'Is it possible to be so happy?' asked Fanny, smiling

'Yes.' Laughed Edmund 'Let's make it our business Mrs Bertram to be happy ever after.'

As they twirled in dance Edmund bent down and kissed her, smiling. They kept turning, round and round until Fanny was breathless and dizzy, Edmund the only steady person in her sight, she clung to him, revelling in the closeness.

'Stop Edmund, I feel dizzy' she laughed and their dance came to an end, all the wedding guests clapped and cheered.

'Shall we walk, Mrs Bertram?' asked Edmund, getting a thrill from addressing his beloved as such.

'Certainly, dearest husband' and she linked his arm as they set off down the grounds of the lovely Mansfield Park.

'Fanny my dear,' called the elder Mrs Bertram 'Fanny, where on earth do you think you two are going?'

'Foiled' whispered Edmund in Fanny's ear, she giggled and the couple turned around guiltily, proceeding to walk back to the wedding gathering which was now formed en masse round the buffet.

'Really you two' scolded Lady Bertram, although she was smiling, so it cannot have been serious. 'If you are to leave' she added 'For goodness sake make sure it is after you have talked pleasantries with the guests and thanked them for coming to-your-wedding' she hissed the last part, emphasising her warning and wrath to come if either of them disobeyed.

Neither Mr nor Mrs Bertram were very hungry, but even so they had to stay making small talk with the wedding guests for quite some time so the only distraction for Fanny was to nibble at some lemon cake. But soon, the guests, well fed and drowsy, lolled about on the lawn, parasols up, fans waving and iced teas being in high demand. Edmund and Fanny could not have had a better day for their union.

Sir Thomas Bertram, at his wife's insistence got up from his lawn chair and called for the wedding carriage to come whisk the happy couple away. They were to spend the wedding night and the first night of the rest of their lives together at Thornton Lacey.

The newly-weds said their goodbyes to friends and family with a particularly heartfelt, almost tearful farewell to Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram. But not for the first time was Fanny leaving her family to start a new life with a new family. Her family now would just be her and Edmund; what she had dreamed of for years.

Edmund helped his new wife into the carriage and sat beside her. He held her hands in his own, marvelling at her smooth, soft skin. The carriage lurched as it started off at a brisk pace. Fanny bit her lip and looked back towards Mansfield, her home for so long, a lot of happy memories - all of them involving Edmund flashed back through her mind. She smiled thinking of her life ahead with the man she loved, the man now caressing her hands. Edmund pulled her hands up towards his face kissing them lightly and softly, many times over and over as they left Mansfield Park.

Fanny laid her head on Edmund's shoulder as they travelled to the Parish belonging to her husband and she lightly dozed off into a peaceful sleep. Edmund smiled, looking down at her innocent face and was perfectly content to wrap her hands in his. They'd held hands before, when they were only cousins, friends, nothing more. Why did it suddenly feel so much more significant, so powerful? It stirred such a feeling of love, her wanted to protect his little Fanny, keep her safe from all the Mary and Henry Crawfords out there. Just him and her. Forever.

Soon they arrived at Thornton Lacey, and winding down the road the carriage came in sight of the Vicarage which was to be their home. Edmund had spent the best part of the last month making it habitable and ready for his new wife. He hoped it would be to her satisfaction.

'Dear,' he murmured, reluctant to wake her from her slumber 'We have arrived, my love'

She stirred, looking around in confusion, and grabbing Edmund's arm for support. Edmund, although surprised, was filled with love to know that she instantly went to him for comfort. His heart threatened to overflow with love. Sitting up properly Fanny stretched her hands ungainly; never one for the complete propriety of a gentlewoman. Getting up, Edmund helped her down from the carriage. And thanking the driver, he led her to the front door of the stone cottage.

The roof was slate and the walls made of local stone, it seemed almost a part of the landscape as ivy entwined up the walls and over the door which was painted green. Flower boxes hung under each window, bursting with many colours. Edmund hesitated, wondering if his wife liked their new home; it was much, much smaller than what she had been used to at Mansfield Park. But hopefully it would be cosier and more intimate. Fanny gazed up at the building, she wasn't breathing.

'Fanny?' asked Edmund anxiously

'Oh Edmund!' she breathed, her eyes shining as she turned to him and flung her arms around his shoulders 'It's perfect. It is everything I could have ever hoped for!'

At this, Edmund scooped her up into his arms and carried her over the threshold of the house. When inside, he carefully put her down and closed the door behind them. He took Fanny's face in his hands and held her still as he bent down and kissed her lightly on the lips, once, twice, thrice. Both of them smiling, they embraced. Holding each other for an eternity. For Edmund, he never wanted to let go. For Fanny she felt so full of love, she was so happy her beloved held her like this. Mrs Bertram closed her eyes and sighed.

'My dear?' questioned Edmund, slowly breaking the embrace. 'Do you want to explore the inside of Thornton?' Fanny was at first a bit disappointed at the loss of contact, but was soon taken over with curiosity and excitement. She reached for Edmund's hand and led him through the rooms so fast he almost tripped on the large rug on the floor.

Through the reception room; for greeting members of the parish. Through the sitting room, then the parlour, then a small drawing room. Through to the kitchen and scullery before Fanny realised that there were no house staff. After enquiring about this to her husband he replied: 'I..I gave them the day off...there's some food left out however...' Fanny stared at him. He was blushing. She carried on the whirlwind tour, through to his study and library filled with religious works for assistance with his sermons and clergy duties. And then up the staircase, there were three bedrooms upstairs and a passage to a tiny attic. Fanny faltered. This time Edmund was the one to lead by the hand. He took her forwards towards the door on the left. Turning the doorknob with his free hand he pushed and then pulled her into the bedroom which was filled with light from the windows facing out to the kitchen gardens of the Vicarage. Closing the door, Mr Bertram gently crowded Fanny up against the door. The hardness behind her back contrasted with the softness of his hands tracing her closed eyelids and her cheeks, over her lips before replacing his fingers with his mouth. Kissing felt as easy as breathing, and like breathing; they could not stop.

Their mouths met and parted, and then their lips met again in a kiss of growing passion. Fanny was breathing heavily, it seemed impossible Edmund could make her feel like this, that she had just run for miles on end, never stopping. Edmund's mouth left hers and began to caress her cheek, down to her jaw and back up to her ear then down to the hollow of her neck. Fanny tilted her head instinctively. What was this? Her hands didn't know what to do, she rested them on Edmund's shoulders, but they sneaked up and nestled in his hair seemingly of their own accord.

Pressing him into her body, Fanny pondered what to do next. Her aunt had instructed her how to please her husband the previous night; it had been slightly awkward to say the least. Edmund was her aunt's son after all. Although Lady Bertram had assured her that Edmund would know what to do. Fanny decided to just follow her husband's lead, trying her best not to disappoint him.

Edmund brought his mouth back to hers and they continued kissing.

'Oh Fanny' he sighed in between kisses 'I love you..so much'

'I love you too husband' she replied

He took her hand and led her further into the room, towards the four poster bed with light coloured sheets. Fanny hesitated. Edmund, sensing her nervousness, brought her into his embrace.

'Don't be scared my dear, I would never hurt you' he promised 'Just trust me, my dearest Fanny, my wife, my love'

'I trust you with all my heart' said Fanny, her mouth sought his and his head came down to meet with her soft, pink lips. Their kiss was long and both were short of breath at the end of it.

Edmund's hand trailed down from her shoulders to the stays of her dress, he pulled at the ribbons and buttons, slowly as not to alarm her. Once the material was sufficiently loose he tugged it down and the bridal gown fell to her feet. She was now only clad in her chemise, petticoat, corset and stockings. She could tell Edmund was surprised at the amount of layers she was wearing, but the feel of his hands across her bare shoulders sent all rational thought out of her head. She gasped as his mouth went to her collarbone trailing down to the top of her chemise. This time it was her that went to removing her clothes; the chemise falling to the floor softly, she also removed her stockings as Edmund took off his jacket, waistcoat, and was unbuttoning his shirt as she stood up again. He pushed her slowly backwards towards the bed and she sat down on the covers, staring up at his now bare chest.

The sight of him sent a fiery trail all the way down to the place where her legs joined. She held her legs together quickly, unused to such a sensation. Edmund looked down at his perfect vision of a wife; he could tell she was unsure what to do next. He sat next to her on the bed.

'Fanny?' he asked,

'Yes?' she answered.

'Please don't be nervous, I want you to enjoy tonight as much as I want to'.

Enjoy? Thought Fanny, her aunt had said nothing about enjoyment, more like an unfortunate obligation.

'What do you want me to do?' she asked.

'You don't have to please me Fanny' said Edmund, 'You made me the happiest man on earth by marrying me'.

'I want to please you' she said anxiously 'I want to be the best wife in the world'.

'You are, believe me, you are' he assured her holding her close. 'Tonight however, is for both of us'.

'But your mother..' she protested.

'My mother and father do not have the best relationship on this planet' replied Edmund, he continued; 'I love you Fanny, I want to make love to you and for you to make love to me'

Fanny gasped; she had never heard Edmund speak so frankly, was this allowed?

Edmund lay her back on the bed and began to unlace the ties on her front closing corset. Fanny shivered from the contact and his deft fingers. Who would have expected a vicar to be good at unravelling a corset? She began to feel very self conscious and her hands twitched and made to keep her corset closed over her breasts which were threatening to expose themselves now the corset was loose. Edmund gathered her hands with his own and kissed them before murmuring into her ear, 'Close your eyes'

She followed his instruction and lowered her eyelids. Now all her other senses were heightened. Where her husband's long, nimble fingers were skimming over her chest goose-bumps rose up on her skin. It wasn't because she was chilly either. His fingers reached to above her navel, undoing the last ties as he opened the sides of her corset and slipped it out from under her back. Fanny squeezed her eyes shut, not wanting to see Edmund's expression as he gazed at her breasts, it was too embarrassing.

Edmund's mouth kissed her lightly on the mouth before moving down between her breasts. His skilful fingers lightly stroked her left breast, over her heart which was beating so hard and fast it almost hurt. He lay soft kisses over her twin peaks, his breath causing her nipples to become erect. Then, without warning, he covered her right breast with his hot mouth. The sensation caused Fanny's back to arch suddenly. What was her body doing? It shocked her that her body could become so wanton with lust and the desire to feel touched that it reacted with its own accord. Edmund moaned at her reaction. It sent shivers down Fanny's spine. She had never imagined that her husband could be so filled with passion either, and because of her.

Fingers still caressing her other breast, Edmund sucked lightly at her right nipple, flicking its arousal with his tongue. Fanny began to feel something build up in her stomach, and also between her legs. She let out a sound of quiet exclamation.

Mr Bertram looked up at his wife's sweet face. Her eyes were shut tightly, she was biting her lower lip to try and keep from making another noise. He saw her hands were clutching the bedcovers and her legs press together. Taking all this in, he rose up to kiss her small mouth passionately. She needed to feel comfortable with him. She really was the most beautiful sight to behold; her breasts were cream with the erect nipples the same sore pink colour as her lips. He kissed her harder, deeper, moaning into her mouth. She responded by digging her fingers into the hair on his head, pulling him closer. He pulled away gasping, the heated sensation in his stomach had suddenly dropped down to between his legs. Fanny's eyes remained closed but her mouth opened like a flower, seeking his own, desperate for more kissing. He was now fully hard at the sight of her wanting him and he dove down to meet her swollen lips with his, kissing her roughly due to desire. Biting at her lower lip, something she responded to by moaning. Her eyes opened and she looked shocked.

Fanny hadn't meant to make a noise, she was trying so hard, but it just slipped out of her, she had no control.

'Sorry...' she started

'Ssssh my love' hushed Edmund 'It is fine, trust your body, give in to your feelings, you are doing fine. I love you' this last part came out with such longing, his voice was deep with lust for her, 'trust me my love.'

Edmund kissed his wife over and over, sometimes on her lips, sometimes on her neck, her forehead, her breasts. Fanny dared to keep her eyes open this time and the sight of Edmund, her husband, caressing her body with his dextrous fingers and tongue made her shiver and flush with heat at the same time. She let out little gasps and moans every time he touched her, despite trying to remain silent.

Edmund could tell she was struggling to keep quiet. He kissed her mouth softly, 'Fanny' he said.

'Yes?' she gasped.

'I like it when you moan' he said 'I like it a lot' and to show her how much he liked it he kissed her deeply, so deeply that the warm sensation between her legs returned in full force and began to burn. Fanny suddenly didn't feel awkward, if Edmund liked it when she made a noise of...of pleasure then she wouldn't try to hold back so much. She shivered again.

'Are you cold my love?' asked Edmund concerned.

'No' she assured him, looking deep into his eyes and seeing them filled with love. To show him how relaxed she was now in his presence she lifted her hands up and placed them on his chest, running them along the planes of his abdomen, feeling his muscles clench and unclench as he made to straddle her. He kissed her and moaned to show his pleasure at her forwardness. His arms ran up and down hers as she stroked his chest, feeling the downy hair lightly covering his upper body. Her hands felt over his shoulders and down his back, marvelling at the smoothness. Edmund was rejoicing inside at his wife's curiosity. The inquisitiveness of her mind that he loved so much was now reflected in her body. Her fingers were tracing patterns on his spine, running down to the top of his trousers. Then they halted.

Fanny felt something lurch in her stomach as she brushed the material covering his skin. She could feel the desire, the need for something more than this build up inside her. She made a noise as if to speak, but Edmund silenced her with yet another kiss, her lips were going to be bruised in the morning she thought.

In the morning.

After tonight.

She was brought back into the moment by Edmund half lifting her up the bed so that her head now rested on the lavender scented pillows.

'Are you comfortable?' he asked

'Yes' she breathed

'Trust me' he said again into her ear. He moved down the bed so that his hands now rested on her waist, the top of her chemise skirt. Fanny bit her lip and nodded, not brave enough to say the words. Her husband undid the buttons and ties and gently pulled at the layers of material that formed the skirt. He was filled with passion for this woman lying on his bed, looking at him with wide cornflower eyes, her hair streaming on the pillow. A Goddess.

The material slid off her wide hips, down her thighs and was dropped on the floor. Forgotten. She was naked for him to behold. Beautiful. Edmund met her gaze, then his eyes trailed down her neck, between her breasts, down her flat stomach, taking in all of her beautiful curves, down towards where a patch of golden hair curled, nestled between her closed legs. Edmund wanted her, wanted her now, but he knew he had to be gentle, he'd heard from his father that it hurt the first time, for a virgin woman. And Fanny was most definitely a virgin.

Fanny gazed at her husband as he stared at her body and her most precious part. Her legs were pressed together but she could feel something moist and slippery between them. What was that? What was her body doing? Edmund had now stood up and was removing his last garments too. They fell to the floor and Fanny tried not to gasp as her eyes went wide as she stared at his very visible, very erect cock. It protruded from a dark patch of hair between his legs. She had only had a very vague description from her aunt about a man's member. A description that now led her to believe that her aunt must have had her eyes closed during intercourse- and from a woman who had born four children!

'Don't be scared my love' said Edmund. He stepped forwards and knelt on the edge of the bed. He came closer, closer. He arranged his body over hers. Fanny tensed for what was about to happen, she was sure it was going to be unpleasant, but necessary as her aunt had told her- although should she even believe anything that woman had said?

She was not prepared for Edmund's mouth over hers bringing back that burning sensation between her legs. He moaned into her mouth, she moaned back. He made her feel so, so...so aroused. His hands ran down her body again, making her nipples stand erect. His kissed them both and then said 'Trust me, my love'

Lowering his body over hers so they were almost in position, he pushed a knee between hers and slid it upwards separating her legs. His knee came into contact with her heat, and her body jolted upwards in response. Why do I feel like this? She thought. It was the last thought she had.

Edmund's hand replace his knee, those long, skilful fingers stroking her heat, wetting themselves in her moisture, before playfully flicking her clit. Fanny's knees parted further of their own accord. Her chest strained upwards, her hips pushed down on his fingers. This response was a great surprise to Edmund. But not unwelcome. He was becoming painfully hard and he needed a release soon. His gently pushed his two right fingers into her core.

'Mmmmhhhhhhhh' his wife moaned, her hips began to sway, her body was taking over. Edmund knew she was ready. He got in between her legs, his own pushing hers farther apart so he could get better access. Her outer lips were red and swollen, her inner lips were pink and shiny with moisture. Her opening gaped wide.

'I'm sorry my love, this might hurt' he said and he grasped his hardness and guided it to her entrance and slowly entered her. He wasn't very far in when he nearly came from her tightness and it was all he could do to continue to push in slowly.

The slightly uncomfortable sensation of her walls being stretched caused Fanny to gasp. The pleasure which she had felt as Edmund had entered her heat was stolen away. But Edmund held her tightly, closing the gap between their bodies. The strange sensation subsided after a while and Fanny opened her eyes. A tiny tear fell from the corner of one eyelid. Edmund's tongue flicked out and caught the droplet. It tasted salty. Fanny looked up at him and he saw the permission in her eyes for him to continue. He slid into her fully. Then he removed himself partly, then thrust again. He soon picked up a rhythm, each time entering her further and further, deeper and deeper.

Fanny took this new sensation in her stride. Her hips began to lift to meet his, enabling him better access to her core. She began to breathe heavily as Edmund increased the tempo, their hips met together noisily, skin smacking skin, but also groans meeting moans.

Edmund was consumed by desire for this woman; she was was wet, warm and tight and he continued to thrust into her. He groaned 'Fanny, Fanny, I...love...you' each word punctuated with movement.

Fanny's breasts reacted to having Edmund inside her, her nipples were standing up painfully against her pale skin, now flushed red. Her legs parted more and raised themselves up, her arms grabbed her husband's torso, pulling him closer. This different angle increased the intensity of their love making as thrust by thrust Fanny felt something build up inside her.

'Edmund..oh Edmund' she moaned

'My….love, my…love….' Edmund was past words and could only groan as his breathing became harder, as did his penis inside her tight, textured walls. He felt himself fast approaching a climax, but wanted her to experience it first.

As her hips lifted up, straining to meet his, Fanny felt on the edge.

Edmund thrust deeper, once, twice, thrice and on the third she climaxed. Her mind separating from her body as wave upon wave of pleasure hit her most sensitive spot, over and over.

Edmund, seeing her reaction on her face, came too. His release left him, hot and wet as he thrust into her last few times. He climaxed almost as hard as his wife, relishing the heat of their bodies as pleasure consumed him.

They were now fully man and wife.