I have returned, and now I'm leaving for no rasin... right on with the show. HTTYD is not mine, I cry myself to sleep every morning with that thought. However, all the insanity, plot holes, and mistakes are mine...

While the villagers had left the great hall, a group of vikings huddled around the fire, and the bilingual Terrible Terror was frantically scribbling away trying to answer the tirade of questions that were spewed at him. Hiccup, Astrid, and Snotlout; who was shadowing Spitlout, were watching from the corner. Astrid was comfortably seated in Hiccups lap, who was resting on Hookfangs flank, as Snotlout occasionally glanced from the couple resting against their hated enemy to the group of the most powerful vikings in all of Berk communicating with that same enemy.

"See, I was right, it was all a trick!" Snotlout mused, "You have apparently taught an entire group of dragons our language," He turned to Hiccup with a jovial smile. "All while capturing Astrids affection and tricking your father, Tuffnut's right; You are a wizard." He laughs and Astrid glowers at the jest. "This is incredible," He gestures to the dragons that are simply snoozing about, ignoring the vikings as if they were just friends hanging out. Hiccup snorted before giving his cousin a smile.

"It will only be incredible if we can end the war once and for all," He stated quietly, Hookfang trilling his agreement. "Convincing Berk; Actually convincing Berk will be a long hard process, and without other dragons to back our claims it will be tough." Hiccup continued, patting his scaly back rest. "When spring comes, and Toothless returns, no one will be able to deny what we did." He gently rubs Astrids shoulder, who smiles warmly. "Then we can start helping the dragons." Hiccup finished, and Snotlout gives him a confused look.

"How? If that dragon is actually that big, How can we help?" He asked. Astrid is momentarily annoyed with Snotlout, but he isn't as dumb as she thought he was, and since she would be chief he could be helpful as a second in command... some day.

"Every army, every raiding party, marches on their stomach." She intones, while glancing over to the fire. "In this case, we just have to get the dragons to come, and not leave. That way we take this "Red Deaths" food away, and save the dragons from being eaten." Astrid shrugs. "Or at least we can start planning with the dragons, inform the dragons at the nest that we want to help, and devise a plan to eliminate the beast from inside and out." Astrid suggests, and Hiccup perks up.

"By Thor, we could poison it!" Hiccup exclaims with a start. Although Astrid and Snotlout don't provide the appropriate noises, Hookfang produces an interested trill. Hiccup turns to look at the Nadder and smiles. "There has to be food dragons cant eat, right?" He asks, and Hookfang nods. "So if we stuff our food with it, and the dragons dump it down that beast throat, he'll eventually get weaker," With this Hookfang nods vigorously, and Hiccup gives him a thoughtful look. "I thought we," he gestures at Astrid and himself. "Would need the villages help to solve this problem, but I think," Hiccup smiles and glances at the dragons lounging about and to the vikings at the fire. "We will need the villages, and the dragons help to see any kind of peace." Hookfang emits a happy croon, and Astrid smiles.

"We never thought of that, but would it be enough?" She asks, and Hiccup shakes his head.

"Who knows, but if we can keep it weak and control its food source we gain some kind of advantage." Hiccup supplies, and Snotlout mutters.

"Too bad their immune to fire..." Hookfang hisses, startling the trio. the dragon shakes its head and gestures to get up. The three follow the dragon towards the group of vikings who are spooked by the approaching Nadder. Hookfang trills and chirps to the Terror, who writes a response as clearly as it can.

"Dragons are not fire proof on the inside."

The hall goes silent for a moment before the older vikings grumble about the apparently useless statement. Stoick, Astrid, Snotlout, Hookfang, and even the Terror are still looking at Hiccup. It takes the other vikings a moment to realize what Stoick is looking at, and when Gobber notices it, he groans.

"Not that look, by all the gods, not that look." Which prompts the other vikings to look at what Gobber who is looking at. Hiccup, however, is semi oblivious to the stares he has gained, and only snaps out of it when the entire hall falls eerily silent and everyone is looking at him.

"Why is everyone looking at me," Hiccup asks, his new found confidence faltering under to many judging eyes.

"Well son, you have this look, Val had the same look, and normally right after she would suggest something absolutely crazy, and brilliant at the same time." Stoick supplies, mirth in his tone. Hiccup pauses, collecting his thoughts.

"Astrid pointed out that we can weaken it," Hiccup starts, a semblance of a plan falling into place. "It needs food, and can't find it without the smaller dragons, they, in turn, come to us and steal it." The older vikings grumble about obvious statements. "But what if instead of fighting them, we start recruiting them," Hiccups eyes light up. "Every time they raid, we have Toothless," He gestures to the dragons in the room." And if these guys are willing to help, convince them to stop fighting, temporarily."

An annoyed growl comes from the back. "Why would we want a temporary solution when we could just kill the lot of them and be done." A voice in the back shouted, and several Vikings murmured their assent.

"Right, cause that's worked out so well for us." Snotlout muttered, and the hall turned to look at him. The young man made an embarrassed grunt but Hiccup smiled at him.

"Thank you, Snotlout." He clapped his cousin on the back. "It's only temporary because we need to end the threat that the larger dragon presents." He explained seriously. "I doubt that if we got all the dragons to stop stealing food for it, or actually managed to kill every dragon that came here..." He shook his head. "Well we wouldn't be fighting dragons anymore, also that dragon probably won't sit around starving to death." Hiccup looked at his father. "I would rather fight a maneuvered enemy then a half starved giant,"

Stoick nods, starting to see his son's line of thinking.

"What can we do with the dragons, they obviously can't do much against it or they would have killed it off themselves." Stoick voiced a flaw with Hiccups thought.

"The dragons alone, won't be able to stop it, but they feed it." Hiccup paused in thought. "And if we poison the food, and the dragons deliver it, then the beast will become weaker." Hiccup nods, and smiles at his father. "Then we pull all the dragons out, we take its food source away and draw it into an open confrontation." The other vikings grumbled about suicidal fishbones but Hiccup put up his hands to placate them. "Yes the dragon is huge, but the dragons will be fighting with us." Hiccup glances at each Viking. "No matter how large the beast may be, there is no way it can stand against the combine might of all the Vikingdom, and every dragon out there!" A few of the older men nodded heads, and Stoick had a twinkle in his eye.

With the madman's idea out in the open, and the hall running low on vellum, Stoick calls an end to the meeting and sends the others away. He gestures to Hiccup and Astrid to come closer, before he smiles at his son.

"See, you would make a good Chief." He laughs as Hiccup blanches before he continues. "But there was something you weren't telling them." And Hiccup shifted uncomfortably.

"There is, but I can't tell you yet either." He raises his hands to placate his father. "Dad, please just trust me, I can't tell you." Hiccup explained and Stoick huffed and nodded.

"Very well, I'll let you keep your secret this time." He rubbed his brow and sighed. "I have a lot of letters to write, there is so much to do before we can even think about attacking." Stoick smiles and looks from his son, to his daughter-in-law. "But there's a chance we can end this war, and we'll do down in history for it." He finished with a smile before dismissing the couple. Hiccup and Astrid waved goodbye to Snotlout and headed for the door, but were stopped by Stoick jogging to catch up.

"Right, one last thing." He gestures to Hoodfang. "Your Grandma found a place to stay for the other dragons, but I would like Hookfang to stay with me, could you show him to my house while I'm working, maybe find him some food." He requested while patting the Nadders flank. Hiccup was kind of stunned, but Astrid just smiled and nodded.

"Of course, S..dad." She stumbled, but waved to the Nadder to follow her. Hiccup waved one last time to his father and then followed Astrid out. Stoick watched them go, and sighed.

"Would you look at that Val, our boy's just changed the world. Not bad for a fishbone" He chuckled to himself, before turning and clapping his hands. "Now let's deal with that dragon." He smirked and headed back to the center table.

There's more to the plan but Hiccup's not telling... at least not telling Stoick. It's short I know, but there is a lot of talking and it was harder to wrangle my thoughts then I would have liked. The plan, while, the beginnings of a plan have been formulated and Stoick is going to be very busy in the winter...