Another story, what if Hiccup went first? this is my idea of how it could go... I do love the what ifs you can get out of Httyd. It has been in my head for awhile and I decided I would try using it. I still want to figure out a one shot to where Hiccup was in the first scene, I mean that wasn't his house so where was he?

I did not have anyone edit this so all the mistakes are mine. If you see them let me know, and I am looking for a beta reader if anyone is interested.

The events up to this conversation occurred normally this is where we veer off the movie into my own little world... based on How to train your dragon which I do not own, there I disclaimed.

A slim young man with brunette hair and far to many freckles, wearing a green tunic and a bear skin vest opens the door to a large long house and notices his father sitting by the fire place. Quietly he makes his way to the stairs and starts climbing up to his loft bedroom. He is five stairs up before his dad stops him.

"Hiccup, I need to talk to you" Stoick The Vast, is the leader of the hairy hooligans, they inhabited a miserable island called Berk. As vikings the idea of moving never crossed anyone's mind. Stoick is six and a half feet tall and about four feet around, waring an overly large green tunic with some dragon scale armour hanging off a thick leather belt. The buckle to his belt and the clasps for his bear skin coat were decoratively craved with likenesses of dragons. Hiccup cringed freedom was only a few feet away, damn his super hearing.

"I need to talk to you too dad" Hiccup climbs down a few steps and quickly thinks of a way to word it.

"I decided I don't want to fight dragons" and simultaneously Stoick says "I decided to let you fight dragons" the two of them stop and stare at each other before asking "Wait, what?"

"You first" Hiccup said but Stoick declined.

"No, no you go first" he said with a slight smile. Hiccup was silent for a moment.

"Your right dad, I'm not a dragon slaying viking, I should stop kidding myself" Hiccup looks dejected but continues "I will start staying indoors during raids and do whatever you think is best" Hiccup finished with a sigh.

"Oh" Stoick was shocked and panicked slightly, he was all set to send Hiccup to dragon training, it would keep him safe... safer then being left alone in the blacksmiths shop but now it would seem cruel. "Well have you thought about what you would like to do then?" Stoick asked still trying to find a way to salvage his friends plan.

"Well I thought I could just be Gobbers apprentice and learn to be a blacksmith" Hiccup smiled at the thought, he could still invent, he would just have to find something other then dragon killing devices. "we will always need a blacksmith, and if I can't kill dragons then maybe I could keep the weapons in good condition for those that do" After what happened in the forest it was probably safer to stay indoors.

"Well, have you maybe thought of shadowing me? You know for when you become chief" Stoick asked seriously. Hiccup blinked owlishly and then shook his head.

"I don't know if I would make a good chief dad, I figured you would want someone... you know less like this" he gestured to himself "Like Snotlout, I mean he has Haddock blood, and he is a lot stronger... and the other vikings don't think he is useless" Hiccup shrugged and then noticed Stoicks scowl.

"You are not useless son, never think that. Snotlout would not make a good chief, yes he is strong but honestly he is not very bright" Stoick smiled and Hiccup snickered "You are intelligent son, and the village needs someone smart to lead, life isn't always about killing dragons. I know I can be hard on you, but I just wanted you to see that there is more then killing dragons" Stoick was using a rare tone of voice, not one of a chief or a father scolding his child, no he was using a tone reserved for advice. "I am proud of you son, not only are you realizing what your not meant to do, but your also putting the good of the village before yourself. After I get back if you would like, you can start shadowing me, and if you and I both find that you are not suited, you can help me find someone who is" Stoick was genuinely proud of his son and he realized that Gobbers plan would still work, he would just make a slight modification.

"But dad the only other Haddock is Snotlout?" Hiccup asked slightly bewildered.

"The Haddocks are an old line it's true, but we weren't always the chief, son. Sometimes it has to be passed on, either due to failure or death, if it comes to that we will look to the elder families or for a match for you with a elder house, there are no laws in Berk that say women cannot lead" Stoick laughed as Hiccups face paled. Springing marriage on him would be an incentive for him to do well or so Stoick hoped.

"I am sure you will do fine son, now while I am gone I want you to shadow Gobber, he is going to be training new recruits in the the Kill Ring" Stoick put hand on Hiccups shoulder while Hiccup was shaking his head "Don't worry son, your going to assist him, not fight the dragons. You will learn a little about how we fight dragons but don't worry, you'll be safe" Stoick said with a smile "Deal"

Hiccup did not look convinced but he was amazed that he just had a conversation with his dad where he wasn't being yelled at so he simply said "Deal" and smiled.

"Good" Stoick went to the fire place and picked up his helmet and provisions before walking to the door "I'll be back, probably" he said looking back at his son who smiled and responded

"And I will be here, maybe" Hiccup was hoping this wasn't a dream and he actually did have a conversation with his dad where his dad was proud of him. "Wait, dad?" Stoick stopped at the door and looked back to his son.

"What is it Hiccup" Stoick was glad he was chief, they were suppose to leave soon and at this rate he would be late. Hiccup looked unsure but made up his mind.

"Can I come to the docks to see you off? Like you do when the fishermen leave" Hiccup asks, his tone unsure. Stoick smiles at the thought and nods.

"Of course son, head down to the docks and I will meet you there, I need to speak to Gobber" Stoick needed to inform him that he would be down a trainee and up an assistant.

Hiccup followed behind Stoick, shutting the door to the lodge before heading for the docks while Stoick headed in the direction of the forge.

Gobber The Belch is the master blacksmith for Berk and long time friend of Stoick The Vast. He was roughly the same height as Stoick, and nearly as round but where as Stoick had all his limbs, Gobber was missing his right arm just below the elbow and his left leg just below the knee. He kept his blond hair very short, as working in a forge with long hair is asking for disaster, however he maintains a large mustache with evidence of burns throughout it. He was working on some repairs when Stoick came in and didn't notice him until Stoick cleared his throat. Noting the odd smile on Stoicks face Gobber immediately set the work piece down and made his way to his friend.

"You look like you found the nest already Stoick, what's up?" Gobber asked with a chuckle. Stoick shakes his head and sets down the basket of provisions.

"It's Hiccup..." Gobber sighs.

"What did the lad do now?" looking over at Stoick "or have you changed your mind about our plan, cause I think that would be a bad..." Stoick raises his hand to silence his friend.

"No, he changed our plan for us, he came to me and told me that he was going to stop his antics about killing dragons. You should have seen him, it was so not Hiccup" Stoick was visibly excited, so excited he was practically vibrating "I asked him what he wanted to do and he offered to stay as your apprentice, even said that he didn't think he would make a good chief" Gobber scoffed at that but remained silent "he was thinking about the village Gobber!, he may not be strong but maybe now I can get him to focus" The strange smile returned to Stoicks features and he sighed contently. Gobber smiled at his friend, the change he noted was amazing.

"You don't buy that, not making a good chief bit do you? Boys intelligent, some of those inventions amaze even me and I have been making stuff for nearly twenty years" Gobber fiddled with his prosthetic while waiting for Stoicks response. Stoick shakes his head and laughs.

"The boy is smart, like I said maybe now I can teach him what the chief really does, killing dragons is only one thing but I made him a deal" A mischievous grin appears on Stoicks face, another facial expression that had not been seen since Stoick was a child terrorizing his future wife. "I told him when I got back he could shadow me, and that if we both decided he was unfit we would find someone suitable" Stoick waves away Gobbers concerned expression "OR we would find a suitable someone for him to marry" Stoick let out a hearty laugh and Gobber joined him.

"Adding some incentive for him to do well, are you" Gobbers laugh trailed off and he rubbed his chin. "Wait the only elder family that still has a unwed girl is the Hoffersons, you might not want to tell Hiccup that" Gobber started to chuckle again and Stoick raised a inquisitive eyebrow.

"Why, I thought that would make him more likely to want to succeed?" Stoicks plan may unravel here and now if he doesn't have significant leverage.

"Have you seen the way he looks at her? I mean the teens seem to be oblivious but if you catch him staring out the window you can bet Astrid is on the other side" Gobber smiled "although if you arrange a marriage, or start asking about a contract and just happen to let Astrid overhear it I'm sure she will give Hiccup even more incentive" Stoick eyes light up and he smiles again.

"Well I hope it doesn't come to that, but it is a thought, anyway the reason I came here was to tell you that Hiccup obviously won't be one of the trainees" and Gobber growled.

"And that leaves us back at square one..." Stoick huffed and Gobber fell silent.

"He won't be one of the trainees but he will be assisting you, have him help you, I don't know... set up the maze, or feed the dragons and clean the pens as long as your there and can give him something to do he should be fine, if he seems to waiver just tell him a good chief knows how his villagers are trained" Gobber nodded and Stoick reclaimed his provisions and grunted a goodbye before he made his way out.

The trip to the docks was short and Stoick found Hiccup standing beside his grandmother Heidrun The Elder, a gray haired, squat old woman who had trouble walking and barley bothered to open her eyes, she leaned heavily on an ornate looking staff. They were talking quietly until they noticed Stoick, Hiccup lent his arm to his grandmother and they made there way to Stoick. Both adults had to smile, he may be a klutz but he was still a gentleman.

"You didn't do to bad with this one Stoick" Heidrun smiled, Hiccup blushed slightly, and Stoick laughed.

"It was mostly Val, I have been fumbling around in the dark" Stoick said with a smile before patting his son on the shoulder lightly. Light for Hiccup nearly sent him to the ground.

"Hiccup tells me that he has given up on his foolish notion of dragon fighting" She looks over to her grandson and waves away the sad look on Hiccups face "You are too smart for all that boy, you could make a great chief someday, but you" Heidrun turns and points at Stoick "you need to find him a good women, someone strong who can watch his back" Hiccup groans and Heidrun laughs softly.

Soon the ships are ready to launch and Stoick explains to Hiccup what their plan is and why it is important to the village. Then the elder grants her blessing for the voyage and they say their goodbyes.

As the three ships make their way out of the harbor Stoick looks back to see both the elder and his son still on the docks watching. Stoicks strange smile returns, a smile of pride one he hasn't warn since the death of his wife.

Please let me know what you think, the story obviously goes way out of whack in the next few chapters.