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Dr. Temperance Brennan walked swiftly around the lab making sure of last minute preparations for their two-week long departure.
"Dr. Bray are you comfortable in the field with Agent James?"

"Yes, Dr. Brennan and Dr. Goodman is watching over us," he replied.
Walking down the hall, she stopped at Angela's door. The office looked so empty with the angelator boxed up for transit to Dallas.

"Ange you guys are going by Hodgins's jet correct and staying at your father's place while you're there?"
"Yes sweetie don't worry we will be there and set up when you guys arrive. Now go make sure you have everything from the Hoover." She gave her friend a hug and a smile.

Brennan had been working for two months with Deputy Director Cullen to put together a conference. FBI Agents, Forensic Agents and consultants were coming to learn how to be like "the" squint squad. Brennan grabbed the last minute items off her desk and pulled her jacket on. Walking out the door she stopped and turned around went back into her office and pulled four lab coats from her office wardrobe. Draping them over her arm, she left the Jeffersonian saying goodbye to Mica who was just coming in.

"See you in two weeks Dr. Brennan," he said softly as she walked by. She smiled and waved as she walked across the Jeffersonian gardens to her car. She drove to the Hoover and got out. Flashing her ID, she got in the elevator and went to the criminal investigations floor. Stepping off the elevator, she dropped a sheet of paper on James's desk. Striding past the men sitting the desks she knocked on Booth's door.

"Come in," he called out. She walked in and sat on the couch while he finished his conversation. He smiled at her his eyes lighting finished his call and looked at her.
"You ready?"

"No, but I can finish packing later. You have a dinner with Parker and I am going home and working on my book since I won't have as much free time," she said resolutely.
"I wish you would come with us. You know Parker loves you and I love you."
"I know that," she said softly "but I've taken enough of your time with Parker." Getting up she gave him a kiss and walked out the door. The kiss had become commonplace to the agents in the bullpen.

About every two months, they had to break in new recruits to the rule breaking. However, other than that it was just an everyday occurrence. Striding past the desks she abruptly stopped at a desk James was sitting there.
"James if you need to reach us and we're not answering those numbers I gave you, go to the Jeffersonian and have Wendell teleconference me," she told him.
"Yep got it Dr. B," he replied. She nodded and strode onto the elevator. Riding it down to the first floor, she was headed to the exit when Assistant Deputy Director Hacker stopped her.

"Temperance, if you could give me a moment of your time please." Brennan turned around and looked at him.
"Assistant Deputy Director Hacker although we may have at one time had a personal relationship that is no longer the case. I would prefer that you call me Dr. Brennan from this point forward," she told him bluntly.

"Yes, I'm sorry Dr. Brennan," Hacker smoothed over. "I saw that the crew from the Jeffersonian are not registered at the hotel where the rest of the FBI and Consultants are staying. Is there a reason for that?"
"I didn't like the hotel," she said curtly.

"You need to be there with them," he said reproachfully.
"No I don't," she tersely replied.

"Well, Agent Booth does need to be there and he is not registered there either," Hacker said in a prying voice. Brennan's eyes narrowed. How could I have gone out with this man she thought to herself?
"As the hosting "team" he is working with us on the education. Therefore he needs to be with us," she told him in an authoritative tone.

"This is an FBI function, Dr. Brennan and he is the liaison between the FBI and Jeffersonian. We need to be aware of his whereabouts. He is not registered at any hotel Dr. Brennan," he told her as if he had some sort of jurisdiction over her actions.
"In fact Assistant Deputy Director this is a joint function. It would have to be in order for the rest of my team to go," she corrected him. Hacker was digging into their relationship and it annoyed her. She narrowed her eyes down to slits.

"Cullen is perfectly aware of where he is staying," she said smirking at him "Did you think perhaps he was staying with someone else? Like maybe Dr. Sweets? Alternatively, maybe he is staying with Hodgins and Angela. Or that possibly I put him up in a hotel as I did with Dr. Saroyan and Dr. Sweets, whom by the way is also FBI," she pointed out.

"As long as you are not charging these expenses to the FBI since I did not approve them. The last time you guys charged to us it was a nightmare to explain," he told her with in a snappish tone.
"Receipts were provided and it was not hard to explain unless someone did not properly fill out the paper work," Brennan said coolly, "I have things to do excuse me."

Striding out to her car, she got in and drove home. Tonight was a Ben and Jerry's night most definitely. She did not do it often but sometimes it just was not a normal day. Stopping at the store, she grabbed a pint of Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Heading home she opened the door dumped everything on the bed she picked up her laptop and kicked off her shoes. Setting her laptop on the coffee table, she walked into the kitchen, grabbed a spoon, opened her pint and returned to her computer.

Sitting down on the floor in front of her computer, she began typing. Half way through her pint, she heard voices in the hall. Going back to her story, she ignored them. The door swung open and a bundle of energy flung itself at her. She reached her arms out to catch him.
"Parker! You have an extremely high amount of excess energy. Did your father give you pie with ice cream on it?" Parker grinned and said nothing.

"I thought you two were going to a football game tonight?" She questioned at Booth who shrugged.
"We decided we would rather be here with you," Booth replied with a grin. She hugged Parker and stood up.

Grabbing her pint, she headed for the kitchen. As she passed Booth, he snatched the pint out of her hand.
"Just when I thought I knew all there was to know about you," he said with laughter dancing in his eyes. Laughing at him, she snatched it back and took it to the freezer.

"How about we watch a movie until you have to go home bub?"
"Okay can I pick?" Parker asked them with a bouncy grin on his face.
"Sure go ahead," Booth, told him.

Parker went over to where the few DVD's she had were stored. Booth strolled out to the kitchen, pulled Brennan into his arms, and thoroughly kissed her. She smiled against his lips and kissed him back. "Eewwww that is gross," Parker yelled from the living room.

They laughed at him and headed to the living room. Sitting down Booth hit the play button and groaned at the selection. Cars, again they had seen it twenty times already. They sat watching the movie until Parker started falling asleep. Booth picked him up to carry him to the car. Brennan leaned forward and kissed Parker's forehead.

"Don't forget to lock the door," he reminded her gently. He leaned over, kissed her, and went down the hall carrying Parker. After the door closed, she turned the bolt and went to her room. Throwing the last minute items into her suitcase, she cleared off the bed and checked his suitcase making sure he had everything he needed. Nodding she climbed into bed and drifted off to sleep. After dropping Parker at his mother's Booth quietly opened the door with his key.

Closing it, he locked all the locks and slid the chain across the door. He walked to the bedroom and stripped then climbed into bed. She awoke when the alarm went off with an arm wrapped around her. Groaning she snuggled in closer to him and pulled a pillow over her head.

"Come on sleepy head," he whispered against her neck.
"Unnghhh," was her incoherent reply
"Okay I'll go make coffee and get in the shower. You should drink your coffee here it's better than what they serve on the plane," he suggested to her.

"Unngghhhh," was all he heard. She had started to drift back to sleep when she heard him start the shower. Groaning again, she climbed out of bed and headed to the kitchen. Making herself a cup of coffee, she drank it as she wandered through the rooms making sure that everything was in order for the two weeks they would be gone. She was halfway through her cup when she heard the shower stop.

A few minutes later, the door opened and Booth strolled out wrapped in a towel. Smiling she ran her fingers down his arm as she went past causing goosebumps to rise on his skin. She went in the bathroom and turned on the shower. Stripping and washing she quickly finished her shower. They had about half an hour before they had to leave.

She dressed in her grey skirt with fitted navy blue button up shirt. Digging through her jewelry, she found the one that matched. Putting them on she finished with her dressing she drug a brush through her hair letting it fall in waves over her shoulders. Then sliding her feet into a pair of open toe black heels she started gathering last minute items to pack. Walking around the room, she swept up her jewelry, brushes, body wash, extra set of clothes, lab coats and put them in her carry on.

Walking to the kitchen, she poured herself a second cup of coffee. She set her messenger bag down and slid her computer in. Booth stood in the kitchen sipping his coffee and eying her legs, which seemed to him to go on for miles and miles in that outfit.
"You always made leaving look so easy. I'd stop by your bag would be packed and you'd be out the door," he said to her and she gave him a sad smile.

"Those were digs or cases. It is entirely different to pack for a dig than for a conference or book signing," she explained and he nodded in understanding. After finishing their coffee, she walked through the apartment making sure everything was turned off. Booth had taken the suitcases down. She grabbed their hanging garment bags and carried it down after locking the door. They drove to Dulles, Booth muttering about traffic at this time of the morning.

Parking in long-term parking, they made their way to the airport proper. Finding their gate, they met Dr. Saroyan and Dr. Sweets at the gate.
"These are your hotel reservations. The address is on the envelope. However there will be a car picking us up in Dallas and then taking our luggage to the hotel," Brennan explained as she handed them envelopes.

Cam nodded and put her envelope in her bag. Sweets nodded and stuck the envelope in the inside pocket of his jacket. When the boarding began, they got on and Brennan started laughing at Cam and Sweets. They were being ushered up to first class with looks of confusion on their faces.
"Dr. Brennan did you have something to do with this?" Sweets asked with a smile.

"I have been told that coach is not a very nice place to sit," Brennan stated in a matter of fact tone.
"You didn't have to do this," Cam said with gratitude and a smile.

"I know I wanted to," she said with candor. Sitting back, she buckled in and waited for takeoff. Listening to Sweets go on about this that or the other in first class. She pulled a book on the new defleshing techniques out of her bag and began reading.

"Only one of those weird scientists would read something like that on a plane," a man said popping his head over the seat. Lowering her book, she glared over it at him. He sat in the seat in front of them and turned around to make his statement. Frowning at him, she went back to her book. The man looked at her then over at Booth who was wearing a charcoal grey suit with standard white shirt, a grey tie with Pi on the bottom and his cocky belt buckle.

The man quickly assumed and asked her, "Are you one of the geeks going to the FBI conference in Dallas?" Booth's eyes were closed but she saw his eyelids moving, he was listening. She looked up at him pursed her lips, narrowed her eyes.
"If her eyes are narrowed and her lips are pursed she is about to make you feel really stupid," Booth told the man never opening his eyes.

"Is she now," the man dogmatically replied to which Booth groaned.
"Actually I could very easily make you feel stupid. However, I have been told that it is not socially acceptable to do so. I am after all the genius that will be teaching your forensic teams to be better forensic teams," she stated coldly. Putting her nose back in the book she continued to read.

"She also writes books," Booth said eyes still closed and holding up her last book towards the man. The man looked back and forth between her and the book. Turning around he sat down and kept quiet for the rest of the flight.

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