath. The blonde sputtered but no words came as he desperately tried to cover himself. Ganondorf held him with one arm while he snatched up the Hylian's clothes and handed them to him. Link pushed off his bicep and into the chair, quickly yanking his trousers on before rushing to find the right hole in his tunic to stick his head through. The older man smirked a little as the blonde failed twice. He took a brush from a table near the bath and began running it through Link's hair. The boy's spine snapped straight and he sat still as a statue.

"…Did you just come to brush my hair and humiliate me?"

The King tugged a little harder on the brush. Link squeaked. "No. I came to tell you we'll be leaving for the capital in two days."

Link whipped his head around, his eyes burning blue. "Hyrule Castle? And what business do you have bringing me there?"

The Gerudo's smirk thinly veiled his agitation. "To prove to the people of Hyrule that their last hope is gone."

The chair crashed to the floor as Link pulled away from him, meaning to storm across the room, he got to a table a few feet away and held himself up. He turned to glare at the King of Evil with a deadly ferocity. "I will do no such thing. I will die before I let the people of this country see what's happened. And besides," he narrowed his eyes and sneered, "I haven't surrendered. And I never will."

The instant the words fell from the boy's lips, Ganondorf lost him self to rage. He still planned to kill him. After every effort to make him aware of his powerlessness, Link still would not give up. The defiance boring into him from this small, fragile blonde across the room was infuriating. Something snapped quietly in the back of the Gerudo king's mind. In two steps he was upon him and he grabbed at the blonde. Link shrieked and ran, a slight limp, to the door, throwing his entire weight into the door to push it open as he fled desperately. Ganondorf stomped after him, roaring with anger. It didn't take long to catch up with him. He watched Link run to one of the guards, pleading with her as she looked nervously from the boy in front of her to the King fast approaching in a fit of rage. She took his shoulder moments too late, Ganondorf ripped him from her grasp and threw him into the wall with a thud and a squeak as the air was knocked out of the blonde. Link slid to the floor, looking panicked up at the man walking towards him. "Sire-," the guard was cut off by Ganondorf raising his right hand, silencing her. He stared down at the blonde, his eyes wide and nostrils flared.

Link stared back. His nose was bleeding a little, and he had pressed his back tightly against the wall. Wide, bottomless blue eyes were flickering from Ganondorf's face to his fists nervously, but as the King lifted him by his hair, Link spat, aiming for the older man's eye. He was immediately struck across the face, being pressed into a corner. The guard panicked quietly, looking on anxiously as Ganondorf took the boy's throat and squeezed, and as Link clawed at the Gerudo man's hand and he gasped for air, kicking at the beast holding him. The boy's vision began to fade, and his struggling slowly stopped as he lost consciousness. Ganondorf loosened his grip and let go of the blonde, careful to catch him before he hit the ground, and pulled the boy's limp figure into his arms as he began carrying him back to his room.

The king found he was kicking himself already. Why had he done that? Once again, he lost his temper and lost whatever trust he had gained with the small teenager laying peacefully in his arms. It was the only time he looked relaxed or anywhere close to happy. Other than, of course, when they had been getting along, and things had been going so well...

And he has ruined it. He lost his temper and ruined it again.

The Gerudo sighed a little as he shouldered the door to the bedroom, going to the bed and laying Link down. He stopped for a moment, however, when he noticed a roll of green fabric half tucked under the bed. Ganondorf nudged it a little with his foot, examining it a little closer, but he found nothing odd. He pushed it from his mind as his eyes wandered back up to the boy laying in his bed, and frowned. He turned from him after a moment and went to go find one the women to clean him up.
He never thought of the roll under the bed again.