Author's Note:: this fic is a dark one. It is intended to be a oneshot, however, since it ends on a downer, if I get some reviews I will possibly write another chapter. I've written this oneshot as part of a Sexual Assault Awareness month series of things, which I am hoping get up soon. Thank you for reading and please review.

Maura looked up as Korsak entered her room, she seemed to be alone for a long while up until now and she's fallen asleep. She felt her cheeks turn hot as he looked at her, seeing her in such a vulnerable state. Jane had told her only she and Frost had been there at the crime scene, Frankie had been around but had not saw her, and Korsak had not saw her either. But now, he had laid eyes on her, on how she'd been abused by that monster, that freak.

"Hey Doc, sorry I took so long..." he smiled to her a little, trying to make her feel slightly less uncomfortable about not having Jane with her.

"That's okay." she murmured, her voice hoarse as she replied to Korsak.

He sat down in the chair Jane had sat in before she left Maura and he watched the Medical Examiner as she looked anywhere but at him, he'd seen that before in victims of sexual assault so he had a feeling it would be no different with Maura. Korsak sighed gently and looked right at her, "Maura...we'll get 'im, don't you worry." he told her and softly, yet hesitantly reached for her hand to comfort her, "Jane'll get him."

When she felt his hand wrap around hers, Maura looked down to their hands before turning her gaze to Korsak and swallowing, "I know she will. But, wh-what if he's done this just to get her?" her voice was hoarse, as if she'd been crying a lot, but she hadn't. She was just weak.

"Frost's with her. Frankie'll be shadowing." Korsak assured Maura, "She won't be alone on this, Doc."

"I know..." she whispered.

Korsak sighed and cracked his neck a little, "Hey Doc, I need to take a whiz, and make a call. Jane wants me to check in with her every half hour or so. I won't be too long." he told Maura, "There's an officer outside your room also." he stood and stretched a little before removing his holster, which was when his cell began to ring out. He left the gun and holster on Maura's table before he rushed out, gesturing to his cell, letting her know it was Jane.

Maura sighed and with one hand, she gripped onto the covers and then other reached for Korsak's gun. She took it from the holster and held it in her hand, looking down to it while she waited on Korsak's return to the room. Maura thought back to the time she had volunteered to stay at Jane's apartment, and stay up all night in case Hoyt or someone came for her. She didn't want Jane to be afraid, so she went the night, holding onto Jane's gun, aimed for the window so the Detective could get a decent nights' sleep. Maura couldn't help but smile at that memory, especially since Jane had called her 'bad ass' while holding the gun.

There was some movement outside, files rustling and doctors talking before Maura's door opened and in walked two doctors, both wearing blue scrubs and gloves. Maura looked up softly and she sighed, "I'm not scheduled for another hour, Doctor." she told them as one of the brought out a syringe. She looked at them and shook her head, "No, another hour, I just had my last dose two hours and forty seven minutes ago."

"Should we wait?" one of the doctors asked the other one.

"I think she's due another dose." the other answered and Maura recognised the voice.

"No." she breathed and grabbed at the gun, her fingers like butter as she tried to grip it for fear of not making it out of the hospital alive. She swallowed and gripped the handle, shakily aiming at the doctor with the syringe, "No, I'm not due another dose, yet."

"Doctor Isles, put down the weapon."

"No." she replied sternly, her voice now creeping back, slowly.

"Put down your weapon, Doctor Isles. Put it down."

The doctor who was not carrying the syringe tried to step closer to take the gun away from her, "Come any closer, and I will not hesitate to shoot you." she told him, glaring at him before she saw him make a grab for the gun from her hand. Before she could pull on the trigger, the doctor with the syringe jabbed the other and injected him. The doctor swiftly deteriorated and fell to his knees on the floor of the room, beside the bed. She gasped and looked to the other doctor, who had now removed his operating mask and was smirking at her.

"You didn't think you'd be seeing me so soon, did you Doctor?" he rasped.

"I will shoot you, Hoyt. I've warned you..." she let out a minute sob before she swallowed and glared back at him, trying to be as sassy as Jane.

"Oh, I see my Jane has had an influence upon you, Doctor Isles." he smirked, his face shady and sly.

Maura could see he was planning out his attack since he'd used his syringe on the other doctor, probably an accomplice who wasn't doing all too well anyway. She swallowed and quickly any possible weapons Hoyt could grab and use on her, she saw none, except for the gun in her own hands. If he were to wrestle her for the weapon, she knew she would lose out to him, as he was stronger physically, right now than she was. She glared at him, and dared him to walk towards her, so she could shoot him. It would be the only way she could get out of the situation alive.

"You see, I came back to finish what I started out. I recall telling you that I always finish what I started...and I will, Maura. With you...and then with Jane."

"No. No, you won't Hoyt. You've been lucky to get this far." she snapped at him, letting him know he was getting to her, she couldn't help it though he was just that creepy, he made her skin crawl. Literally. She looked to him harshly, "Jane should have shot you when she had then chance to. But, you know what she told me? She told me that it would be worse for you living with the scars of what she did to you, than it is for her, living with the scars of what you did to her." Maura hissed, narrowing her eyes a little. She was baiting him now, "And I couldn't agree more, with what she said."

"No, no Doctor Isles..." he took a half step towards her, making her tense her arm as she took a stronger aim at him, "You see, I think you're wrong in thinking that. Jane's scars are much worse than mine. Yes, we match...our hands match, she told me that." he chuckled a little, "But Jane..." he looked directly at Maura now, almost burrowing into her self, "Jane has to live with the emotional scarring of what happened to her, down in that basement." he smirked.

"You're a bastard!" Maura cursed at him, she was starting to see red mist.

Hoyt took another step closer to her bed, he could see that is plan was working. Hoyt's plan was to work Maura's emotional tolerance down by using Jane as a pawn in his sick and twisted mind games. He knew how much the two cared about each other and he knew that Jane was out in the field trying to trace a lead on his whereabouts. He looked to her, "Just like you. Your mother and father were never married, Maura. I told you, you are just like me..." he whispered before continuing, "You're going to have to deal with these last few minutes Maura, living with the emotional scars. Remember who did this to you remember, Maura?"

She felt her eyes filling, her amygdala and lacrimal gland were working overtime as she saw through the series of images of the assault. He'd came up behind her in the parking lot. She'd felt the rough scarring on his palm as it pressed over her mouth to prevent her from screaming out as he bashed her into the parking lot wall, to make her lose a little of her consciousness. She felt her breath hitch in her throat as she remembered the sensation of his hands being around her throat when she woke up, and saw him hovering above her, willing her life to leave her body so he could leave and know she was not going to be in the way of he and his Jane.

"It was you..." she swallowed, her eyes burning into his as she glared at him, not knowing what to do or say, "It was you. Jane knows it was you, that's why she was going after you." she shook a little at the revelation she'd just uncovered, "You told me you'd do it. Not kill me, but...but..."

"Rape you? Yes." he finished off her sentence for her, "I wanted one less person between me and Jane."

"Don't come any closer!" she warned him.

"Maura, do you know ridiculous you look with that?" Hoyt asked her and sneered, he was once again trying to get her to break. Trying to get her to lower her guard and give in to him, so he could finish off the deal he'd promised himself that he would do, "Doctor's and weapons do not mix, Doctor Isles..." he sneered more.

"They do, in the right context." she replied.

"And what would that be...?" he tried her, stepping closer to her.

"This one." she snapped and raised the gun swiftly, popping off two rounds; into his right eyebrow before quickly getting Hoyt in the forehead. Maura gasped as he fell forward onto the bed and then stopped, lifeless. The officer rushed into the room and looked at the scene, looking from the gun still in Maura's hand to Hoyt to Maura.


She tossed the gun away from herself and bit her lip as the tears quickly reinstated themselves at the corners of Maura's eyes, "He..." she pointed to Hoyt, "He w-"

"He's the guy, officer." Jane was there, "That's Hoyt." she nodded and moved quickly to get to Maura, "Hey, it's alright Maura, it's over."

"What else could I have done? I couldn't end up like him; lifeless."