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"Who would have thought? Draco Malfoy is practically standing up there asking Potter to forgive him. How sweet. What are you gonna ask for next Malfoy? Maybe a punishment like a good little bitch? Merlin you are so pathetic."

Draco flinches at Urquhart's words. He always suspected that his team captain never really like him and now... well let us just call now the proof of it. Draco looks around the Great Hall and sees nothing but gasping looks and, from some people, encouraging smiles.

The blond's eyes find Harry's and Draco hopes against hope that the brunette will forgive him even after everything he has done. The Gryffindor turns to look at Urquhart and glares at the older student. The Slytherin flinches and looks away quickly.

"Listen closely. Draco has much more courage than the rest of the Slytherin house put together so how about you shut up and leave my boyfriend alone."

Draco's heart skips a beat or maybe even ten the blond is not really sure. Harry had called him his boyfriend and he is looking at him with a smile. Maybe he has already forgiven me the blond hopes, but he can't help but feel that it was wrong.

How could Harry even think about forgiving him?

"Quit thinking so much and get your ass down here. Your sitting with me."

Draco smiles widely at Harry and all but runs towards the Gryffindor table. He stops right behind Harry and the smile falls of his face as tear gather in his eyes. He does not deserve the brunette's forgiveness.

"Merlin I am so sorry. I don't even deserve for you to talk to me after what I did."

Harry turns around and smiles at the blond. He lifts his hand and wipes away Draco's tears. Grabbing the blond Slytherin's hand he pulls him into the seat next to him. His friend are watching Draco wearily, but say nothing against Harry's movement.

The brunette leans closer to whisper into Draco's ear and the blond shivers when the warm puffs of air reach his heated skin. Harry chuckles at the Slytherin's reaction and runs his tongue along the outer shell of Draco's ear.

"And that remorse is the reason that I am talking to you."

Harry's left hand reaches the cake a few feet away from him and Draco and crashes it into the Slytherin's face once he pulls his own away. The whole table sits still merely watching Harry and Draco with interest.

"And that is for making a bet out of me, Love."

Harry chuckles and places a small kiss on the blond Slytherin's cake covered lips. The blond smiles and kisses back lightly before he pulls away and wipes his face with a napkin. The surrounding Gryffindors are laughing but Draco really doesn't care.

Not as along as Harry has truly forgiven him.

"I love you Harry."

The brunette smiles at him and kisses him again. It is only a small touch of lips nothing big but it means the world to Draco and Harry knows it. Draco has his Harry back even after what he had done. Merlin he loves him.

"I love you too Draco and just out of curiosity what would you have won."

Draco thinks for a second. He would have gotten the single room. Peace and quiet. He would have really gotten a life without Harry. Without joy. Without his boyfriend. Without love.

"Nothing." He answers finally. "Because I would have lost you."

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