"Gibbs!" Tony shouted.

"Dinozzo... don't-"

Tony ran in front of him just as the suspect pulled the trigger. The gun fired, and the bullet lodged itself in the centre of his chest. He stood for a split second and then collapsed with a groan.

The suspect dropped Gibbs's gun and ran. Time stood still for a split second.

Gibbs heard a choking groan. He knelt on the ground next to Tony.


"Boss..." He gasped. "A- are you okay?"

Gibbs took off his jacket and pressed it against the wound. He put more weight on the jacket, and Tony cried out in pain.

"Dinozzo. Why did you do this?" Gibbs asked.

"Can't let... my boss get hurt..." Tony gasped.

"Tony, you're not going to die, okay," Gibbs said.

Tony was gasping for air and coughing up blood. The blood was everywhere now.

"I'm... sorry," Tony gasped.

His eyes closed and his head rolled to the side.

Tony was losing too much blood. Gibbs reached up to his agent's neck, trying to find a pulse.

There was nothing.

"Dinozzo, you will not die on my watch!" Gibbs shouted.

Without hesitation, he put his hands in the centre of Tony's chest, locked his elbows, and pushed down 30 times.

Gibbs took his hands off his chest and tilted his head back, opening the airway. He pinched his nose, sealed his mouth over his, and exhaled. He repeated that again.

"Dinozzo, you're going to live, you hear me!" Gibbs shouted.

Gibbs went back to the compressions and then the breaths. He repeated the cycle about 6 times.

His arms were getting tired and he knew Tony was dead. He just didn't want to believe it.

Gibbs soon heard sirens and two people rushed over to him. Ziva and Ducky pulled Gibbs away, from Tony's lifeless body.

"He's gone," Gibbs said his voice breaking as he spoke.