Okay, I've told my Destined fansabout this idea and, guess what? I decided to do it. This is the story of Kalie Ellis and her daughter Allie. Yay! I don't know how well I'm gonna do with two multi-chaptered stories to update, but, hey, I'll give it a shot. Umm, dunno where this is gonna go, so we'll move on. Read On!

I sat in my hospital bed thinking of the long list of traitors I had developed throughout 9 months. First off: Luke. Luke Mitchell. My boyfriend, the one who got me pregnant. Of course. I told him that and he dumped me. God, I was stupid.

I had called him and told him I needed to talk to him; that it was important. He came over, of course.

"I'm p- p- pregnant." I stuttered. On his face I expected shock, joy, hope, maybe even shame. But, what I got was a mixture a words, with no word of it's own.




"What are you going to do with the… the… thing?"

"It's not a thing! It's our baby and I'm keeping it." I had told him.

"Let me rephrase that question, me or that thing?" he said.

"Don't ever try to come between a mother and her baby." I had put a hand on my stomach, even though there was no baby bump yet. "I choose my baby." And, with that, I had walked away.

Back in the present, I went farther down my list. My parents. Hmm, that had gone over worse than with Luke.

"Guys, I'm pregnant." I had said, rushing it instead of stuttering like I had with Luke. I had a better idea of what to expect this time so, the expressions on their faces (which was identical to Luke's) didn't bother her as much.

"You're getting rid of it, right?" her father had said, a cold look in his eye.

"Abortion?" her mother suggested.

"No, too inhumane. Adoption is better." her father replied, not waiting for her answer.

"I'm not getting rid of my baby." I'd said, loud and brazenly.

"What? Of course you are." her mother said.

"No. I'm not." A week later, the disowning papers had come and I was removed from their life insurance and their will.

Once again in the present, I thought of how, as I got bigger, my friends drifted away. Only my three best friend had stuck around: Amber, Chelsea, and Kristal. Actually, they sat in chairs next to bed.

"Kalie, have you thought of a name for her?" Kris asked me.

"Not yet." I had a dream last night. A woman had come to me and told me to name my daughter one of three names for her middle name: Leila, Dawn, and Night. I had no clue who she was, only that she had long dark hair and the Vampyre crescent on her forehead. I must be delusional, but I was going to listen to her. "How about Allie Dawn Ellis?"

"I love it K.T." Amber said, her blue eyes glowing. My name was Kalie Temra Ellis, so my friends called me K.T. Amber had blue Asian looking eyes, shoulder length blonde hair, high cheekbones, and the palest skin you've ever seen. Chelsea had waist-length black hair; roundish chestnut-shaped brown eyes and glasses; tan, Mexican skin; not prominent cheekbones; and always manicured nails. Kristal had very dark skin, though she had chocolate brown (not black) hair, sea green eyes, and very, very prominent cheekbones. Amber was over excitable, childish, and lovable. I often compared her to a golden retriever, a loyal friend. Chelsea was less excitable than Amber and more level headed. She was always the prankster of our group. She was just as loyal and lovable, though more like a Great Dane, quieter, protective, playful, and strong. Kristal was a cat. Playful at times, silent at others, intensely protective, level headed. She was the most loyal and thoughtful of my three remaining friends. Kristal, like the cat, didn't like to be crowded, touched unless she wanted to be, was unpredictable and let out the claws at any time she felt like it.

Kristal smiled at her. "I love it too." she said. Chelsea nodded vigorously.

"Hey, hand me your phone." I asked Chelsea.


"So I can call the nurse's station. I want to see my daughter. Allie Dawn Ellis." Chelsea handed me her phone. About five minutes later, a nurse handed me a sleeping bundle with a small tuft of blonde hair. I had hip-length red, true red hair, one midnight blue eye, one eye that was a goldish color, suntanned skin, and medium prominent cheek bones. She had two golden eyes and Luke's blonde hair. I only got to hold her for a moment before another guy walked in. I was about to say something, when I saw the tattoo on his forehead and the blue spiral on his palm. I simply waited to see what he'd say.

"Kalie Ellis! Night has chosen thee; thy death will be thy birth. Night calls to thee; hearken to Her sweet voice. Your destiny awaits you at the House of Night!" he said. He extended one finger and pointed to my forehead. It exploded in pain and I blacked out for a moment. When I came to, Kristal was holding Allie and in the mirror in front of my bed, I saw a blue crescent on my forehead.

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