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"Super pervert!" Usual talk .

' I wonder how it tastes ? ' Thought.

"Rasengan" Jutsu.

"You look tasty" Demon/Summon talk.

'I want some Sake' Demon/Summon thought.


When Madara Uchiha summoned Kyūbi to defeat Hashirama Senju, Kyūbi broke free from Genjutsu, with some help from Hashirama. After that, Kyūbi and Senju made a deal, to help each other. Because of this, Mito Uzumaki (wife of 1st Hokage and 1st Jinchūriki of the Kyūbi) didn't become holder of the Kyūbi, and thus didn't pass burden to Kushina. Thus Kushina survived child birth.

What will be the consequence ?

Chapter 1


October 10th

Minatory Namikaze, the 4th Hokage AKA Konoha's Yellow Flash, was standing on top of little hill, outside of Konoha's walls, face to face with strongest Bijū – Kyūbi no Kitsune, holding his new –born son Naruto. Beside him was standing 3rd Hokage and watching him with sad eyes.

"When all of this is over, I want you to tell villagers to see him as 'hero' for saving our village from demon. And one more things I want to ask you,is to make sure that he and his mother are safe. Also I left letter and all my belongings to Naruto alone, which includes my family mansion with all jutsus and everything in it,money that will be transferred from my account to his. Farewell and keep everybody safe my friend." said Minato and disappeared in yellow flash, leaving sad again-to-be Hokage.

= Flashback – 10 hours ago =

Kushina Uzumaki just gave birth to her son Naruto,and was resting in her bed while Minato was holding him, and talking to 3rd Hokage- Sarutobi Hiruzen about how happy he was that he is father. But suddenly ANBU with dog mask burst into the room, almost waking up little Naruto.

"Hokage-sama, Sarutobi-sama I very sorry for interrupting you, but we have emergency situation! Kyūbi no Kitsune is heading toward Konoha, and by the look of it, it will be here in several hours." said panting ANBU .

"WHAT? both Hokage and ex-Hokage yelled together. " What Kyūbi is doing in Hi no Kuni?" asked confused Sarutobi.

"Nevermind that now Saruto-sama, we need to think how to stop it from destroying Konoha." said Minato to Hiruzen, who by now was already thinking about the plan to stop Kyūbi.

After 2 hours of discussing the plan, Minato suggested to use sealing. " You can't be serious Minato. How will you seal strongest Bijū in the world? And even if you find some way to do it, where will you seal it? It will break free from anything in a matter or minutes" said already worried ex-Hokage.

"I am serious Sarutobi! It's the only option we got. And for your 1st question – I already found a way to do it. I was working on this seal for a while now, it's my own upgraded version of 1 of ancient Uzumaki seals, that will allow me to summon Shinigami, but it will cost me my life. I already added it into 'Forbidden scroll' " after Minato said this Hiruzen grimaced.

"And for the 2nd question – I won't seal it into anything, rather I will seal it into someone" while he was saying last part,he was looking at Naruto all the time. After 3rd Hokage saw this, he suddenly understood what Minato was talking about.

"Minato, you can't possibly be thinking about sealing it into Naruto, do you?" when Sarutobi said this, Minato's head fell down and he was trying to avoid eye contact.

"What other choice do we have? He is only new–born we have,and do you think I can ask any other parent to sacrifice their own child, when I am not ready to do it myself?" as sad as it was, Hiruzen had to agree with Minato.

"OK then while you will be preparing everything for sealing, we will try to hold Kyūbi as long as we can" said 3rd Hokage as he exited room to prepare for battle.

= Flashback – end – Current time =

When 4th Hokage arrived to the battlefield, he saw hundreds of people lying dead in the ground, and mighty Bijū destroying everything on it's path. Thinking quickly, he summoned Toad Boss – Gamabunta.

"Minato, why did you summon me here?" as Gamabunta started looking around, he couldn't belive what he was seeing. "Minato ,do you seriously expect me to fight Kyūbi?" asked shocked Toad Boss.

Minato just looked at Gamabunta with serious look. "Oh crap! You are serious." said Boss summon as he prepared for one of his toughest battles.

"Don't worry Bunta, I don't expect you to defeat Kyūbi. I need you to just hold it back, so I can seal it in my son" after Minato said this, Gamabunta's eyes filled with sadness.

"You're not going to survive sealing aren't you?" asked Bunta, but deep down he already knew the answer.

"No I won't, but I am Hokage of Konoha, and its my duty to protect this village and all people that are living there, and that's what I am about to do!" said famous Yellow Flash with determination.

"Well then Minato let's kick ass! Hey ya' furball, come and get piece of me!" shouted Gamabunta as he dashed toward Kyūbi.

While Gamabunta was fighting off Kyūbi, Minato was going through hundreds of complex hand-seals. When he was about do the last hand- seal, he just off his summon to the ground. As he landed he finished last hand-seal, and that moment Shinigami appeared above 4th Hokage's head. When Minato saw Shinigami, he bit his thumb and started going through couple of hand-seals yet again. When he finished, there was white smoke, and when it cleared there was big scroll with Toad's head on the end of it.

"You will be holding 'key' for my Shiki Fūin seal. Give it to Jiraya, and tell him to give to Naruto when he is ready to control Kyūbi's power" Toad's head on top on the scroll just nodded at what he was told to do.

"Good, now it's time to end this" when he said this, arm shot out from his stomach, grabbed Kyūbi and started pulling it into Minato. When all of Kyūbi's power was extracted, Minato yelled Fūin. Suddenly Shinigami raised it's hand while holding knife in it, and cut Kyūbi's power in two. One part of it was sealed into Minato and second into Naruto. That moment was created 1st Jinchūriki or stongest Bijū in the world – Kyūbi no Kitsune, Nine- tailed demon fox!

"Farewell my son,protect Konoha, and be strong. And sorry for placing this burden on you." this were last words of beloved 4th Hokage.

= 5 Years Later =

Young boy, around 5 years old,is running through the night streets of Konoha for his life, being chased by civilians and ninjas .This boy is Naruto Uzumaki, Jinchūriki of Kyūbi no Kitsune. He is average high for his age, has spiky – unruly blond hair, ocean – blue eyes and six whiskers marks in his cheeks,three on each side. He is wearing white T–shit with orange swirl on his chest, black baggy shorts and blue sandals.

'Shit! I shouldn't have stayed so long in Ichiraku's Ramen stand. If I won't get away from them now, than I am totally gonna die' he thought while running from mob. Suddenly he saw alley on the right side of the street, and tried to hide there. But unfortunately when he entered alley, after couple seconds of running, he was facing dead-end. As he turned around, he saw about 50 people with kunais,butcher knifes,daggers and many other metal objects that could be pretty dangerous.

"Why are doing this? I never did anything bad to any of you!" he shouted with fear evident in his voice.

"You killed our families, destroyed our village! You are just filthy demon!" yelled one of the villagers. There were multiple shouts like "Kill the demon!", "Lets finish what 4th started!" and "Kyūbi must die!". When they he heard people yelling this, his only thought was ' Oh fuck, I'm so dead.'

Not a second later after yelling, cursing and shouting died down, everyone started to attack Naruto with punches, kicks, kunais and everything they could think of. All poor blond could do was cry out in pain, all the while begging them to stop. But people weren't listening, they just tortured him not giving any mercy.

"WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?" everyone turned their heads, only to see enraged 3rd Hokage standing in the alley.

"H-h-hok-kage-sama, we are just doing what 4th couldn't – we are killing demon." answered tall man standing infront of the mob. This of course angered old Hokage even more.

"ANBU, take everybody to Ibiki, and tell him not to hold back. All ninjas that were here tonight are permanently stripped from their ranks" said fuming Hokage, all the while giving everybody look that could scare Orochimaru shitless. ' We're so screwed...' everybody thought in union.

When Hiruzen looked at where Naruto was lying, and all he could see was 5 year old boy, that was head to toe in blood, his blonde hair now partially red, almost every bone broken, and cuts all over his body. By the look of it, boy was already unconscious

"ANBU, fast take boy to the hospital and tell them to heal him immediately or they will be executed otherwise." said Hokage, showing his worry for the boy and anger for not being able to protect him.

= Naruto's mindscape =

When Naruto wope up, he saw that he was in sewer, with water on the floor. He did only thing he could do in this situation – he sighed. 'Great! Not only those assholes had to beat me up, but also threw me to some sewer. Just great! Now how do I get out of here?' Suddenly he heard some kinda of a growling sound, resembling to some wild animal. Having no other way to go, he went to the place where sounds were coming from.

After several minutes of walking around, he finally came upon some kinda' cage with paper in the middle of the door, and kanji for 'seal' on it. He couldn't see anything or rather anyone that was inside, because of how dark it was inside. When he came a closer to gate, he saw pair of blood red slitted eyes looking at his. After several second who could clearly see dark orange fur, black claws and most noticeable trait – 9 big tails swishing behind it.

"Kyūbi? Damn, you're huge!" said Naruto in awe. Well it's not everyday that you are able to see 9 tailed demon fox.

"Interesting reaction I might say, I expected you to be shaking in fear by now" said Kyūbi with amusment.

"Well I kinda guessed already that you and I will be somewhat linked to each other, you know people calling me demon and all." there was a bit of sadness in his voice when he said last part.

"Hmmm...no, actually I don't. You see I just woke up when you came here, so I don't remember anything after being sealed into you. I will look through your memories to see what your life was like, and to see what was happening while I was sealed here." 'No doubt they are worshiping him for defeating great 9 tailed fox' "But before that, I will change to my human form, so it would be more comfortable to talk to each other" said Kyūbi, as red glow started to swirl around it.

"Wait! You can see my memories? And that means that you are sealed...inside...me..." when red chakra around Kyūbi disappeared, Naruto's jaw dropped to the ground and he was gaping like fish in open air. There stood beautiful woman about 18 years old, about 5'7" high,with long blood-red hair with tint of orange,coming down her waist, heart shaped face with same color eyes as her hair, D-cup breast and perfect body. She was wearing black kimono with red foxes on it, that was hugging her her body, leaving very little to imagination.

Seeing him in clear shock, she smirked "What? Didn't expect great Kyūbi no Kitsune to be a woman?" she asked, all the while smirking.

"No it's not that! I mean it is partially, but its...i mean this..and..that...argh!" Naruto shut up as fast as he could, trying not to get more embarrassed in front of her.

She just stood silently stood there, amused with the show, that he was unknowingly giving her.

"OK you can relax now"this of course helped to calm Naruto down."But enough about me, I want to see how your life has been so far, and don't interrupt me"

"You're not going to likewhat you'll see" he whispered softly with saddened tone so she won't hear, but she still heard him, thanks to her sensitive ears. When she heard it, she instantly got curious.

For next 5 minutes or so, she was viewing his memories. To Naruto it looked like she was meditating or fell asleep, but he didn't dare to interrupt as she asked him not to. When she finished, there were many emotions evident on her face – sadness, pity, sorrow and many other emotions that Naruto had hard time understanding, but mostly there was only ANGER!

"Let me out! Let me out, so I could rip this little humans apart limb-by-limb!" furious Kyūbi started to scream. At first, Naruto was scared shitless, and backed away a bit from her, but his eyes softened when he understood why she was angry and screaming like a mad-man..err...woman.

After she calmed down, he had many questions he wanted to ask, so he tried to talk to her. " Hey are you OK?" he asked softly as he stepped closer to cage.

"No I'm not! How could they do this to mere child? And they dare to call me a demon? They are even worse then demons!" as she continued her rant about pitiful humans (which by the way already started to annoy Naruto) she completely forgot that she wasn't alone. "Hey...hey...HEY! Calm down and lets try to talk, I got many things that I want to ask you." he tried to bring her back to earth from her daydreaming-like state.

"Oh yeah, sorry about that. You're right, we're stuck with each other, so lets try to talk like civilized humans...i mean human and Bijū." she responded a little bit irritated that he interrupted her.

"First and obvious question is – why did you attack Konoha? You are obviously not mindless demon, like everybody thinks you are, that destroys everything it sees. So it can't be the reason, why than?" he said while curiously glancing at her.

She just mumbled something about 'stupid,pitiful humans'. "Reason I attacked your village is..." " NO! It's not my village! This stupid villagers only wants me dead, so why the hell should it be MY village?""I see, well at least your not some idiot, that is running around, wearing orange jumpsuit, and being friendly with everybody that tries to kill him. Anyway, as I was saying before you interrupted me" she slightly glared at him. He just nervously laughed at what she said, while sweating bullets. "I attack because I was controlled, but to be more specific – I fell for Genjutsu. And I'm ashamed to say that mere human could do that not just this time 'Which is not less embarrassing thing either' , but SECOND time! And when I broke free, all I could see was your father along with Shinigami, sealing me inside you."

"WAIT...wait...wait, when was the first time that somebody controlled you, and who it was?" he didn't catch the thing about his father right away, because his brain was already working overload.

"First time was when this village was just created, and there was a fight between Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju for the title of 1st Hokage. During the fight, that damned Uchiha somehow summoned me, and placed under high level Genjutsu using his Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan(EMS). It appears to be that Senju used one of his Mokuton jutsus on me, thus helping me to break free from Genjutsu, I learned later that his Mokuton could surpass demonic yōki. When I was not controlled anymore, I realized where I was and in what situation I was for what it worth. So I mead deal with Hashirama, that would benefit each of us. Deal was very simple one – we would team up and kill Uchiha, of course I had my own reasons, as he had his own. After we killed 'killed' him, I befriended Hashirama, he was a nice guy by the way ' and not so bad looking, too bad he was already married'.

"OK Kyūbi- " he was suddenly cut off


"What?" he asked confused

"My name is Akane, Kyūbi is just stupid name that you, pitiful humans gave me. Actually you are 2nd human that I told my name to, first was Hashi-kun if you're wondering"

"Okay Akane-chan, thanks for telling me, I'm glad you did. So what you're saying is that there was some crazy Uchiha that fought 1st Hokage, with some kinda super power that can control you?. And that you and Hashirama Senju, one of thefounders of Konoha were friend? And also that this Madara person survived and summoned you again to destroy Konoha? I am right so far?" she just nodded in response.

" I see...WHAT THE FUCK? DO YOU HONESTLY EXPECT ME TO BELEAVE IN THIS BULLSHIT?" she almost face-palmed herself when she heard that.

" You are talking to strongest Bijū in the world, that is sealed in your gut, and you still don't believe in what I said?" she asked with irritated tone, but she understood why he wouldn't. After all it's not easy believing someone right away after the life he had, and demon nonetheless.

"I guess you have a point th – HOLD ON! Did you said that you were sealed by my father? So that means that 4th Hokage is my father..." he was dumbstruck shocked when he realized what she said earlier. His own father sealed Kyūbi inside him.

"Yes you heard me right, blonde Hokage was your father. As to how I know this – I heard him saying something along line with 'Sorry for placing this burden on you, my son' and escaping curse of paperwork, while he was dieing" was her answer to his unasked question.

When he heard this, lone tear fell from his eye. His whole life he was wondering who his parents were, and now he learned that his father was the very same person that sealed Kyūbi inside him, Minato Namikaze himself!

"Akane-chan, do you know anything about my mother?" he asked softly, hoping to get as much information about his parents as he could, because every time he would ask his Jiji (Hokage) about his parents, he would get the same answer : "I only know that they were strong shinobi"

"Sorry Kit, but I don't. But from what I can tell from your DNA, she was Uzumaki from Uzumaki clan that lived in Uzushiogakure, in Uzu no Kuni, that was neighbor with Hi no Kuni. But sadly village was destroyed because Uzumaki's were very advanced in sealing, and people were afraid of them." Naruto frowned slightly after hearing what beatiful red-head said.

"Thank you for telling me atleast a little bit of information about my mother. But how do you know all this?"

"Well...after that incident with Madara, I started learning everything I could about humans rather than just destroy everything with my giant body. It being Jutsu, anotomy, history and etc. , but the thing I enjoyed the most was experimenting on people, with their DNA, blood, body and everything I could. And let me tell you, they were some extreme level experiments, not as extreme as that Orochimaru fella' was doing, but they were extreme nonetheless"

"So what do we do now?"

"For starters, we will try not to get killed anymore. As for real thing, I will be training you and helping with many other things" she eyed him with glint in her eyes and evil grin plastered on her face. That moment Naruto felt like piece of meat in front of hungry predator.

"Why do I need to training anyway?"

" Ohh I don't know, maybe because most of the villagers hate you and want nothing more than to see you dead, and the fact that you hold strongest Bijū in all elemental nations?" she asked with oh so confused expression on her face and innocent eyes.

"Okay...okay, I get it..geez. So when do we get started?" he asked with excitement in his voice.

"As soon as you wake up. And don't tell any of this to old monkey, he would think that I'm controlling you or something. I would also suggest you to leave this damned village, but seeing as you can't survive on your own...yet, I wouldn't do that."

" Thanks for advice, and I'll be looking forward to our training, but it seems I need to go now, so..." he was cut of by Akane when he was about to say his goodbye.

" One more thing before you go – if you want to talk with me while not in your midscape, just think about me, and then think what you want to say. If you'll be talking out loud, people will think that you're nuts or that mighty Kyūbi is breaking free" she also mumble something about 'stupid cockroaches that call themselves humans' under her breath, but he just ignored that.

"I'll keep that in mind. Bye Akane-chan" he said smiling as he disappeared from his midscape.

"See you later Kit" she waved him goodbye as one thought was going through her head ' I'm so getting him when he's older'


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