A Flower Turned Black.

Authors Note: Again.

Guys, you can't believe how sorry I am. I lost my inspiration for this... I'll beg a I just can't write for this currently. This has given me writers block so bad, I can't write other things, which I really want to write.

So this fanfiction is currently on HIATUS.

I have other fanfiction that I want to work on. Like "Watching A Very Potter Musical" and also I have two stories that I really want to write out. (I have a bunch of idea's, obviously, but I am starting with these two.) I would also like to get started on writing for Percy Jackson.


I just re-read this story, also, and I realized how much it sucks. This is a terrible story. It might just be my recent flamer making me feel this way, but I can't come up with anything. Sorry.


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