A Flower turned Black.

Summary: Sirius Black is released from Azkaban after Peter Pettigrew is found alive on May 4th, 1985. Now, it's time for him to get what is rightfully his. His 4 year old goddaughter, Alexa Lily Potter.

Warnings: Female Harry. Drama, angst. Alive people who weren't alive in the books. Au-ness, no duh.

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Chapter 1: May 4th, 1984.

May 4th, 1984 started out as a peaceful day. Well, a peaceful day for any Weasley, Peter Pettigrew had deduced.

It was certainly a new life style that he was still getting used to watching after he had been in the house for almost three years.

The Weasley's were a very large family. The two adults of the family, Molly and Arthur, were parents of their seven children: Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny. And on top of that, Molly's younger twin brothers, Fabian and Gideon would always be sure to come over a few times a week.

These eleven people, however, had no clue that he was even the large house, seeing as he would be hiding in the attic with the family ghoul, which really wasn't a pleasant way of living, really, seeing as the ghoul would be sure to make noise whenever it thought the house was to quiet for it's liking. But this had it's perks.

No one would be expecting Peter Pettigrew to be hiding in the attic of the Weasley home, as an illegal rat Animagus.

The fat rat fell asleep, unaware of what was to come.

Marlene McKinnon sighed as she took the cigarette out of her mouth, and stomped it with her boot.

She was one of the Wizards or Witches that had been assigned, by the Minister of Magic, to check on Wizarding houses in all of Magical Brittan. She had been assigned a small part of Devon, including a small village of the name Ottery St. Catchpole, where her friend Molly Weasley had started a family with Marlene's fellow Order member, Arthur Weasley. Not only them, but her old childhood friend, Anita Lovegood.

It was going to be a long, long day.

Molly Weasley (nee Prewett), huffed in agitation. She was in the middle of cooking breakfast for five of her seven children(Bill and Charlie were currently at Hogwarts). Her husband hadn't gone to work today, telling her that a Ministry offical would be coming over the house today to inspect the house! Inspect the house for what? She hadn't been told. But if they found all of Arthur's Muggle things! Oh, they would be in trouble. So Arthur, Percy, Fred and George (Though they had to force the last two) were now clearing the house of Muggle things, and placing them deep withen the Orchard, where, hopefully no one would look. Her youngest children, Ron and Ginny, being only five and three; almost four, could not help, seeing as they were only small children, Ron had only turned five two months ago, and she didn't want her little boy and girl getting hurt.

When she saw her husband and her four son's enter the house from the doorway, a knock had come from the front door.

She shot Arthur a look, and he nodded reassuringly, and she sighed in relief. They had hidden all of the Muggle things in time.

She went to fetch the door, and she was more than delighted to see who it was.

Marlene McKinnon. The blond-haired, blue-eyed woman who she had met in one of the few Order of the Phoenix meetings that she had been in before she had found out she was pregnant with Bill, having to stop going to those meetings. She, to say the least, was very fond of Marlene, probably as fond she had been of Hestia Jones and Lily Potter, before the poor dear was murdered that hallowe'en night four years ago.

"Marlene! How wonderful to see you! How long has it been! A year, maybe?" Molly said, feeling the smile fall into place.

Red-lips curved up into a smile. "I think so, Molly. But, I s'pect Arthur told you, a person from the Ministry would be coming, and that's me. Nothing against your family though, the Ministry is sending Wizards all over Britan today. If you bring Arthur I can explain."

"C..Certainly." Molly said, a bit nervously. What was going on?

It turned out, that this was the Ministry's new way of finding if their was an intruder present, the tester would be aware that someone who didn't belong was present, and if so, it would shut the whole house down.

"I see." Arthur said nodding. "May we let the children exit the house?"

"I, actually, was going to ask that myself. I, personally, don't like doing it with children around. What if something does happen? It can turn into a hostage situation, and I don't want that to happen." Marlene said, watching the parents of seven blanch. "Not that it happens a lot! Just in case!"

"O, okay." Molly nodded. "I will be right back then,"

Molly headed to the the fireplace in the room, and grabbed a handful of Floo powered, threw it down, and said, "Lovegood residence." before sticking her head into the green flames.

Anita Lovegood jumped slightly as she heard the Floo go off.

"I shall be right back," she said the her husband, Xenophillius Lovegood, who was trying to make something called 'Fresh-water pimply soup' while watching their four year old daughter, Luna, who was finger-painting, at the same time. She was adorable. She had been four for a week, and yet she was so well behaved.

Anita was a very smart and pretty woman. She had long, blond hair that went to her mid-back and gray eyes. Her daughter had seemed to of had inherited her looks.

"Molly, good moring, Xeno was just atempting to make breakfast, would you like to join?" Anita offered.

"No, I have already eaten, Anita." Molly said, a nervous smile on her face. "I was wondering though, could you please watch over the children for a little while, it would only be an hour at most!"

"I see no problem in it what-so-ever! It's the Ministry people isn't it? I must thank you and Arthur, really, I am glad that I won't be surprised when a sometone comes knocking on my door soon. I would be more that glad to watch over the children, Luna's finger-painting, and I think she would like some others to join her!" Anita said, smiling kindly at Molly, who had watched over Luna once or twice when she and Xeno had been unavalible at the time.

Molly smiled back kindly. "Thank you very much, Anita. I will send the children over in a minute."

"See them then." Anita said smiling, before going to inform Xeno about the guest's they were going to have in a minute.

Marlene pulled out her wand.

"I am going to preform the spell now, just for... fair warning, it is a spell that shows human presence, no matter what form they are in, it will still be awake though, so you would have to be cautious." She said.

Both Molly and Arthur nodded, and Marlene took a deep breath.

"Homenum revelio." she said, and right after she said it, a bright red light flashed from her wand, and she cursed under her breath.

"Damn it, there's an intruder inside the house, and it's not me. Get your wands out, just in case. You can't leave the house, not until the intruder is absent."

Both Molly and Arthur took out their wands, though Molly's arm was shaking. What would happen? She asked herself again. Would she ever see her children again?

Marlene took lead, and went all the ways up stairs, to the attic, the door which was already open. Once she saw that Arthur and Molly were inside, she sealed the room. Her eyes flickered to the ghoul, and she signaled Arthur to cast a silencer over it, which he did.

The bright red light lead her to a fat rat before the light went out.

"This is what we're looking for?" Molly said under her breath, still on her gaurd.

"Yes, it could be a Animagus or just Transfigured into one... It isn't just a normal rat, Molly." Arthur whispered to Molly, as quiet as he could.

Marlene went pale. She knew that form... She had seen in several times in the years before.

She sent a stunner as she saw the rat's watery eyes flutter open.

"I'm revealing it's true form now... Okay?" Marlene choked out, looking at Molly and Arthur, who were looking frightened.

The two nodded.

Marlene looked back at the rat. She wasn't sure of it... But she had seen that rat too many times...

"Convertere ad veros forma."

Molly give a small shriek as the rat turned into a fully grown man, with colorless hair.

Marlene felt her eyes widen in disbelief.

"Arthur," she said, turning to Arthur, who was also in disbelief. "do you think you can go Floo the Minister and tell her that Peter Pettigrew is still alive..."

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Convertere ad veros forma = Turn back to your true form.

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