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Chapter one - Forbidden

Julia closed her eyes and let out a tired sigh as she washed the pile of dishes in front of her; she let the calm sound of rushing tap water fill her ears and take her away from her thoughts. She could barely find the energy to stay awake, let alone put some elbow grease into her nine to five diner job. By the look on her collegues face, obviously people were starting to notice.

"Jules, the tap is kind of over flowing.."

"Shit." Julia muttered before snapping her eyes wide open and automatically reaching a hand out to turn off the tap. She then glanced down at the small puddle that was forming on the floor, and then back up to the source of the puddle which caused her eyes to widen. "Oh no!" As far as she was concerned, it was just another thing to add to the pile of rubbish that had gone wrong in her life lately. Before she even knew what she was doing, she was on her hands and knees scrubbing furiously at the floor with a cloth. She shook her head in disbelief, fear building up inside of her. "Pete is going to be so angry!"

Pete was Julia's husband, who happened to own the diner that she worked in. Infact, he happened to own almost all of the businesses in the small town. Julia was panicking because she knew how angry he got when she made silly mistakes like the one that she just had.!

"He will if you carry on digging a hole in his floor like that.." Becky shook her head as she watched Julia stress out over a little puddle, then she bent down beside her friend and gently took the cloth from her hand. "Do you want to tell me what the hell is wrong with you?" Julia looked down to the floor and shrugged. Even though Julia refused to say anything, Becky knew exactly what was wrong; she had seen the faint outline of a forming bruise at the back of Julia's neck when they had started their shift. "Pete shouldn't get angry about something as little as this!" Becky knew of Pete's temper and anger, she also knew that Pete often took his rage out on Julia; the whole town knew. But the poor woman was trapped and there was nothing that Becky could do or say to her to make her see sense.. she'd already tried everything. Julia shook her head and tried to pull the cloth away from her friend. However, Becky saw it coming and tightened her grip around the piece of cloth. "Jules, I'll clean this one up. How about you go and serve some customers?"

"Okay," Julia began hesitantly, her eyes glistening with the build up of worried tears. "Thank you." She gave Becky a quick hug and then rose to her feet and then scuttled quickly through the kitchen door and out towards the counter. Timidly, Julia looked around at all of the people that were sat in the diner; some were locals that she saw every single day, but others were people that she had never met before in her life. There was no room for shyness in the diner, Pete had told her that many times. He commanded that she walked to the counter with a smile and greeted the customers with every ounce of happiness in her body. So, Julia forced a warm smile on to her face, even though everything inside of her felt cold and broken, and walked to the counter with a hop to her step. "Hello, may I take your order please?" She questioned merrily to the two teenagers who were pondering over the menu above her.

The atmosphere in the diner was particularly bubbly and friendly today. However, inside, Julia felt completely numb.

Sam Winchester scanned through his laptop and looked through the new information for the current hunt. However, his efforts of trying to do this proved to be futile because of the distraction of his brother. "Dude!" Sam muttered, finally deciding that he'd had enough. He glanced up and shot his brother a disgusted look as he watched Dean devour the double bacon sandwich that was in his hands.

Dean took one look at Sam and raised his eyebrow. "What?" He muttered between bites, before closing his eyes and letting out a long sigh. "This sandwich is so amazing! I think I'm in love.."

The youngest Winchester rolled his eyes and shot another disgusted look at his older brother. "Do you have to eat it like that?"

"Hey!" Dean looked offended as he cradled the remains of the sandwich in his hands. "Beautiful food like this deserves to be treated with respect."

"Dean, you're practically tearing it apart. I'm pretty sure that isn't respect..."

It was Dean's turn to roll his eyes. He moved one of his hands from the sandwich to pull out his wallet. "Go and get me another one and then we can head back to the motel."

"You don't even have to ask.." Sam practically jumped up from his seat before grabbing Dean's wallet and rushing towards the counter. The sooner that they were out of the diner, the sooner they'd be able to start interviewing eye witnesses. Plus, the sooner they were out of the diner the more likely it would be for Sam to concentrate whilst researching.

Half way to the counter, Sam stopped mid walk. His eyes widened in surprise, and his lips curled up into a smile, as he examined the lady who was serving at the counter. "No way!" He muttered in disbelief before walking faster towards her. Sam's lips were curled into a full blown grin by the time he had gotten behind the person who was being served.

"I'll be out with your food in ten minutes." She smiled to the customer in front of Sam, who simply nodded their thanks in return before moving to sit at a table.

When they had left, she looked towards Sam and then had an almost identical reaction as he did. "Oh my goodness!" She exclaimed, her expression lighting up. "Sam Winchester?" When Sam nodded, Julia couldn't help but let out a laugh. "Hey, Bex, can you serve a customer for me quickly?" She shouted behind her before leaving the counter so that she was standing right in front of the Winchester. "I can't believe it!"

"Me either!" Sam smiled as he closed the gap between them and pulled her into a warm hug. He couldn't actually comprehend that he was seeing her after all of the time that they spent apart.

Julia hugged Sam back but then pulled away quicker than she wanted to. If Pete saw her hugging another guy then he would be so angry, and she couldn't be dealing with that.

"I thought you were still in Stanford?" Sam questioned, feeling slightly puzzled that his closest friend from college was dressed up in an apron during the spring semester.

A mix of emotions crossed Julia's face. She appeared to be fond when she was thinking about all of the good memories of Stanford but then her expression faltered when she thought about how different life was now. "Urm, I, um," Julia shook her head at her soft stuttering whilst Sam raised his eyebrow slightly. He remembered Julia as being bright, bubbly and smiley. But now she seemed reserved and quiet, and that sparkle in her eyes seemed to be faded slightly. "I'm married now."

"You're married?" Once again, Sam was wide eyed. "When did this happen?"

"A year after you left." Julia flashed her left hand forward to show him the golden band that sealed her to her husband. "My husband wanted me to work in the diner that he owns."

"But you were doing so well studying to become a doctor." Sam didn't understand it. Julia had an honest passion for studying medicine when he was best friends with her, she always loved helping anybody who needed it. The drive and ambition that she used to have seemed to have disappeared.

Julia couldn't bear to talk about Stanford anymore, so she changed the subject. "How are you doing?" Sam knew by her tone of voice that Julia was actually secretly asking about how he was coping with losing Jess. If only she knew how much he had been through since then; if only she knew that the Apocalypse was looming over his shoulders.

"I'm fine." Sam began softly, his smile faltering slightly. "I mean, I still miss her so much but it's been getting easier with time."

"Good." Julia softly placed her hand on Sam's upper arm and smiled.

"So, you staying in town for long, or here for a vacation or something?"

Sam shook his head; he could only dream about going on vacation in the line of work that he was in. "I'm here with my brother Dean. He's a detective who's looking into the disappearances." Sam hated lying to Julia but it wasn't strictly false; they were looking into the disappearances after all..

Julia closed her eyes briefly when she thought about someone who she loved dearly who had disappeared a couple of days ago. Becky was her best friend at work but her closest friend of all was Lizzie. Lizzie was her rock through her tough times with Peter and seemed to keep Julia sane. "You think he might be able to find them?" She asked hopefully.

"He'll definitely be able to." Sam promised her. "Would you like to meet him?"

"The legendary Dean Winchester?" Julia smiled brightly when she thought about how much Dean meant to Sam. The youngest Winchester didn't necessarily talk about Dean all the time in college, in fact he rarely spoke about his family, but, when he did, Julia could tell that he looked up to him. She grabbed his hand. "Lead the way then."

Sam smiled as the two travelled across the diner. Julia looked over to the table that they were heading to to see that Dean seemed to already be looking at them curiously. When they reached the table, Dean's eyes immediately travelled up and down Julia's body in appreciation. "Damn." He muttered under his breath.

"Dean! She's married." Sam hissed before shaking his head apologetically at Julia. "Sorry, he's a bit of a pervert."

Julia laughed, even though a blush had creeped it's way on to her face. "It's okay." She took her hand from Sam's and extended it towards Dean. "I'm Julia, a friend of Sam's from Stanford."

Dean took her hand without hesitation and smirked cheekily. "I'm Dean, the super nerd's hot older brother." Sam rolled his eyes at Dean's statement.

"So, you really think that you can find the missing people?" Julia questioned.

The oldest Winchester shot a look at Sam. "I told her that you were a detective and that you were going to look into the disappearances." Sam pointed out, making Dean sigh in relief before turning back to Julia with a smile.

"Yes, I think we stand a huge chance of finding them."

"Do you know any of the locals that have disappeared?" Sam questioned. He knew that if she did that it would help them massively with the case.

"I know everyone who disappeared. It's a very small town Sam, but there's one person who disappeared that I knew very well."


"My best friend Lizzie. She's been gone for a few days but I know that she would have told me that she was going somewhere. I tried to get the police on the case but of course they dismissed it because apparently she's old enough to leave town for a few days." Julia sighed, frustrated. "Whenever I ring her, I keep getting the voicemail. It's not like her at all!"

Dean and Sam glanced at eachother. "Do you think you could maybe take us to where she lives later? It would help us a lot with finding her."

"Definitely." Julia pulled out her notepad and scribbled down her number before handing it to Sam. "That's my new cell number. I get off of work at two.. if you give me a call around then then we'll meet and head over to Lizzie's." Julia placed a hand on Dean's shoulder and smiled warmly. "Thank you."


But then she swiftly brought her hand back towards her own body and anxiously looked behind her. The Winchesters noticed the look of fear on her face and turned in the direction that she was looking in to see a man storming towards them. The man wore a thin, tight lipped expression as he glanced between the Winchesters and Julia. When he reached the three of them, he walked past Sam and grabbed Julia's arm. "What are you doing honey?" He questioned, his voice laced in sickly fake happiness. Sam couldn't move his eyes away from the way that the man was grabbing Julia; the man's hand was tightly gripping her arm and Sam didn't like it.

"I was just, um, I was-"

"You were slacking on the job, that's what you were doing." The man pointed out, his voice slightly firmer than the first time. Then he looked over at the Winchesters and forced a smile on to his face. "Honey, aren't you going to introduce me to these men? You seemed awfully friendly when I walked in..."

"I'm Sam, and that's my brother Dean." Sam spoke before Julia could open her mouth. Both of the Winchesters could see how frightened she looked and didn't like the man, who was obviously her husband, already. "I'm a friend of Julia's from Stanford. You must be Julia's husband?"

The man looked really annoyed that Sam had spoken but still smiled at him nonetheless. "Yes, isn't she lucky? I'm Peter White. So, were you studying to become a doctor too?"

Sam shook his head. "I was studying law."

"Well, I hope that you were successful," Peter began before motioning to Julia. "She was definitely not bright enough to become a doctor. It's a good thing that I managed to talk some sense into her before she came out of an expensive degree with nothing but a piece of paper."

Julia's head dropped slightly at the sound of Peter's words and Sam didn't like that one bit. "Actually, Julia is extremely clever. She was accepted on a scholarship so the college obviously thought so too. If I'm being completely honest with you, Julia would have been an amazing asset to the world of medicine." Sam could see that even though Julia's head was still dropped, she cracked a small smile. However, Peter didn't look too happy.

"She's not the brightest tool in the shed actually. Julia's good for three things: Sex, cleaning and making sandwiches."

Sam scowled openly at that, whilst Dean raised his eyebrow. He didn't have the best track record for treating women right but there was no way that a husband should speak to a wife in the way that he was witnessing.

"I'm sure that you all have so much to talk about but Julia's just got to get back to work. Isn't that right darling?" Sam noticed that Peter put more pressure on Julia's arm.

He could see that it was causing her a lot of discomfort but somehow her lips managed to curl into a smile. "Yes, I've really got to get going." Before she could, Pete spun her towards him and pressed a kiss against her lips.

"Off you go now." Pete stated as he let go of her arm. "There are dishes to do."

Julia was off like a shot and she didn't even say goodbye to Sam or Dean.

Pete watched her go before turning to glance at Sam. "It was nice meeting you." He muttered, in a disinterested manner, before walking in the direction that Julia headed towards.

Both Winchesters watched them walk off and Sam couldn't remove the scowl from his face. His closest friend, Julia, the women who was studying to become a doctor, was married to a man who obviously treated her like crap. It made his blood boil. "I don't like that man."

Dean nodded in agreement. "He seems like a grade-A asshole."

Julia rushed right back to the dishes and began humming to herself in a bid to keep calm. Her nerves were all over the place. She'd just met her closest friend from Stanford again and now Peter was angry with her. Julia was certain that her husband was angry with her when she heard the kitchen door slam and lock. "You dirty, filthy whore." Peter snarled, and Julia could hear his feet stomping towards her.

She spun around, only to be greeted with Peter's stern face. He had backed her up against the sink and their bodies were so close that she could barely breath. "S-Sam's just an old friend." She began in a quiet, timid voice.

Peter suddenly gripped Julia's neck between his hands, causing her to let out a yelp of surprise. "An old friend?" He snapped, his voice loud and fierce, before letting out a scoff of disbelief. "Julia, you seemed awfully pally with those guys just to be 'old friends'."

"Sam w-was a friend from-" Julia cut herself off in a bid to breathe in some air, which was a difficult task to approach due to the fact that Peter was making it almost impossible for her to breathe properly.

"Yeah, I know, he was a friend from Stanford." Peter said the name of the college as if it disgusted him, and then he let out a bitter, mocking laugh. "Aren't you forgetting that you were too stupid for that place? I'm surprised that you even got accepted into med school.. you must have slept with somebody from admissions, you filthy whore." Julia closed her eyes and tried to think of times when Peter was amazing to her. She was trying her hardest to block out all of the abuse, and she was even succeeding until Peter began to yank her hair with one of his hands. "Look at me when I'm talking to you!"

Julia immediately opened her eyes and flinched when she saw how angry Peter looked. Even though he had such a temperamental mood all the time, and seemed to get furious frequently, she rarely saw him this angry. "Can I ask you a question?" Peter's voice was slightly calmer now, but Julia could still sense the under layers of rage. She decided a long time ago that his calm voice was much worse than his loud voice because it always made her feel so nervous; she could never tell for certain if he was actually calm or just pretending to be calm, which made him so unpredictable. Julia didn't want him to ask her a question but if she said no then she reckoned that there would be serious consequences, so she nodded.

"Do you appreciate everything that I have done for you?"

Again, Julia nodded.

Peter scoffed angrily as his grip tightened around her neck, causing her to squirm. "See, I don't think you do Julia." He began, hissing in a dangerously low voice. "I made you see sense that you wouldn't become a doctor, I took you in and gave you shelter.. I gave you a God damned job!" With each and every word, he tightened his grip around her neck. Julia began to feel slightly woozy and light headed, but she daren't move too much. "And you repay me by slacking during your shift and talking to some guys that I haven't even approved of?" Out of rage, Peter moved them both away from the sink and slammed Julia down on to the floor with all of his strength.

Julia let out a loud cry of pain as her head collided with the hard, cold floor. She turned it to face Peter, who was standing over her in an intimidating manner. "I don't know how long those jackasses are in town for but if I catch you even looking at them then there will be hell to pay. I forbid you to see them again." Peter kicked Julia in the stomach and then smirked at the sight of her squirming around on the floor. "Clean yourself up."

Listening to Peter's footsteps, Julia curled herself into a ball. She hated feeling so vunerable. As soon as she heard the door open and close, she climbed up from the floor and began scrubbing dishes furiously. How could she help Dean find Lizzie if she wasn't even allowed anywhere near them? A tear ran down her face when she realized that there was no way that she'd be able to make contact with them, she couldn't risk Peter getting angry. If she wanted to find Lizzie then she'd have to try and do it by herself.

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