All right, so I've been terribly sick and unable to sleep the past few I was watching SVU, and I thought "...I like Hetalia. I like SVU. Why not combine the two?"

So here goes nothing...

"The victim is female, 5' 4", 120 pounds." The police officer on scene informed Detectives Stabler and Benson. Stabler frowned, examining the report.

"A why'd you call us?"

"It seems she had sexual intercourse not long before she died. The bruises on her body indicate it was not consensual." The officer replied grimly. He directed them towards the dumpster that the girl's body was being removed from. Long, wavy brown hair spilled over the edge of the cloth used to move her. Benson frowned.

"Do we have an ID?"

"Her school ID identifies her as 'Elizaveta Hedervary'; she's still wearing her uniform. I think there's something else you might find interesting." The officer passed the detectives two plastic bags which contained what appeared to be a torn dress and a pair of girl's underwear. Benson frowned.


"She's still wearing her own clothes and underwear; we think she might've been carrying a change of clothes with her. It's the blond hair we found all over it; it'll probably be a match for the semen."

Benson frowned, nodding. It was a terrible way for the girl to go...

They found her school easily enough; it was big and private, the imposing type of school one would expect to be costly to attend. All the students were wearing uniforms, and the halls were a lot quieter than in a public hallway. Everyone seemed to have some sort of routine to follow, like clockwork.

Benson and Stabler proceeded to the Headmaster's office, following the crisp, clean signs that pointed out directions. Turning the corner, Benson was nearly run down by a frazzled student carrying an armload of sheet music. He skidded just short of hitting her, apologizing profusely.

"I am so sorry, madame! I didn't see you there; I'm simply late for music lessons again and in such a hurry-" It was then that the bell rang, a classic, deep sound one would normally hear in an old church. The boy groaned, hanging his head.

"Excuse me..." He turned, heading in the same direction as they were. Benson blinked, having not managed to get a word in edgewise.

"So, where are you going? Have you been a student here long?" She questioned, glancing every so often at the wall to ensure they were headed in the right direction. The boy nodded, shifting about the papers so he could adjust his glasses.

"This is my third year, actually. I'm heading to the principal's office; my teacher has informed me on previous occasions that I might as well save her the trouble and head to the Headmaster's office myself..." He explained, starting to turn off in the wrong direction. Stabler raised an eyebrow.

"The office is this way. You get lost a lot?" He steered the boy back in the correct direction. The student sighed, nodding. "I have a terrible sense of direction, unfortunately. I think that might be why I'm late for things a lot...oh, here we are." He pushed open the heavy wooden door that lead to the Headmaster's office, taking a seat in the waiting area with an air of familiarity. The detectives went to the desk, signing in with the secretary, before taking a seat.

The boy looked over at them, before quickly avoiding eye contact.

Stabler and Benson didn't have time to question this odd behavior, however, as they were ushered into the office mere seconds after they sat down.

The Headmaster was an older man, his face lined with laugh and worry lines, but not anger. A quick glance around his office indicated that he was far from the severe taskmaster stereotype one would normally associate with men in his standing; he had enough pictures of smiling children and sporting events on his walls to cover the paint entirely. On his desk, there were pictures of a number of children, in various stages of life. Two appeared to be twins, or brothers close in age.

"So, what's this about anyways?" The Headmaster inquired, lounging back on his swivel chair. Benson glanced at Stabler, before beginning to relay the case.

"One of your students, Elizaveta Hedervary was found dead in an alley. We'd like to speak with you and her friends to determine who would've killed her." She replied bluntly. The Headmaster's easy going smile vanished, replaced by a more serious expression.

"Elizaveta? She was one of our best, wait a second..." He went over to the wall, pulling one of the pictures down. He passed it over to Benson, who examined it, before passing it off to Stabler. It showed Elizaveta in a soccer uniform, celebrating a goal by jumping into the air and pumping her fist. The Headmaster sighed, running a hand through his hair. "She was on the soccer, volleyball and basketball team. Tended to challenge male athletes and win. She was pretty well liked..."

Stabler looked at him grimly.

"Is there anyone who would want her dead?" This question, of course, was regarded as ludicrous by the Headmaster, who shook his head vehemently.

"No one here has that sort of grudge. Look, there are a lot of kids in my school; I try to get to know them, but I don't know that much about this girl. Perhaps if you could speak to her friends..."

"If you could gather a few of them?" Benson responded, looking at the man's array of pictures a bit suspiciously; he seemed just a tad too invested in the children, though it was hard to say he'd crossed the line with just pictures...still, suspicious.

"I'll have the secretary call them in from their classes; you can start with Roderich, though, since he's already out in the waiting room." He said, standing. "I need a lunch break anyways, so feel free to use my office."

If Roderich had seemed frazzled when he ran into them before, he was even more agitated now, picking at imaginary lint on his jacket. Stabler sighed.

"So, how well did you know Elisaveta?"

"I was her boyfriend, actually. Why? Is she missing? Did you find her?" He seemed to be out of energy, lacking proper concern for this matter. Benson raised an eyebrow.

"Does she go missing often?"

"Well..." Roderich considered this question a moment, glancing about the office. "She likes to skip classes sometimes. Just go out for a run or a movie. She's a bit...wild. And as long as she's passing classes, she's satisfied." Stabler nodded.

"Wild, huh? How many boyfriends has she had?"

The question made Roderich's mouth press into a thin line, as he came up with an answer to the question.

"She had one other boyfriend that I know of before second grade. Gilbert. He's wild too, but entirely reckless. She's still friends with him."

Benson settled back in her chair; they really weren't getting much out of him.

"Roderich, we need you to be entirely honest with us; did she sleep around? Did she have any feuds with other students? Was she involved in anything illegal?"

"Why are you asking me...unless..." Roderich paused, looking down at his lap, where his hands had been clasped together tightly. "She's dead..."

Benson leaned forward, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Yes. And we need to find whoever did this. You need to think about what you know about her."

"She was a good person, for her faults. But she argued a lot with the jocks; and beat them at their own games. That's the only 'feud' I can think of..." He sighed, finally admitting something as if he were having his teeth pulled. "...and I know she slept with Gilbert at least once. She apologized, and we got back together."

"Did you two ever sleep together?"

"Yes. She was more set on it than I was, though. You know, most of the teachers tell the boys not to pressure the girls, but with Elisaveta it was always the other way around..." Roderich smiled faintly, fondly. "She was always defying stereotypes..."

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