Heart of Tensaiga

Sango Shocks the Monk

It was a day of traveling just like any other, though due the light shower they walking instead of using Kilala as a mode of transportation. Well that was not exactly true, for Shippo still sat upon the small Kilala using her to carry him. She didn't seem to mind…he kept part of her fur dry.

Inuyasha led the way as much as could with Katsumi walking beside him, though at least two feet away from his side. The entire morning Inuyasha had tried to outpace her while maintaining a pace the humans could put up with; but, ever the Katsumi, she kept stride and would not back down. Eventually, both decided they would just go with it and walk side-by-side. Inuyasha still glanced warily at her from time to time…expecting her to speed up.

It was then it happened, a small pebble caused Sango to nearly trip and fall. She caught herself before it could happen, warrior reflexes kicking in; but, that did not stop Miroku from coming over and helping her up…giving her back end a gentle pat in the process. "Pervert!" she screamed at him and hit him on the head with her fist.

He smiled, "I could not resist such beauty, my dear Sango."

The group turned around and continued on, giving Sango the moment she needed. She reached over and gently touched Miroku's backside. Immediately afterward she bolted forward and matched her step next to Kilala and Shippo.

Miroku was certainly shocked.