Summary: When will Draco learn that bets lead to nothing but trouble? Hopefully never...:)

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Tears are gathering in my eyes as I watch the love of my life run away from me. I consider running after him. Explaining what a fool I had been and that I love him. I always knew I was an idiot, but this time I screwed up big time. What? Oh right you guys have no idea what has happened. Well how about we rewind a little bit.

Two Weeks Earlier

"God I'm so bored." As much as it pains me to admit it Goyle is right. It is still two weeks till the winter ball and we have absolutely nothing to do. The winter ball marks the end of out three week holiday and already, after nothing more then one week, all of as are bored as hell.

I notice a sudden, dare I say evil, twinkle in Crabbe's eyes. He looks over at the Gryffindor table to where Potter is sitting and smirks. Turning back towards Goyle and I Crabbe's smirk widens.

"Out with it." I say, okay more like commend. Crabbe chuckles and gestures for me to lean forward a little. I do so and wait, quite patiently, for him to speak.

"Care to make a little bet?" I raise a fine eyebrow in question and nod for him to continue. "Draco you're bi, right?" Rising my eyebrow even higher I wonder if he will ever get to his point.

"Yes but I don't see how-" "If you get Potter to fall in love with you until the winter ball you get my single room." Angry at being cut off I scrawl at Crabbe before his words finally sink in.

I look over to where Potter is laughing with Weasley and the Mud-blood. Would it be worth it? The peace and quiet of a single room and in exchange all I have to do is make Potter fall in love with me? I turn back to face Crabbe.

"What are the conditions?" Crabbe's smirk falls from his face. He is being serious now. "He has to tell you that he loves you and he has to say it first. Also at the winter ball, to complete the bet, all you have to do is break up with him. How you do that is up to you."

I nod telling Crabbe I understood the conditions and turn to look at Potter again. It wouldn't kill me to do it. At least he is somewhat cute. The only question is can I actually make him – Harry Potter, the boy who lived – fall in love with me – Draco Malfoy, his rival – ?

"What if I lose?" I ask not taking my eyes of the brunette sitting in the middle of the Gryffindor table. I hear Crabbe chuckle and turn to look at him.

"Then you will get, repeatedly, turned down by golden boy over there nothing else." I turn back to, once again, look at Potter only to be met by his questioning gaze. Not taking my eyes of him for one moment I give him a somewhat flirtatious smile.

As Potter's eyebrows shoot up to his hairline a light blush creeps onto his face. He turns back to his friends and Weasley nearly chokes on his food after Potter says something. Maybe this will not be as hard as I originally thought. Turning back I smirk at Crabbe.

"You're on."

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