Heart of Tensaiga


Kagome Higurashi was a wonderful girl and a friend to demons, half demons, and humans of various kinds. Never one to shy away from her goals she helped her friends on their mission to gather the jewel shards across the distance of time in Feudal Japan. Her mother would always tell people that Kagome was most kind and the bravest person she ever knew to have stood up against so much since she was just a middle school student. Courage like that does not come often and she had it in spades.

It's been three years since Kagome's first trip down the well due to the centipede demon pulling her down. From there her adventure began when she released the half demon Inuyasha who had tried to steal the jewel from her himself shortly after. Soon after she met the outgoing monk Miroku with the cursed palm that would someday suck him and all that was near into it. The demon slayer Sango whose life was turned upside down when the vile Naraku killed her family, mind controlled her brother, and proceeded to use her against Inuyasha. The adorable Shippo who she rescued trying to avenge his parents who had been killed by the Thunder Brothers and he later joined the group to Inuyasha's dismay. Kilala the cat demon who could transform at will and carried her companions whenever they had need of her.

It was to be a fateful day for Kagome for today was the day she died.

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