Fossilshipping - Family

WARNING - Gender Bending! Also, there may be some AUs.

Disclaimer - I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! GX or any characters; they belong to Naoyuki Kageyama; I only own Drypto James "DJ" Cook and Tyson and Zaida Kenzan


Jim had been wondering about Kenzan's family. He asked Shou and Judai, but they shook their heads and said it wasn't their place. And so, he was a mission. He at least should know about his future in-laws (he had the next ten years planned for him and Dino-Girl).

With Karen napping on the stairs, he stepped into Kenzan and Judai's shared room. Luckily, he got Johan to take Judai away (it didn't take much) and Manjoume dragged the others away.

"You got it, General."

Jim locked his graze on Kenzan's back. She pulled the phone away and hung, throwing the phone on the top bunk. She pulled her arms over her head and popped her back.

"Who was on the phone, Dino-Girl?"

She yelped and turned around so fast, she landed face first onto the floor. Jim held back a laugh and helped her up by the arms. Even after she was up and standing, he kept his hands in place. She rubbed her nose.

"Whatda want, Jimbo?" he shrugged and nodded to her phone.

"Who was on the phone with ya?"

"Oh, that was my father."

Jim cocked an eyebrow. "You call ya father 'General'?" green eyes blinked and she titled her head to the side. Jim repressed a sigh. God, she was cute and she didn't even know it.

"Well, yeah. He is a General and callin' him anythin' else would make him mad."

"Have you ever called him 'dad'?"

She put a figure to her chin and thought for a moment. "I think until I was 5, then he made me call him General. Why do ya ask?" again, Jim shrugged.

"I've been wonderin' about ya family lately." Kenzan smiled and pulled away from, going to her pillow and pulling a picture out. Jim took it and studied it for a moment.

It was of two people, a man and woman, both dark skin as Kenzan. The man was huge; Jim had to guess he was at least 6'5, while the woman was an inch or two below his shoulders. He was wearing a uniform, a General's uniform and the woman was wearing what one would wear to the desert or on a dig. They were holding hands and looked happy. Glancing up at Kenzan, they smiled at each other.

"General Tyson Kenzan is my father's name and Dr. Zaida Kenzan is my ma. She's a paleontologist." Jim gave the picture back and put his hands back on her arms. They were silent for moment before Jim spoke.

"So, when do I get to meet my future in-laws?"


Drypto James "DJ" Cook tipped his foot on the ground as he held his cell phone to his ear. His other hand was in his hoodie pocket, figuring his deck. Besides him were Luca and Lua, the older twin making chances to his deck. Across the room stood Sly, also on the phone.

"Are you listin' to me, son?" DJ pulled himself out of his thoughts and answered his mother.

"Yes, ma. I'll be at the airport right after school tomorrow. Promise." His mother made a noise and a slap was heard. He pulled the phone away and stuck his tongue out. Gross, his dad was most likely molesting his mom. The other three gave him a look but he waved him off. He put the phone back to his ear.

"Alright, then. See ya tomorrow, son! Love ya."

DJ blushed and mumbled an 'I love you too' back. He hung up and laid his phone down. He walked over to Sly, who, from what he could hear, was also on the phone with his mom.

"Another week? Why will dad be gone so long?"

Sly waited another moment. He sighed.

"Right, Manjoume Group. Got it." He hung up and glared at DJ. "It's rude to listing in on conversations, Cook."

"It's also rude to hang up on your mom, Manjoume."

Before Sly or DJ could get another word in, Lua's cell phone rang. He answered, his deck still in hand.

"Oh, hey mom!"

The other boys just looked at each other.


Ty said good bye to her mother on the phone as she bounced DJ on her hip. She threw her cell on her hotel room bed and poked her 4 year old son on the nose.

"Wanna watch a movie or play a game until daddy gets back?" DJ seemed to think, tugging on his short, black hair, blue eyes grazing into his mother's green orbs. He then grinned and pointed at a movie case.

"Tis one! Tis one!"

Ty saw the movie cover and laughed. She wasn't very surprised that DJ picked Jurassic Park. She popped in the movie and laid back on the bed with DJ cured up at her side, Karen at the foot of the bed.

And that was the scene Jim came back to when he got back from his meeting with the other diggers. His heart swelled up and he gently sent his stuff down, as to not disrupt his sleeping family.

"Jim. . ."

Too late. Damn Ty for being a light sleeper now and days. He took his boots off and walked over to Ty's other side, leaning over to kiss her check, then DJ's forehead. He locked his graze on his son and spoke in a soft voice.

"Wouldn't DJ like a little brother, ya think?"

Ty's eyes snapped opened at this and resented the urge to sit up. "You want another kid, Jimbo?" Jim shrugged, resting his head on her hip, the rest of his body off the bed. He kissed her exposed skin on her stomach and smirked up at her. It took Ty a moment for her mind to catch up.

"You sick pervert. You just wanna see me pregnant again, don't cha?"

"To a man, nothin' is more sexy then seein' your wife carry your child."


Jim held 5 year old DJ on his shoulders, so the younger boy could see the speech his mother was giving on raptors. Next to him stood Judai and Johan, their twins Lua and Luca held in Johan's arms.

DJ looked down and waved at them, who waved back. After the cute little scene, Lua and Luca went back to making hand signs at each other. DJ watched them, forgetting to listen to his mom. As he watched them, he got a lonely feeling in his chest. He didn't know what it was, but he didn't like it. The dark skinned boy pouted and laid his chin on his daddy's hat covered head.

He'd wait until they were back in the hotel to ask about the feeling.

"A lonely feeling?" Ty asked, sitting on the floor of their hotel room, DJ in her lap, a dino book in her hands. DJ nodded.

"When I looked at Lua and Luca, they were doing these hands signals and then BAM! I just got this feeling." he pouted. "I don't like it." Jim laughed from his sit on the bed, Karen laying next to him, her reptile eyes never leaving DJ or the dino book. DJ looked up at Jim and titled his head up at Ty.


"You want a siblin', son." Ty answered, setting the book down. DJ blinked up at her.

"Like, a baby sister?" his eyes light up as he looked from mother to father. Jim grinned, patting Karen on the head.

"Would ya like a baby sis, DJ?" DJ nodded, jumping out of his mother's arms.

"I'd be the best big brother ever! I'd protect her forever and ever!" both parents laughed as their son described on how he would protect his cute baby sister.


Jim and Ty stood out on the balcony of their hotel. Inside, Ty's parents, Tyson and Zaida Kenzan, were enjoying being grandparents and playing with the 1 year old DJ. Karen was close to them, keeping an extra eye on little DJ.

The night air was cold (as Egypt tented to be that way after dark) and husband and wife had one blanket, wrapped around the both of them. Jim stood behind Ty, his arms around her waist, her head on his shoulder.

From inside, they could hear DJ make happy noises, slamming his toys on the floor and two proud grandparents trying to get him to say "Gramps" and "Nana".

With a soft smile on her face, Ty reached her head up and placed a little kiss on Jim's check. Jim returned it with an Eskom kiss.


Kenzan stole a glance at Jim, who was sitting next to her in the back of the jeep; driving was some digger who Jim had worked with once. Karen was stretched over their laps. Jim's head was turned away from her, so she couldn't see his face, but for some reason, she knew he was dreading this.

Kenzan meeting his only living relative, his Uncle Steven.

She wasn't sure why he was dreading this, from what she gathered talking on the phone with him, he was existed to meet her. He sounded like a good person and couldn't wait to see his nephew. Kenzan frowned and poked Jim's shoulder. He turned his head and blue locked with green.

"Why are ya so down, Jimbo? It's not like ya."

Jim ran his hand down Karen's back, stopping next to Kenzan's hand. "My uncle is. . . Well, he's a ladies man." Kenzan still failed to see the problem, and told him so. The older duelist sighed and put his arm over her seat. "He likes girls like you. He doesn't like by morals, either." Kenzan blinked and grinned.

"Ya scared he's gonna steal me away, ain't cha, Jimbo?"

Jim covered his face with hat. Kenzan leaned over, mindful of Karen, and pulled his hat away, looking him dead in the eyes. "Listen here, Jimmy-Boy, I love you." before he could get a word in, she placed a chaste kiss on his lips. "Ain't no Uncle of yours stealing me away; besides, he's gotta be at least in his 30s or 40s! Gross!"

Jim laughed and Kenzan felt smug.


The café was cute, Jim thought, opening the door and walking over to a table for two. He would have brought Karen, but his date thought that people would freak with her here and suggested Judai and Johan watch her at the beach. The Aussie thought nothing wrong with this; Judai and Johan would care for his family well. He leaned back in his seat, letting it rest on two legs, his knee balancing him well. His date was meeting him here in about 5 minutes, so he decided to wait for her before ordering. And she'd better be here soon, he thought, glancing around and seeing people openly staring at him.

"Excurse me."

Jim turned his head and saw a young waitress next to the table. She smiled brightly, a pad of paper in one hand, a pen in the another. She leaning on the table, her already low-cut t-shirt pulling down an inch or two.

"What would you like?" Jim waved a hand at her.

"Not ready." She raised an eyebrow, looking at the empty seat and then back at him. "I'm waitin' for my girlfriend." the waitress pouted, moving an inch or two closer to Jim.

"A girlfriend, huh? How long until she meets you here?"

"Less then five minutes."

She grinned and moved completely to his side, a hand on his shoulder. "My aunt owns his café, if I asked her, she could keep your girl busy and we could go in the back." Jim shrugged her hand off and crossed his arms.


"Aww, but-"

"He said no."

Jim grinned and locked his graze with angry green eyes. His girl, Tyranno Kenzan, stood behind the waitress, her hands on her hips (wearing those wonderful cargo shorts), a frown on her dark face. The waitress looked between the two of them before crossing her arms under her chest and walking off. Kenzan kept her graze on the waitress, making sure she was in the back before grapping Jim's arm and walking out of the café.


"We're goin' to the beach."

Kenzan in a bikini? No arguments there.


For as long as DJ can remember, Luca and Lua were called his cousins. He went with it, as he didn't think they were anything else besides family.

And even now, as he and Lua treated some guy who (who was way older, by the way!) was hitting on Luca, he couldn't help the rising bubble of jealously when he saw Luca blush a little as his advances.


If there was thing Jim hated, it was people calling Karen his 'pet'. It started out as a normal day at Duel Academy, pulling Johan away from Judai, flirting with Kenzan (his favorite part of any day), and with Karen walking by his side. And that's when it happened.

A freshman walked past him and yelled at him to keep his 'pet' locked up.

Needlessly to say, that student is nursing not only a bruise, but a wounded ego as well. And from that, it was here he frond himself near the port, Karen's head in his lap. The sound of the waves was calming to both of them and helped Jim clear his mind.

Until he heard footsteps.

He groaned and titled his head up a little, to see if he could get a glance of who was nearing him. He caught a glance of yellow and settled back into place. The person stopped to his left (Karen's body was on the right) and sat down.

"Feelin' better, Jimbo?"

Jim opened his eye to see Kenzan petting Karen's head. He shrugged and pulled his hands out from under his head, taking a sitting position. Karen's head was still happily in his lap.

"A little."

"If it makes ya feel any better, Karen's like family to the crew."

Jim smiled, his hand resting on Kenzan's. She returned the smile and learned her head on his shoulder.

"It does, Dino-Girl. It does."