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It was strange, but Adrian remember a time before. He remembered not being so hollow, so empty. He remembered what it was like to feel, to fall in love with Kalie, even. But that was all before and Adrian preferred not to think about before. It all seemed so far away, so unimportant.

He often remembered being Chosen, though. He remembered he was dreaming, about Kalie and a beach and the sunlight he had missed often. Then, the dream exploded into black and there stood a magnificent creature, a pure white bull. He understood now that the white bull had to ask, to keep the world in balance, as he was Darkness. The black bull just Chose their representative but his master had to have his Oath. Darkness was easily swayed to betray.

"Adrian Alexander Williams, do you accept me as your master, to be my conduit to the mortal world?" Adrian had looked in his deep eyes and had seen this, his destiny. Had seen why he'd never felt exactly like he'd fit in with the other ones he knew. He didn't even hesitate.

"Of course."

"For as long as your life allows?"


"Do you so swear?"

"I do so swear." He had felt an incredible burning on his left arm and had woken up to see a vibrantly white pattern there. He would later take to wearing long-sleeves shirts or wearing the Mark covering cream on his arm when long sleeves would look suspicious. He had later been told what the patterns meant, his instinct with weapons, his telepathic capabilities, his ability to read emotions- though not to the degree of the black bull's representative, Kalie. That said, the other side had one thing, one weapon, one advantage they didn't.



"Come to me, Kalie," I heard my master's voice echo through my mind. I grimaced.

"Go away," I thought back.

"Now, Kalie."

"My best friend is only here as a ghost for three days, I just found out I've been betrayed and lied to, and you want me to go to you? There has to be a better time."

"Now." The one word radiated so much power all my arguments died.

"But, Allie," I tried to use her as an excuse not to go.

"Bring her with you." I sighed and lifted her up.

"Where you going Kales?" Krim asked me. I rolled my eyes.

"The black bull apparently thinks this to be a wonderful time for me to learn more about my powers and whatnot." She stood.

"Kay, let's go." I looked at her.

"You can't come. He summoned me- well, me and Allie." Krim rolled her eyes.

"Dude, I'm already dead. What more can happen to me?" I sighed and we walked together into the forest.


"Master?" I called. "Master!" Suddenly, a man of about twenty stood before us. He had remarkably pale skin with night black hair and eyes.

"Sit," he said. In his voice, I heard the majesty and power the black bull always carried.

"Master?" I asked, confused as I sat. He nodded once.

"It is simply me in another form." He looked at Krimson's solid yet ethereal form. "Krimson Hart, you have been sent back to the world of the living." Krimson nodded respectfully. "Then it is to you I owe my thanks. My representative had a hard time coming to terms with the identity of my counterpart's Chosen one." Krimson nodded again and sat beside me. My master sat in front of us and gestured for me to give him Allie.

I hesitated. This was my daughter and I was still a bit disconcerted by this new form of his.

"Kalie, now" he sighed exasperatedly. I hand him Allie and he cradled her gently. "Hello, young one." She cooed in response and he laughed. Looking at me he said, "She's strong and she's smart- and powerful, too. She will make a wonderful representative when you are gone." I cocked my head.

"Master, she is only a baby." He laughed again.

"Had you truly thought that? Kalie, she is the only reason you are even alive."

"How so?"

"Kalie, you were to be Marked three months before you were. Allie was Gifted by Nyx, and myself, with incredible protective powers. She is the only reason you survived without being Marked for so long." I looked upon my daughter then and saw the intelligence in her eyes. Yes, she was still only a baby, but a baby who knew what she could do and how to do it.

"What if she, in the future, decides to protect the wrong people?" My master cocked his head and sighed.

"You give me and the Goddess no credit. We did, of course, consider that. But, she also has an innate ability to sense that which is good, and that which is evil- that which is Light and Dark."

"But, Adrian…" Just saying his name put a lump in my throat.

"Adrian Williams was no exception. Did you really never notice how she never wanted to be near him?" I thought about it and- she always cried when he held her. A tear dripped down my face. Goddess, I was so stupid. "You are not, Kalie. You were simply overcome by your emotions." Part of me wanted to scream at him to stay out of my head and part of me was grateful that he said so.

"Thank you." Krim moved to pat my shoulder, but stopped herself. The black bull- or boy, I guess- looked at her.

"I'm sorry you had to be a casualty in this war. It was never meant to be. But, sometimes free will takes precedence over fate. Is there anything you wish for while you are here that is in my power to give?"

"I don't suppose you could make me alive again?" she deadpanned. My master chuckled.

"Sadly, no. Anything else?" Her eyes met his.

"Could you make it so I could stay her?" He hesitated.

"That, I'm afraid, would lie solely upon your Goddess."

"Could you possibly discuss that with her?"

"I could try." He looked down at Allie, who stared up at him. "Goodbye, little one. Expect to see me again soon." He kissed her forehead and handed her back to me. "Farewell, Kalie, Krimson." Then he was gone. No flash of light, no explosion, just gone between one blink of an eye and the next.

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