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Chapter five - Secrets

Becky continued slicing into her second leg. The pain was still immense but she had no energy left to even muster out a scream. Her voice had slowly disappeared completely, and had been replaced by a hoarse whimper. Every single time the knife sliced into her body, she had to bite back an agonizing scream of terror. What the hell was happening? Why the hell was it happening?

The figure had disappeared long before Becky had finished cutting her first leg to pieces and yet she still couldn't stop herself from doing it.

Suddenly, the door of the flat opened and she heard the voices of three people, one of which she identified as Julia. "Becky?"

Becky's eyes widened. "I'm in the ki-" Her hoarse, quiet voice was barely audible to even herself. She cut herself off from finishing her sentence because she knew that it was no use when the volume of her pleas was far too low.

The silence that followed tormented Becky for what seemed like hours, when in actual fact it only lasted a few seconds. "Oh, I guess she's not in. She's probably getting my stuff from Peter."

I'M HERE! Becky thought to herself frantically, more and more tears slipping down her cheeks by the second. "

Hurry up and make your way into the lounge so you can tell me what the hell happened to Liz." Becky's heart dropped but then rose up again when she heard Becky ask, "Oh, and would you like something to eat or drink?"

Please say yes. Please say yes. For the love of God, whoever you are, please say yes.

"Nah, as hungry as I am, I'm saving room in my stomach for the amazing bacon sandwiches at the diner later."

"What about you Sam?"

"I'm good thank you."

Becky closed her eyes in disbelief as she continued to slice into her leg, but then a look of determination dawned over her features. With all of the strength that she had left inside of her, she stomped her foot on to the ground. The pain was so immense that she cried out in agony, before continuing to try and make herself heard. No matter how much agony she was in, she continued to repeatedly hit her leg hardly against the floor.

Sam and Dean sat down beside each other on the couch and watched as Julia paced around in front of them. She continued this action for a few moments before finally settling on one spot of the floor and turning to face them both. "So, who wants to explain to me what really happened to Liz?"

The two Winchesters shared a glance and then Dean averted his attention back to a very concerned Julia. "Your friend Liz did it to herself." Although he'd come out with it straight away, his tone was soft.

Julia's mouth immediately dropped open, her eyes widened in shook, and she shook her head in disbelief- all at the same time. She found herself completely speechless as she looked between the two Winchester brothers. "N-no way," She stuttered after finally finding her voice. "Liz would never do something like that to herself! This is all a pile of bull shit!"

"I'm sorry Julia," Dean stated genuinely, eyeing the frantic woman carefully. "But all of the evidence points to that theory."

"It's just a theory though!"

"The coroner's report stated clearly that they found tissue from her wounds in her finger nails, and that tissue from her finger nails were in her wounds-"

"How do you know this?" Julia demanded, causing Sam to abruptly cut off his sentence. "You're not even a detective.." Her eyebrow raised in consideration as she looked at Sam.

Dean shrugged. "He's my brother and he travels around the country with me.. we don't keep secrets from each other."

"Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure that your brother shouldn't be allowed to let you know the details of a case." Julia ignored Dean's comment and carried on with her rant. She didn't mean to be so snappy with Sam but the idea of Liz actually causing that much pain to herself was unbearable to think about. Besides, she was becoming quite suspicious by the glances that the brothers were now sharing.

Sam turned back to her and sighed. She knew immediately by the look in his eyes that Sam Winchester was about to lie to her. "I know that detectives aren't supposed to-"

"Sam," Julia began, cutting off the youngest Winchester yet again. "I know when you're lying to me - and you're doing it now.. So," She looked at each of the Winchesters again, her eyebrow raised. "Anyone want to tell me the truth?"

The Winchesters stayed silent for a few moments, as did Julia, and that was when they all heard the noise; It was the sound of faint, repetitive banging. They wouldn't have been able to hear it if they were still talking but, now that they were silent, all three adults knew that they were hearing something from the other room.

"Did you hear that?" Dean spoke up after listening to the sound for a while.

"Yep." Sam and Julia muttered at the same time.

All three of them were soon on their feet and were walking towards the source of the noise. Sam stopped Julia, however, and briefly turned to face her. "Stay in here."


"Just sit down, we'll be back in just a second."

Julia shook her head. "No way Sam. I'm coming with you."

Sam sighed and Julia could sense the urgency in Sam's expression, stance and voice. "Jules, honestly, I need you to stay in here."

"Sam, no way. I'm coming with you.. this isn't even your apartment." Julia pointed out as she tried to walk past him. Sam saw it coming, however, and grabbed her arm. "What the hell? Let go of me." Julia tried to pull her arm back away from him but his grip tightened slightly.

"Sorry, Julia, but I am not going to let you go out there." The youngest Winchester stated in a firm and low voice before pushing her back towards the couch. "Now stop being so stubborn, Goddamnit, and stay here until we get back!" Without giving Julia a chance to argue back, Sam moved away from her and stormed towards the lounge door.

Julia didn't object this time. "Jackass." She muttered to herself before recluctantly sitting onto the couch.

Sam had only ever shouted at her like that once before, and it was a pretty stupid reason to be doing so.

"Julia!" Sam scolded his friend as if he was telling off a young toddler. He held up the board game in his hand and frowned deeply. "What the hell are you doing with this?"

Julia shrugged as her eyebrows knitted closely together in confusion. "It's just a harmless board game, chill out..." She was sat down on the couch of her apartment.

Sam let out a bitter laugh and paced around in front of Julia. "Chill out? Harmless board game?" He mimicked her words angrily which only caused her to become annoyed.

"Jesus, what the hell is your problem?" Julia rolled her eyes. "It's not like any of that stuff is real." Sam stopped pacing around at those words and stormed closer to her, his eyes glowering.

"Don't ever touch one of these again!" He gripped the board tightly, relieved that he had walked in before she started playing with it.

Julia looked down to the floor, surprised by her usually calm friend's temper. She'd never seen him so angry before and it kind of frightened her. "I was just curious and I only wanted to see if it worked so I could try and speak to my gran."

Sam noticed that Julia was upset and embrassed about the whole situation. He felt bad about yelling, so he sighed to himself and then moved to sit down next to her. "Julia, these things only attract bad energy."

His friend's head shot up. "You believe in this stuff?"

Damn it, Sam thought as he quickly thought of a lie to save himself. "No, of course not, it's all complete crap..." He trailed off, before adding, "It's just what I've heard from people who actually do believe in all of it." The Winchester draped his arm around his friend and pulled her closer. "I'm sorry for yelling Julia."

Silence crept between the two for just a few moments, and Sam was beginning to worry that Julia wouldn't forgive him. But, to his utter relief, she rested her head on his shoulder and shrugged. "It's okay, you're just kind of scary when you yell and I had no idea you had that side to you." Sam raised his eyebrow at that and Julia laughed. "Well, at least you actually have a pair. Jessica will be relieved." She teased.

The two friends continued to talk, laugh and joke with each other for another hour or so and then Sam left to burn and dispose of the Ouija Board.

Julia never touched one again.

"Wow, you ain't usually that angry." Dean observed as he and his brother walked towards the source of the noise.

Sam rolled his eyes. "Well, sometimes Julia can be so stubborn." He muttered grumpily. Deep down, he did feel bad about yelling at her, but then he realized that it was really the only way to make her see sense. Whatever this noise was, Sam simply didn't like the sound of it so there was no way that he wanted to risk Julia's life if it turned out to be something dangerous.

The two Winchesters stopped in front of the kitchen door and glanced at each other before Dean stepped forward to push the door open. As soon as he did, the noise intensified and the Winchesters knew that they were heading in the right direction. "Hello?" The oldest Winchester called out before the two of them walked right into the kitchen.

When they did, they came face to face with the sight of Becky; She was sitting on the chair, surrounded by a puddle of crimson blood and was weakly digging into her leg. Both of her legs were chopped into pieces and some of the dead flesh lay on the floor. Sam had to look away for a split second, repulsed by the sight. "Jesus!" He muttered when he noticed the knife.

Becky looked up to them, her eyes drooping heavily. They took one look at her face and realized, judging by her tainted blue lips and pale complexion, that she probably didn't have a lot of time left.

Dean rushed straight to Becky's side and pried to knife from her hand. He chucked it on to the floor and then grabbed her hands in his. "What happened?"

"H-help me," Becky took a deep breath to steady herself, her eyes pooled with fresh tears. "Figure-" Suddenly, the young lady fell straight into Dean's chest causing him to stagger back slightly. He managed to regain his balance and cradled the vulnerable lady in his arms.

"Sammy, we need to get her to a hospital.. now!" He pulled them both up from the floor and began to walk towards his brother, trying to block out the fact that his clothes and body were being stained with blood.

Sam shook his head in disbelief. He'd seen a lot during his time hunting but this shocked him. "She's lost so much blood Dean," He observed, his eyes scanning the floor, her body and Dean's soaked clothes.

"Well, we'd better stop her from losing anymore. Look, you'd better distract Julia whilst I take her friend here to the hospital.. if she sees another one of her friends like this then she'll probably be pushed over the edge."

"What the hell do I say about the big puddle of blood in the kitchen?" Sam demanded, becoming more and more panicked by the second.

Dean shook his head. "You'll think of something," He nudged his brother towards the door. "Now go and distract Sammy."

"R-right." Sam muttered before taking one last look at Becky. Her eyes were still closed but he could see that she was still breathing because her chest kept rising and falling.

Sam walked back into the lounge to see Julia still sat down at the couch. She immediately whipped her head in his direction and frowned. "Is everything okay?" Her voice was laced in concern.

"Erm, yeah, it's all good." The youngest Winchester avoided her stare as he walked over and joined her on the couch.

"What was the noise?"

"Dean reckons that it's just the taps."

Julia seemed to fall for what he was saying. "Where's Dean?"

"He got called away to speak to a local cop." Sam's lies came out easier this time round. How? He didn't know. The two stared at each other for a few moments and then Sam felt guilt rise in his stomach. "I'm sorry about shouting earlier."

He breathed a sigh of relief when Julia gave him a hug. "It's okay Sam. It was part of the job." She pulled away from him and smiled softly, even though it didn't quite reach her eyes. "Thank you for being such a good friend."

The guilt in his stomach seemed to intensify. He wasn't being a good friend; he was lying to her. Sam forced a smile on to his face, nonetheless. "It's okay."

"I can't wait for Becky to come back with all of my things." Julia stated out loud, more to herself than Sam. She'd been thinking about how the closure of her relationship with Pete would only come once she had all of her own possessions with her.

Sam's face dropped. He was suddenly reminded of what he had witnessed in the kitchen and realized that he hadn't cleaned the blood up yet.

"Sammy, is something wrong?" He was jerked back to reality when he felt Julia's hand gently touch his left shoulder.

The youngest Winchester shook his head immediately. "No, I'm so happy that you've finally left that Jerk." He needed to get Julia out of the apartment; if she saw the blood then she'd be broken. "How about we go back to the motel room that me and Dean are staying in?"

Julia's eyebrow rose and Sam blushed.

"I didn't mean like that," He pointed out before smirking slightly. Julia couldn't help but laugh, even if it wasn't a happy one. "It's just that all of the answers that you want are back there."

Julia thought about this for a few moments. "You'll tell me what's really going on?"

Sam nodded reluctantly. "Yes."

"Pinky promise?" Julia tilted her head to the side and held her pink up in the air.

The youngest Winchester looped his in hers. "I pinky promise." He repeated before dropping his hand back down to his side.

Julia stood up from the couch and started walking towards the lounge door. Sam immediately got up and followed her, fearing the notion of her going into the kitchen. He couldn't believe that he was going to tell her everything. Sam didn't know how she would take it.. but he figured that she would be angry with him for lying.

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