A/N: Written for FredRocks29's House Animals Challenge from the Magical Challenge Menagerie. Link's in my profile if you're interested. I chose Slytherin as my house, and was given Blaise Zabini as my character. My first freeverse, so tips/comments are appreciated. Enjoy and please R&R.

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Sly: you're definitely that,

underhand and shrewd, too.

But then, aren't all snakes double-crossing bastards?

Well...yes and no.

~Sneaky and duplicitous~

Cunning and deceptive and unscrupulous, sure.

But there's more to you than that.

There's another side that most people can't see.

Do you want to tell them, or shall I?

Me? OK...

You're smart, wicked smart.

What, you thought that only Ravenclaws could be clever?

:How else are Slytherins supposed to come up with their ingenious plans?:

World domination ain't easy, you know.

In fact, in the ways that really matter, you're even smarter than Hermione Granger.

You could cope in the real world, get ahead, make yourself a success, in places where qualifications are of secondary importance.

Oops...was I not supposed to tell them that?

Never mind.

Sure, you're the mythological bad guys:

Voldemort's House,

and your founder kept a giant snake locked up in the bathroom,

but that doesn't mean the rest of you have to do the same.

You want to be a Healer.

You can't tell anyone, not even your mother - she'd laugh.

Good Slytherins aren't Healers;

|||They're businessmen, darting and ducking to the top, where they eventually emerge victorious|||

That's what she thinks. But she hasn't ever seen a Muggle hospital.

You have.

She doesn't know about Asclepius.

You do.

She doesn't know that Jesus healed people whilst holding a brass serpent.

You do.

~ You know there's no better profession for a Slytherin than a Healer ~

Don't you think it's time you told everyone what you know?