Fossilshipping - 7 Deadly Sins

WARNING - Gender Bending! Also, there may be some AUs.

Disclaimer - I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! GX or any characters; they belong to Naoyuki Kageyama

Greed -

Shou was downright confused. From his spot next to the others, he was looking at Jim and Kenzan. Kenzan was leaning against a tree, Jim's body blocking her from sight. He had one hand on the tree, the other in his pocket. Karen was nearby, never too far as always. But this isn't what confused Shou; he was used to seeing them together like this, ever sense their duel.

What confused Shou was he was just talking to Kenzan and then Jim came right up and snatched her away. Like he didn't want anyone else talking to her. From next to him, Manjoume snorted and flicked Shou's forehead. Said blue haired teen blushed. He had said that all out loud, hadn't he?

"Didn't you know, Shou? A man in love is a greedy man."

Sloth -

On most days in Duel Alchemy, there was nothing really fun to do. Classes were the high-light of most of the students' days. Despite having the overseas champions with them, Judai and her group couldn't think of anything to do.

So, at this point in time, they were all just sitting outside the Silfer dorm. Judai and Johan frond nothing wrong with this; they were sitting next to each on the top of the steps, talking and laughing. Shou, Manjoume and Asuka were in different place, looking through their decks or playing with a piece of grass in Shou's case. Kenzan was laying on the last few steps, her bandanna over her eyes.

She was almost asleep when she felt something heavy on her stomach. She raised one hand from behind her head and pulled up part of her bandanna.


The reptile had made herself comfortable on Kenzan's stomach. The dark-skinned military brat shrugged and put the bandanna back into place. She felt someone stepping over her and she had good guess at who it is. The person laid down next to her, their leg slipping Kenzan's over theirs. An Australian accent was right next to her ear; the voice low and lazy-like.

"Everyone needs a lazy day."

Envy -

From atop the school's roof, Jim looked down at the some of the students during their lunch. None of them really got his interest until he saw Judai and Johan. They were sitting under a Sakura Tree, holding hands and just talking. Judai had her head on Johan's shoulder and his check on top of her head.

It took all his will power to hold back the green monster. If only his love interest wasn't dense and would just open her eyes and see all the flirting. . . .

A little way off from them, Kenzan was sitting with some boys from her class; Shou and Manjoume. The latter and her were fighting about something. The dino-obsessed girl didn't even notice when her skirt would sway; meaning, that if someone was looking at the right angle, they would see up her skirt.

This time, not only did let out the green monster, he also let out the red monster.

Without really thinking, he rushed down from the roof and out into the courtyard.

After all, if anyone was going look up Kenzan's skirt, it was going to be him.

Wrath -


Said person, a teenage girl sitting with her boyfriend, Johan, looked behind her as they walked and smiled at the other girl. "Kenzan!" the smaller junior was tackled into a hug. "Where's Jim at, Kenzan?" green eyes blinked.

"Beatin' up some guy."

"What? Why?"

"Jimbo said somethin' about the guy making 'bedroom eyes' or somethin' like that." Judai blinked and titled her head. Johan twitched.

"You know, Johan says the same thing- hey, Johan! Where're you going?"

Gluttony -

"You've had two large pizzas."


"And three things of fries."

"Right on, Jimbo."

"And four large colas." Jim sat in the food count at the mall; sitting across from him was his girlfriend, Kenzan. Who was happily munching on some burgers. "And now you're eating burgers. You are a down right glutton, Dino Girl."

Lust -

As soon as their hotel door was shut, Jim had Ty (who had decided to shorten her first name and go by that) pinned to the bed. It only took one of his hands to hold down both of hers, his other hand making quick work at removing their clothes. In no time, and without Ty see, clothes were all over the room.

She made a mental note to ask about that later.

But seeing as Jim's mind was only on her, she put her mind only on him. And the lust taking over both their bodies.

After all, isn't this what a honeymoon is all about?

Pride -

The green eyed, dark skinned female soldier kept her head high up. The Supreme King and Queen stood in front of all the soldiers, high on their balcony, the King giving a speech. She really wasn't listing; she'd heard it all before. After all, she had been surviving under them for almost two years now.

She quickly glanced around her, hoping to catch that one blue eye. She never did, of course, the owner of said eye was always inside the palace, being one of the personal guards of the King and Queen.

They had only talked three times in the two years she's been there. The first had been when she first came here, he was giving her a speech on how to be the perfect solider. She brushed him off. She was a great solider as her father before her. She was also the first female solider in the army in their dark land and she had more to prove then most of the first timers.

The second had been to welcome her. She was third in command of the army by this time, only a year in. He was still above her, had more trusted then her, otherwise he wouldn't be guarded the King and Queen.

The third had just been last week. It was small talk; nothing big. But the way he kept looking at her and making sure their hands brushed, or some part of their bodies touched was enough to keep her wondering. Even if he did feel that way, and she felt that way too, she would never act on it. She was a solider; her life wasn't her own. She couldn't do what she wanted with it. That, and, even if she did think about, her pride would stand in the way.

Love would make her lose forces on what was really important, she would get distracted, lose respect from her fellow soldiers, from her King and Queen. They would be right about this being too much for her. She worked too hard for this for some guy to tear it down.

And so whenever she saw him coming, she turned the other way and called a random soldiers name.

And when she turned, she never saw the hurt in those deep blue eyes.