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They were close to Knoxville when Booth heard Alec say, "Here's your song Tempe."

Cyndi Lauper poured through the headsets. He watched as her bike swerved off the road onto the shoulder. Pulling up behind her, he saw her jump up off the bike and loose her breakfast on the side of the road. He got off and walked down the embankment to her. She was on her knees shaking and trying to control her crying. Booth cringed at the thought that he had caused this. He dropped to his knees next to her. He pulled her up and into his lap.

Taking her hand, he put it on his chest. She calmed a little at the feel of his heartbeat.

He kissed her forehead and whispered, "I'm not ever doing that again. FBI be damned if you hear I'm dead I promise I will be."

He looked up to see her friends gathered at the edge of the embankment. She pushed up and walked back up the embankment with Booth three steps behind her. She got on the bike and looked over her shoulder at them.

"Just please don't play that again," Booth growled and climbed on her bike. They stopped in Knoxville they got gas and Booth had to ask.

"Why is Bones in front? Isn't that where the more experienced rider should be?" Craig shook his head.

"The most inexperienced usually rides there. Which since we don't know your experience could well be you. But for the most part it's because that fatboy uses a lot more gas so that way she can take the lead on stopping for gas," Craig explained. Booth nodded and took a sip of his water.

"How much further to D.C. Bones?"

"DC is 783 Kilometers from here." Sighing Booth looked at her.

"In English please not squint talk."

"486.62 miles."

"Thank you."

"You are Welcome. Wait your being sarcastic aren't you?" Booth just nodded and grinned.

"Well Tempe it's good to see you can now hear sarcasm," Josh told her.

"I had a good teacher," she said with a grin and Booth snorted.

"So what the hell was that about Tempe? You used to love that song?" Alec asked with a confused look on his face. Brennan went pale and swayed a little bit. Booth pulled her up against his chest.

"We were at a karoke bar and she was singing that song. A nut job stalker decided that Bones was in the way between myself and her so she decided to shoot Bones.I put myself in front of a bullet for her. She was putting pressure on my wound and I lost consciousness. They didn't let her ride with me in the ambulance. When she got to the hospital, the FBI told her I was dead. They wanted to stage my death to draw someone I drove underground out. I told Sweets to tell her and he didn't because he felt she could compartmentalize it," Booth said softly.

The group strained to hear what he had to say and gasped when they understood. When she stopped shaking and had her emotions under control, everyone got on and started out again this time making it to Bristol before they stopped. Sitting down to eat they began to talk about the next Rolling Thunder Ride.

"Are you going to ride with us this year Tempe?" Darin asked as everyone looked on in interest at the question.

"If we do not have a case, I will be riding," She replied.

Trey looked at her with a pout and said, "Why would work be more important? All you do is look at old bones. "

Brennan glared at him and sighed out, "I do more than that, I identify victims of murder and help Booth solve cases. I identify M.I.A.'s and other unidentifiable people that come up in the Jeffersonian."

They glanced at Booth who nodded at them while chewing. He gave her a probing look and he saw her chew on her bottom lip.

"So you work for the FBI like he does?" Meghan asked curiously.

"No, I am a consultant with the FBI. I did however black mail Booth into letting me help him in the field," Brennan clarified.

Booth told them, "I told her that I didn't like to be blackmailed and she told me she was pretty sure I wasn't supposed to."

They laughed at that and went back to eating. When they were finished, Brennan went out to the bike, pulled out a second shirt, and slipped it on. It was getting much colder the further north they went. They hit Christiansburg about two o'clock and stopped again.

While they others were getting something to drink Booth pulled Brennan around the side of the building. He pushed her up against the building and took her lips in a kiss. She quickly responded by wrapping her arms around his neck and kissed him back.

"Get a room you two!" Alec called out at them. Brennan sniggered and looked at him.


Alec shook his head and walked back to his bike. Brennan slid out of Booth's arms and headed to the bathroom. When she came back out everyone was ready to go. Getting on her bike, she led them out onto the road.

Another two hours had them in Strasburg. Stopping for the last time together, they stood around talking for a few moments. Finally giving in to the inevitable, they said their goodbyes. Brennan gave them each a hug, grabbed her backpack, and slung it over her shoulders. Climbing on behind Booth they took off towards D.C. at the exit for I-70, they heard the horns of the others as they exited and Brennan gave them a wave.

They had stopped in Fairfax for a quick bathroom break when Booth's phone rang.

"Booth," he answered.

"Well yes we'll be there in about half an hour or so. Yes I know it doesn't normally take us that long we're in Fairfax. Okay just make sure you have Bones some overalls." He flipped the phone closed and Brennan walked out of the bathroom.

"Come on Bones! We have a case."

The End (of this one ;-P)

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