Bunny Ears was originally going to be a oneshot, but I wanted to write about the other characters reactions to our lovely duo. Oh and as far as the storyline goes, their relationship is pretty much known except for by Washington because Fitch never tells him anything and he doesn't believe the "rumors" so far. And yes he could just take the ears off, but he won't.

Longford and Mahajan had watched the whole thing go down from their desks and as Sanchez walked off to the breakroom leaving her boyfriend hopelessly whipped, the two men approached his desk.

"That is why I will never commit myself to one woman." Mahajan laughed taking out his cellphone "Abby has got to see this."

"Don't you dare," Fitch snarled, but the ears killed his attempts at menace.

Longford attempted to be more comforting, "We've all done some silly things for love."

"Not me." Mahajan laughed, earning a glare from both men, "What? I'm sorry, but it's just too funny. I've gotten a response back." he chuckled but didn't offer to read the message out loud. With another chuckle he walked towards the soda machine.

"You could probably just take the ears off and she wouldn't care." Longford began.

"I can't she..."

"Threatened to be stingy?" Longford offered.

After an attempt at a shocked expression from Fitch, he added "I'm still young enough to know how women work when they want something. Good luck with surviving this." he took off for his desk.

Not five minutes later Washington walked into the room, "Hey Fitch, do you know why Sanchez is wearing...you've got them too!" he dissolved into a fit of full fledged laughter which ended up with him on the bullpen floor practically hyperventilating, tears streaming down his face.

Fitch sighed, "It's just ears," and got up from his desk to help his partner stand up.

"Yes, it's just ears but on you, I mean you're no offense, but you don't have very much holiday spirit. I thought you were gonna bite my head off when I wore that Halloween tie and now you've got these ears." he took the handkercheif Fitch offered to wipe his tears.

"It wasn't his choice." Sanchez said coming up behind the two men.

Washington looked from Fitch to Sanchez, then back to Fitch again, "Wait, you let her tell you what to do? If I ever tried that you'd file for a new partner." after a pause he added, "Are you two sleeping together?"

Now it was Fitch and Sanchez's turns to laugh, "You just now realized that?"

I don't know if I'm very fond of the ending, but I'm stumped.