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They were sitting in a circle in the living room, the only light source was the softly glowing candles that Raven had brought down from her room shortly after the power had gone out. Said power had only been out for half an hour, but three hours later the little group was still completely involved in the simple game of Truth or Dare that had been started to pass the time. It had been Beast Boy's idea, naturally, and he'd somehow managed to drag them all into it, extracting solemn promises from each to tell nothing but the truth, and to undertake all dares given... and from there they hadn't moved – except to watch a Dare take place, or to grab a snack or drink.

It was currently Beast Boy's turn to spin the bottle, his having just answered Starfire's Truth question (if you could go back and change one moment in your life, what would you change?). The young man leaned forward from where he sat cross-legged between Starfire and Cyborg, to flick the bottle into a rapid spin. They all watched silently, waiting for it to spin out with Starfire holding her breath for, despite the length of time they had been playing, only six or seven rounds had gone by, and each was anxious to have another turn. It was a very serious game.

The bottle finished it's round and pointed its nose directly at Raven.

A chorus of "Goody!" was echoed by the pair, one in delight and one dripping sarcasm.

"Truth or Dare, Rae?"

She hardly paused for a moment before surprising them all with, "Dare."

Her previous two answers had both been Truth and they hadn't really expected her to stray from that. However, it could have been that she was simply sick of having to tell things she'd obviously rather keep to herself, or perhaps she was afraid of what Beast Boy would ask her. Though, on that, being dared by Beast boy was also a particularly risky endeavour.

The changeling in turn seemed surprised, though he barely faulted for a moment before beginning his dare, a small smile tugging at his lips, though he denied allowing it to become fully fledged. Cyborg, Starfire and Robin watched avidly.

"All right," he drawled, watching the girl closely, "I dare you to play a game." Her eyebrow rose, but she didn't interrupt. The others watched silently, gazes flickering between the interacting pair. "A game of hide and seek," he continued, "with the entire team," and he indicated the other three with a wave of one green hand, as he paused dramatically for effect. "In your mind!"

Starfire gasped, though Raven herself (beyond the arching of both eyebrows in surprise, and a slight widening of her eyes) didn't say anything, simply studied her green team mate as her eyebrows slowly lowered, her eyes retained their regular shape, and then narrowed some in a calculating manner. His small smile was still pulling and twitching at the corner of his lips, and his eyes sparkled mischievously. Otherwise, there was no sight of impending doom as he waited patiently for her to reply.

"If I refuse?" She queried, her expression fading into one of neutrality though didn't for a moment take her amethyst gaze from Beast Boy's own cheekily sparkling green eyes.

Raising a green pointer finger to silence Robin, who had opened his mouth to reply, Beast Boy spoke confidently.

"Besides the fact that you swore to undertake all dares given and answer all questions truthfully, if you do not wish to undergo this dare, you are giving us," and again, he indicated their wide-eyed companions, "permission to make your life a living hell for the next six months."

"I see."

Starfire, Robin and Cyborg exchanged glances, anxious for an answer, all of them amused at Beast Boy's audacity. Beast Boy and Raven, however, continued to stare one another down, though without a threatening expression on either face. After a moment, the pale young woman refocused her gaze to take in all of the team, and she nodded once.

"Very well, then."

Beast Boy's smile suddenly became a sly little smirk, and he gave Raven a calculating look, before answering: "Two days hence. That makes it a Saturday. After lunch."

Again, Raven nodded.

"FOR REAL?" Cyborg suddenly exploded, his human eye almost popping out in his disbelief. "You're really going to let us in your mind, to play a game of hide and seek?" His voice was almost squeaking he was so excited, a flush colouring what was visible of his cheeks a darker shade.

Raven's lips twitched, "I guess I was hoping you would all consider yourselves too old for such a game..." She trailed off, gaze meeting the excited faces of each of her friends, "But yes. I am 'for real'; Saturday lunchtime we will play the silly game in Nevermore. Until then, however, I believe it is my spin?"

Leaning forward without waiting for a reply, Raven flicked the bottle into a spin, watching it, though she could feel that the other Titans weren't really paying attention any more. She sighed mentally, then smirked evilly at Cyborg when the bottle stopped on him, making him draw back in fear.


Beast Boy knocked on Raven's door, for once not the least bit anxious about interrupting her. They'd finished their game after another two hours, eaten dinner and more or less headed off towards bedtime; with showering, teeth brushing and general night time preparations going on tower wide. It was now, Beast Boy had decided, (with his hair still wet from his shower and his PJs (plain black, decorated with Beast Boy Catch PhasesTM scattered across it.) draped off him in a much looser fashion than his team getup) was the time to confront Raven about their game.

After a moment, the girl in question opened her door, the soft hiss echoing in the otherwise silent hallway.

"Beast Boy," she greeted, and stepped aside, allowing her fellow Titan in without further comment.

"Hey," he replied, stepping in behind her. Raven was dressed in black satin pyjama pants and matching top, with pretty little silver buttons.

"What were you after?" She asked, sitting down on her bed, picking up her brush and pulling it through her short purple hair, watching him with a blank expression.

"I wanted to talk to you about your dare." He replied, stopping at the foot of her bed and sitting delicately on the edge, not prepared to push her limits too far, but uncomfortable with both standing over her and being too close to her on her bed.

"I see. What about it?" She sounded disinterested, and he frowned.

"You're really okay with it?"


He narrowed his eyes at her, and she put the brush down, turning to face him better.

"Look, Beast Boy, two days is plenty of time to get my mind in order, and although I'm not really all that comfortable with it, it shouldn't do any lasting harm. I'll be fine." She narrowed her eyes back at him, looking suspicious. "Were you hoping I'd decline the dare, Beast Boy?" His name was used more as a threat than to indicate to whom she was speaking, but he didn't even blink.

"Yes and no," he replied, smiling, "Playing Hide and Seek will be fun, but annoying you for six months without consequences? Golden."

"Charming," she said dryly, putting her brush down on her bedside table and giving her full attention to Beast Boy.

"Were there any restrictions or limitations you wanted to bring up before Sat?"

His question surprised her, and she pursed her lips, thinking. "We should probably get someone to watch the city while everyone is in here," she tapped her temple. "I'm going to have to do some serious meditation to get everyone in and while I don't mind, I would hate for the alarm to go off and throw everyone out and Azar knows where."

Beast Boy's eyes widened. "Good point. I'll tell Robin and Cy." A pause. "Anything else?"

"Not at the moment. I'll let you know if there is," she sounded bemused and rolled her eyes, a slight frown pulling her brows together. His concern about her Torturous Saturday was intriguing. She blinked as he rose from the corner of her bed, his smile still ghosting about his lips and eyes bright with it.

"Okay then. Goodnight Rae."

"It's Raven, Garfield. Raven."

"Yeah yeah. Night Rae." Laughing, he ducked out the room with a soft hiss from the door.