This Author urges everyone to sign this petition as 65117 signature more is still needed to STOP SOPA 2014. They're at it again! Can't they give up? Not all of us can FIT in libraries, OR have the TIME to go there ANYWAY. Sure, Piracy is BAD but to stop piracy, just arrest the morons doing it, DON'T SHUT DOWN INFORMATION/VIDEO WEBSITES in a bid to stop piracy as WE STUDENTS NEED those websites for our SCHOOLWORK. Not only that, RESEARCH MATERIAL for SCHOOL THESIS one cannot find in the frigging library AND we are THREATENED to lose our SOURCE OF ENTERTAINMENT! We FANFICTION AUTHORS are included in this THREATENED LIST. Please SIGN UP at the .gov and once you LOG IN, please find .gov/petition/stop-sopa-2014/q0Vkk0Zr and PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION. We need 65117 more before March 19 2014. If we fail to make it on time... BYE BYE to THINGS WE LOVE ON THE INTERNET. 90% WORLDWIDE WILL BE AFFECTED. To STOP PIRACY, just arrest the morons doing it without affecting 90% of the people across the globe WHO NEEDS THE INTERNET by SHUTTING DOWN WEBSITES. To those who would spare a few minutes to sign, you helped millions in our community. THANK YOU!