The White Rabbit's Very Important Date

Blaine's hair was really, really curly. In fact, Wes and David often joked that there were certain species hidden in there that could've cured cancer at one point, it was so curly. Shane called it his 'afrodo' due to Blaine's hobbit-ish height and unruly cloud of curls, and he liked to fluff it up before Blaine could push his hand away.

This was also the main reason why Blaine spent his mornings gelling it down.

So when Reed noticed Blaine frantically pacing in his room when he came to look for Kurt, he was surprised to see that the expected helmet of hair which he had seen this morning had several curls escaping. Blaine was muttering to himself as he ran his fingers repeatedly through his hair, breaking the gel's hold and releasing more and more of the curls that he was always so careful to restrain.

Reed was about to turn around and leave, intending to ask Han if he knew where Kurt was, when Blaine noticed him in the doorway.

"Reed, hi. Shane's off with David right now; he mentioned something about trying to decide on the music for the Prom and making sure that there is something he can dance to, whatever that means.' Blaine shrugged, and when Reed didn't move he asked, "Is he not answering his phone again? After the mess before the Valentine's fair he's been checking his phone religiously, making sure that he doesn't miss a single one of your calls."

Reed's ears and cheeks reddened as he blushed a little at this. Shane had indeed answered each and every one of Reed's calls and texts, often before the second ring. "Actually Blaine, I was looking for Kurt. Do you know where he is?"

Blaine's eyebrows rose at this. "For Kurt?"

"Yes." Reed replied. "You see, I've never been to a Prom before, or any school dance. There was never anyone I actually want to go with, and now that Kurt's here..."

"You want to take Kurt to the Prom?"

"What?" Now Reed was the confused one. "No! I need his opinion on what I should wear! I need to impress Shane!" Kurt had stomped into their room earlier on, taken the catalogues and magazines filled with post-its marking the outfits which they approved of for Prom and stomped out. Reed hadn't dared ask him what was wrong, but he really needed to finalise his tux if he was to have it fitted properly and Kurt had probably calmed down somewhat by now. "Besides, you're going with Kurt."

Blaine didn't say anything but instead looked down at his bright, chequered socks and shuffled his feet a little. "You are going with Kurt, right? You haven't had another fight which I didn't know about, have you?" Reed looked panicked at that last question, remembering the shouting which had been heard throughout Windsor House that memorable February afternoon.

Blaine gave a little sigh and went to sit on his bed where after a few moments a dip in the mattress to his right indicated that Reed had joined him. "No, Kurt and I haven't fought." He paused, "Well, not exactly."

"But?" prompted Reed carefully.

"But we might be avoiding each other," mumbled Blaine.

Reed scowled at this new piece of information. This must be why Kurt was in such an unpleasant mood earlier. "What do you mean 'not exactly'? Why are you avoiding each other?"

"I don't know!" Blaine cried, tugging at his hair once more, which was becoming less and less restrained and more and more wild by the minute. "We were sat in the library with Wes, David and Katherine when all of a sudden Kurt starts glaring at me then flounces off! I don't understand why! We were just talking about the Prom; I don't know why he's upset!"

Reed looked thoughtful for a moment. "Was that when David re-wrote the song 'I Could Have Danced All Night' to 'I Want To Dance All Night' so that he could ask her to Prom?" asked Reed. Blaine looked at him with a questioning expression so he quickly added, "I kind of ran into her before whilst looking for Kurt. She was so happy she didn't even mind and couldn't wait to tell me."

"Yes." Blaine mumbled after he dropped his face into his hand, rubbing his face and trying desperately to recall anything that might give away why Kurt had reacted that way. "I don't know why he did it in the middle of the library though - he nearly got kicked out! And who else would he have gone with? Wes? He doesn't even look good in a dress & heels." Blaine laughed feebly at that and then became silent.

The pieces were slowly coming together as Reed realised something. He tentatively placed his left hand on Blaine's shoulder and asked quietly, "You haven't asked Kurt to the Prom, have you Blaine?"

"No," was the reply. "I'm his boyfriend, who else would Kurt go with?"

Reed stared at Blaine as if he had suddenly grown two extra heads and had to bite his tongue before he said something he might regret, like 'Oh I don't know, perhaps a certain green-eyed, blonde-haired someone who isn't shy about his feelings for Kurt and would do anything for a romantic slow dance with the countertenor?' Instead, he said "For someone as smart and romantic as you, Blaine Anderson, you really are clueless sometimes you know."

Before Blaine could reply there came a voice from the doorway. "What's he done now?" The two turned to see Shane leaning against the doorframe, wearing his usual faded Walcott School Dance Club T-shirt, baggy sweats and goofy grin.

"It's what he hasn't done that's the problem," Reed replied as Shane bounced across the room and folded himself into the small patch of bed behind Reed, twining his fingers through the small, paint-stained right hand in front of him in a way which he hoped Blaine wouldn't notice. Blaine did, but decided not to comment.

Reed sighed and turned to face the boy behind him. "Your idiot brother hasn't asked Kurt to the Prom and doesn't think that he needs to."

Shane's eyebrows drew together and puckered in the middle in confusion as he looked across at Blaine. "Well why on earth not? Reed asked me on Saturday!" he exclaimed, positively beaming.

Blaine's eyes shot to Reed in time to see the small boy's face flood with colour as he turned bright pink, avoiding Blaine's eyes by carefully tracing the pattern on the duvet he sat on with one finger. "We were having our usual dance lesson, and he dipped me and it just..." at this Reed turned an even brighter pink, "...slipped out." He shrugged.

Blaine, who had raised his eyebrows at 'usual dance lessons', looked at his brother and said, with a slight wiggle of his eyebrows and smug smile on his lips, 'So Shane, when did these become usual?"

Shane simply smirked back at him, replying, "Someone had to help him with his hand-eye co-ordination skills. Clearly none of you were and as a dancer I'm obviously best suited for the job." As he said this, he gave Reed's hand a small, gentle squeeze. Blaine didn't believe a word of this and knew that it had more to do with spending time with the young artist, with an excuse to hold him up close against his body without it being too much, but decided not to voice that particular opinion when the evidence in front of him clearly spoke for itself, even if Shane & Reed were unaware that Blaine could see their intertwined fingers.

However, Shane looked like he knew exactly what his elder brother was thinking and was about to tell Blaine exactly where he could shove that opinion when Reed piped up, "Don't look at him like that Blaine. At least I'm going to have a date for the Prom, which is more than you can say right now."

That wiped the smile off Blaine's face and replaced it with the look of a scared, upset, defeated little boy. Reed immediately felt bad for what he just said, so he scooted over to Blaine's left side whilst Shane uncrossed his legs and pulled himself forwards, his legs swinging over the side of the bed and replacing the patch of duvet Reed had just vacated. He looped his arm around his brother's shoulder, giving him a gentle squeeze whilst Reed reached one arm around Blaine's back and hugged him. They say there for a few silent minutes before Blaine said quietly "I just don't understand."

Reed sighed and pulled his arm back from around Blaine's waist whilst Shane removed his arm from Blaine's shoulder. "The fact is, Blaine, that of course David will go to the prom with Katherine."

"And," interrupted Shane, "I was hoping that Reed would ask me so that I wouldn't have to gate-crash my big brother's prom to dance with him." Reed's eyes flickered past Blaine for a moment but before he could comment, Shane quickly recovered and said "I mean, watch him dance."

"The point is," Reed said, the corners of his mouth twitching as if trying not to smile at the image of Shane sneaking into the hotel just to see him, "people like to be asked. Sure, Katherine knew that David wanted to take her, but because he asked it made it much sweeter for her. As you know, Kurt's never been to a prom or any sort of dance before, so I'm guessing that you asking him would have really been appreciated, Blaine. Kurt knows that you're like a snail—solid outside and too soft and gooshy inside, with an equally slow pace with romance. He accepts that willingly, but sometimes he wants to be swept off his feet like he was when he first met you. That is why he's mad at you at the moment and that is why you are going to make it up to him."

Blaine sat stunned at this. Shane looked over the boy's head and spoke softly to Reed. "I think we broke him."

Reed smiled a little at this and patted Blaine on the knee. "It's not often our White Rabbit is told that he's not being dapper and charming enough, " he teased as Shane laughed. Even Blaine's lips twitched towards a smile at that, as if the boy couldn't help it.

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