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"Who even invented homework? I want to punch them in the face. I mean, really? Like we don't do enough work at school already. No, we have to work at home too." Kurt sighed. He loved it at Dalton most of the time but the work was one of the things that really got to him sometimes. Teachers set homework like there was no tomorrow and Kurt often spent a few nights a week in the library half killing himself completing it all. And, like most nights, the library was almost deserted.

This time, however, it was slightly different.

Blaine was sat across the table from him, a leather bound copy of George Orwell's 1984 clutched in his hands, head bent down slightly, reading away. Kurt had tried to persuade him that he didn't have to come, that he could just sit and study on his own like he always did, but Blaine had brushed it all aside and insisted he kept Kurt company. He wasn't one to generally complain, but with Blaine there, he was kind of having a hard time concentrating. He just wanted to look at him, to reach out and touch him, but he knew if he did that, they'd get caught up in each other, and there was no way he'd have his work done then. The only thing keeping him going was knowing that after all his work was done, he could spend all the time he liked touching Blaine, running his fingers through his hair, kissing him…

"I think we'd all like to, Kurt," Blaine smiled, "but it'll help in the long run." He was right, as he was most of the time. Kurt nodded in agreement and closed the book he was using for research, stood up and went over to the bookcase it'd come from. Blaine's eyes followed him all the way, widening slightly when Kurt reached up to put the book back. This was for two reasons.

Number one; damn, his ass looks good in those pants.

And number two; in stretching upwards, a good inch of Kurt's pale skin had been revealed above his waistband.

Kurt was struggling to get the book back in place, and Blaine was thanking his lucky stars for the view he was getting.

"Blaine…can…can you just bring a chair over here so I can get this up here, please?" Kurt's attention was focussed on the book, so was more than a little shocked by the pair of hands that planted themselves on either side of his waist and tugged him round. Blaine barely had a chance to appreciate the small gasp that left Kurt's mouth before pressing their lips together. A hand trailed its way up Kurt's side to pin his still raised arm to the bookcase behind him. Blaine crushed himself against Kurt as their tongues clashed and mixed together.

A few seconds later, however, they broke apart in surprise when dull thuds of heavy books falling to the ground resounded around them. The force on Kurt's wrist lessened immediately and Blaine pulled him, by the waist, away from the tumbling volumes.

"Oops," he breathed, laughing breathlessly, "maybe that wasn't such a good idea." Kurt chuckled, his face slightly pink.

"Maybe you should find a solid wall to pin me to next time."

Blaine would hold him to that suggestion.